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Facialmess/Nyctalops-split CD:

A crisp cuff round the cortex from two major Stentorians. Beginning with Facial Mess (that’s Kenny Sanderson, a British dude from Serpentis upon Anvix that fucked-off to Nippon in the 90’s to join the Japanoise joust), who roll forth three hulks of progressive metal-work antiphonics & quality electronics. Variation, space, frequency, post-session editing & what would appear to be no compulsion to simply churn out restrictively aggressive destruction (he has done enough of that) results in this extremely tired genres enlarged & reinvigorated horizon. Continue reading Facialmess/Nyctalops-split CD:

Karen Finley-the truth is hard to swallow/tales of taboo LP’s:

Karen Finley-the truth is hard to swallow LP:

Good grief! What do you know about Karen Finley? So my precision on the exact historical account will be straight scabrous, but Karen was (& may well still be) an arch nutty bitch from Chicago who took a penchant to shall we say “insalubrious” & histrionic performance art. Somewhere in the 70’s or 80’s she shifted to California before eventuating in New York. My reference is her records & not her performance art, which I have never witnessed nor studied. This particular emesis episode, the Truth is Hard to Swallow, is from 1987. Now, Karen really is a wing-nut! Her theme is basically stupid, hyper crude, ridiculously explicit, amateur, screamy, tattered & badly misshapen-rap styled hysteria, cobbled into strings of grossly swollen, tangential & thoroughly nonsensical Tourettes. Continue reading Karen Finley-the truth is hard to swallow/tales of taboo LP’s:

The Afternoon Gentlemen-s/t 12”LP:

Grindcore! This once formidable genre has been gutted by over commercialization, saturation- stockpiling & a failure to intensify or expand beyond watered-down versions of the same old shit (possibly with added toss n’ gloss so it’s more marketable to the metal fan-base). This crew of White Lightening mendicants have a little something else to offer, with a deeply personalized concoction of erratic Grindcore infused with Power Violence, Hardcore & even a little Extreme Metal & Punk influenza. Continue reading The Afternoon Gentlemen-s/t 12”LP:

Okishima Island Tourist Association-evil ok CDR:

Quite the spanker. This brand new & remarkable burster of taste-buds album from Scottish stick-up duo Cummings & Glass Kovorox. Hopped-up on robotics, AI, automation, the increasing commercialization & privatization of the human sphere, digitization of brain-cells, technology theocracy, Big Data cartels etcetera, it’s a seven track polymorph of harsh noise emotives, tampered IDM-esque beats, artisan Electronics, malfunctioning Industrial off-cuts, FX & distortion infused vocals, peculiar samples under even peculiar modifications, demolishing chip-tune bone fracture & hazy/abstractive Ambient & trance reverie. Continue reading Okishima Island Tourist Association-evil ok CDR:

Andrew Hill-compulsion!!!!! CD:

A classic as far as I am concerned. Pianist Andrew Hill leads this cult 1965 session with a procession of black harlequins on a dark carnival of Avant ethno-Jazz that’s stewing in ju-ju & streaming mystique way’ way off the tourist track. Fevered, pouring with perspiration & with a suave tenebrosity, it runs like the sound track to an imaginary voodoo thriller from the least accessible enclave of West Indian obscura in the thrall of celebrating a unique yearly festivity. Continue reading Andrew Hill-compulsion!!!!! CD:

Okishima Island Tourist Association-penance room séance (cassette):

Ok, so it’s Glass & Cummings again (that being of most notability – Kylie Minoise & Grimalkin555), this time in the apparition of Okishima Island Tourist Association, a difficult one to encapsulate but something along the scales of a varied, outward-trekking Avant-Noise-Industrial-Drone amalgam heavily laden with both experimentalism but equally experienced expertise. Continue reading Okishima Island Tourist Association-penance room séance (cassette):

D’Kat-A device attached to the system is not functioning properly LP:

Fuckin’A! scruffy, swollen-quirk, idiosyncratic mischief-studded ratty & erratic Breakcore prime from some obscure quiet-pioneer who was gone in a flash (probably a guy called Tom Everson if I am not off the trove entirely?!). Actually, this is one of my favorite Breakcore LP’s from the pantry (toe-curled in 2003). It’s very frivolous, playful & scatter-brained with a kind of cobbled, stapled & sawn, skip-rummaged “I don’t give a fuck if this sounds like junk” comportment, & yet, underneath the garbage bags is a keen adeptness yanking the strings. Continue reading D’Kat-A device attached to the system is not functioning properly LP:

Tanya Tagaq-Retribution & Animism CD’s:

Sometimes, being uncompromising as fuck pays off! The success of Tanya Tagaq heralds such an occurrence, one that rarely transpires but always brings a smile to my gob (you don’t have to suck to succeed). She seems to have enthralled the “World Music” spectrum, which is, in regard to some of her construct, very surprising due to the intense darkness & ominous threat much of her music emanates. Continue reading Tanya Tagaq-Retribution & Animism CD’s:

Official Music Team (Kylie Minoise, Grimanlkin555) – acid death CDR ep:

So this is a four track, combined effort, dual dissection between/bestowed by Lea Cummings/Kylie Minoise & his moll Sarah Glass/Grimalkin555. In the rough-shod of remixes & randomations, you end up with just under forty minutes of palette infection (the longest being the 23 minute CDR only bonus blat “the Golden Apples of the Sun”). what is it? tacky tasting (but well-constructed), mega monosodium glutamate Dance trash that’s been hijacked by Noise interventionists….. Continue reading Official Music Team (Kylie Minoise, Grimanlkin555) – acid death CDR ep: