Trussterfuck: Basayev Inductions 05 – ten-way Anti-Listener Noisegrind, Gunk, Gratecore, Harsh Noise compilation cassette (886VG, Illusion of Safety, I Trust the Conman, Mourmansk 150, Slime Smile Threemile, Digital Noise Distortion, Kataplasm, Reforester, 走り抜く, Bollock Swine):

Trussterfuck (compilation excerpt MP3)

Don’t worry, I’m relieved its over … At least I’ve been Prime Minister. ” – Liz Truss

unhappy populace … wondering where all that “prosperity” you so earnestly promised has gotten to?

successive severity & the grimmest of damage assessments. yirk! – s’ another harrowing, violent shock-off from apex predator intercontinental rogue-cell imprint Basayev Inductions, bringing down some of the worst case User-Hostile exemplary extremism in full-contact, zero-buffer sonic destruction from luminaries & outriders of the Harsh Noise & Grindnoise, Blast & Blurcore Gunk profundities.

opportunity in oblivionTuition fees are the best way to help the poor” – Liz Truss

the theme of this edition is the “libertarian fascist neo-feudal camarilla mission-creep”, concentrating on two of it’s most ardent, & odious, active offenders – Liz Truss & Peter Thiel (both shill & shunt), along with the supporting/benefiting plague of think tanks, institutions & disinformation agencies, which are given a drubbing.

I was very sympathetic to Liz Truss.” – interventionist oligarch extremists & wealth negator Peter Thiel of Palantir

accompanying subhuman shit sucks – Robert & Rebekah Mercer, the late Sheldon Adelson, Alex Karp, Peter Mandelson, Kash Patel, Dominic Cummings, Vivek Ramaswamy, Steve Bannon, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Michael Flynn, Tucker Carlscum, & a freshly convicted felon – Dunce Sump – all feature in “the Devil’s line up” of Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek & James M Buchanon inspired sleight-of-slavery neo-liberal augmented corruption, criminal conspiracy, misrule, mega malfeasance, misrepresentation, mass fraudulence, turbo-treason, historic plunder & larceny & “generational impoverishment” presiding over today’s shit-scape of ever-proliferating crisis cultivators.

a flash boy for president – banker Emmanuel Macron, plutocracy ascendant

as is custom for the series, the release comes decked out in disarmingly detailed, expertly crafted, assiduously researched & highly aureate sleeve & accessory design – professionally printed to odd scaling & sizes to a ferociously original finish.

not going so well then


simmering, rancorous supra-distorted hasrh-electronic-distress from the unruly French bastard.

inherent injustice …. not today motherfucker!


exult … killer & iconic Cybergrind uber-Machinegrind micro-BlurBlast bombast Speedcore-cross-cupidity from the French nut behind Glaukom Synod. really capturing & pushing the dissimilitude extremity of the “Cybergrind” sub genre to breaking point.

and the kids are left to fend for themselves

886VG –

simply one of the best Harsh Noise antagonists of the moment … blitzing, super-fast & kinetic max-charge Harsh Noise melt-back.

your kids should not need to do this


glory be to thine! – debut appearance from hidden 90s Japanoise priory – Slime Smile lurch a three-track junkyard trawl of harsh trash bliss, clanging, scraping, rasping, dirty, extreme frequency, jubilant, oddball garbage rummage & soldered scrap from the nutfuck guitarist of Osaka noisegrind “quite” super group ひみつキング.

figures on the screen
lives on the streets


crivenz! debut eruption from extremely, extremely fast, berserk, hardline User Hostile blast-grindnoise-gratecore-blurcore with added pro-harsh noise scald project from Kikanju Baku & Ignacio Ruz (886VG). shocking, flooring, non-stop, enraged, excoriating, anti-idiot, anti MAGA, anti-Sump, anti-well-funded political bullshit-artist, severe grindnoisegrateblur bedlam bellicosity that is stuck in turbo mode.

Javier Milei – a defacatory degeneration
I am a huge Zionist.” – Liz Truss

Bollock Swine –

arguably the most fucking insane & fast No-Skool-Noyzcore, Grate-Gunk, Blur-Blast-Blivion core scream frenzy ever … asphyxiating on a binge of preposterously placed & pushed “candy rush” samples from ultra-obscurity origins & outré oddness. more damage & blast beats in two minutes than most noisecore bands do in a life’s work ….. just insane.

Bollock Swine
public pain – private plunder … austerity measures, debt imposition, forced deprivation, immiseration, tax cuts for the rich


full-force, explosive & maximalist harsh noise blowout from the Italian brawler ….absolutely delicious.


two tracks of ultra, ultra-Blascore-Noisegrind from ecocentric, pantheist tree-worshipping noisecore project Reforester. absurd “marathon blasting” naturalist stamina – with one track dashing over three-minutes of uninterrupted blastbeats – with speed jumps! … green is god.



Illusion of Safety

closing the turbulence, as the final entry, is the great Illusion of Safety. A bogglingly miscellaneous & multifaceted entity & veteran performer (Daniel Burke – with others) who is often ascribed the simplification of “Industrial, Electronic, Noise, Experimental), who’s highly decorated career & activity stretch right back to the fuckin’ 80s.

Peter Thiel leaves Tramp Tower

IOS’s Trussterfuck featured track is taken from their 1992 album Inside Agitator & has been entirely remastered by Burke himself for this edition.

fuck em’ up!

it is a classic of sample strewn, leering, sombre & eerie masterclass, comprising dissonance & intense unease & threat, somewhere situated around Dark Ambient, rhythmic Industrial & the speciality contextuals & distinct branching that the project is renowned for.

and should our ransacking faulter – the public shall bear the burden – & the game shall go on (Revenge 2008)


concurrent composition – out of thin air – 走り抜く SpeedGrateGrind

motherfucker! – get your running shoes on! here is the entire Sprinter EP debut from Gratecore & SpeedGrind flash frenzy 走り抜く <Hashiri Nuku> … so that’s x35-tracks in just over-5-minutes, of the most dizzying, dextrous, agile, careening, complex, hyper-blasting “Micro Math Grind” between two of the most accomplished maestros in the field – Kikanju Baku & Steinar Kittilson. Grind/Gratecore this fast, streamlined, energetic & complex jus’ ain’t been launched since Law Facilitates Crime’s cult Thought Encryption EP. Another fuccin’ milestone then.


tape comes on a generic white-shell with three stickers per-side, six-panel sleeve, five individual hand-scored “subverts”, two double-sided & odd-sized fold out micro-posters lashed on with a rubber band, all in a blue case & hand-numbered to x313 copies.

it ain’t over

exclusive distribution in North Korea by 주체Sabbaticalz.

I think we’ve got away with it.” – Liz Truss