Animal Machine-Napalmed (collaboration)-vegetable music for carnivorous people-split cassette

Ouch! Very’ very fine, ripping, fast-free-flow aggressive harsh noise from dual heavy-weights Animal Machine & Napalmed. This is straight-forward, furious & preemptive Stridor. Fast, energetic harsh, quality. It’s not as spasmodically labile as say, Sewage or Hinyouki, but it is rapid & continually surging, with a strong propellant & sense of plummeting. AM are often associated with digital-molestation, Glitch elements & volume/silence/space manipulation, whilst Napalmed is known for gigantic diversity & contrasting moods & phonics (all depending on the specific release). here, it’s a much more graphic, down-and-dirty brawl & full-contact onslaught. I think? – Napalmed is often using his weird industrial/mechanical junk, producing strange assorted noises over-laying AM’s consistently hostile harsh lawn-mowing. They may swap roles? But I would imagine this is the scenario. Although this is fairly simple & straightforward furnace work, the doubled-up coparcenary along with the mixed equipment & miscellaneous sonics broadens the perspective criteria massively & keeps it fresh & varied on a macro-level. There’s even on later tracks some chaotic & disorganized vocals, clamoring for a hand-hold in the fierce scrum. Generally speaking through, I think this will appeal hugely to advocates of intense, straight-the-fuck-up harsh noise with an indefatigable attack ethic. Fucking great!

Rekd: 2011

Label: KIF Recording