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Marion Mantics

Finally getting round to the marvellous Marion Brown. All good things come to those who ablate – Kyu-Hyuk-Hyuk-Hyuk!

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The mfkn cryptic convolution continues!!! Wrap ya’ dentures around this dish! N’ if on th 7th of April yer’ in London, i.e.- a useless destitute pollution-centric exorbitantly-expensive yuppie-infested social-cleansing-wracked soulless-gentrifying-self-sterilizing Westminster tainted shit-heap, getcha’ arse to git’ some real volcanic-vibrancy fired in yer fuckin’ face & surging through y’ vein-complex at th Visions Festival wit’ mothafuckin Roscoe Mitchell & his two recent trio’s (including yers truly sundering the very fabric of reality) blasting this chump-capital a new fruckin’ stash-pole! I personally guarantee that nobodies gonna’ shock ya shit out ya shell this year with more pythonic- preternatural-polytropy n’ pyogen!!! Tyshawn Sorey, Craig Taborn, Hugh Ragin, Kikwos Bunwak ….yu gotta’ be a fuckin’ Tory to miss it (OUCH!)!!!

Keep ya shit cardinal-creative, autonomous & ethically-enhanced…. The Ambassador of Soteriology n Sub-Sector


Downdated 30/11/14 due dross diagonals unt dimensional dialysis n’ diamondiferous dumplings!!!

An escalating clarion, coming from deep Indian Country jolting th listener awake, underscoring th enormities & drawing a big jagged streak beneath th jeopardy & jaundice of th make-shift-monolith. scourge of th CEO’s, irradiating unease amongst th pen-pushers ranks, open season on th dilettante & crony community conspirators.


Here is Bleg! far-out, fucked-up, feral! So feast, fill ya’ follicles & foray deep into recondite repository radiology revolution!!!

Th site is in it’s infancy/overture, so things are currently quite basic before all th inevitable ornamentation & intricacy. both interviews are actually years old, but still swelling uncontrollably with vital pertinence n’ parallax!!!

As of now, I Kikanju Baku (www.gakishidosha.net) write & conduct everything. Hopefully I will later find other capable beings for contributions & participation.

Contact: rangma-angma-ranma@protonmail.com

Updated 26/11/22:

Stolen wealth.

Lapsarian … it’s a little late in the twister, but anyone that emailed the address listed in the last four years or so, I never got it. Many apologies as it is always thrilling to secrete mucilage with random wanderers of the creative & digital deltas & badlands – trading knowledge, esoteric estrangement & indignation, amongst other ordinance.

The reason that the channel was wiped & the communication crippled was due to the rot wretch that is Microsoft/Hotmail, who summarily, without warning or explanation confiscated/evicted/abrogated my personal email account of 20-years or more … just like that. Salt was ground into the vuln by an impossible, chronic narrowing Kafka criteria recovery method, with very literally some of the most extremist reductionary, utmost illogical & hyper binary killer-bureaucrat, techno-totalitarian, torturous, arbitrary & seemingly “intentionally impossible” restoration protocol on some drastic defeat device directive. Another technological nightmare scenario of indescribable exasperation (I thought technological progress was supposed to make things easier & safer?), with no options or contactable parties to mediate (the sole prospect was to literally write & post a physical overseas letter to some kind of Microsoft HQ address in Silicon Valley with absolutely nothing else on offer).

Buying time. Antitrust and anti-ethics.

We need to know that you are you” (total twilight zone 1984 eye-in-the-arse shit) – even though “they” don’t have any idea who “you” actually are, & the hell-scape & impossible task framework they have so cruelly assigned this travesty of draconian tech compulsivity is unfit for purpose & gulag worthy.

Remembering the “mother’s maiden name” questions you were coerced into submitting just the once 20 + years ago whilst an adolescent for an account with a fictional/pseudonym title that had joshing responses/flippant information you never thought would ever be necessary on top of your passwords & detailed, first-hand knowledge of your years of using the account in an age of far more relaxed security & simpler internet activity – does not seem to of occurred to the grinning billionaire shit-curdler Bill Gates. He was too busy taking “marital advice” from confidante & cohort Jeffery Epstein along with all those “foot massages” from under-age, sexually trafficked girls, along with flooding Africa with GM seeds under “philanthropic aid” & defending himself against a gigantic antitrust suit in court (he lost), then getting his fellow corruptocrat Rupert Murdoch (from the Billionaires Club that they founded) to reverse the ruling in a rigged appeal.

Bill and Jeff’s excellent adventure.

The whole thing needs a separate article (both the expropriation of private emails & Bill Gates himself), but my point is, If you have emailed me at the lofiordierex address in the last four years, I will not of been able to get it, as I have been locked out of my own account ever since.

Show of farse

Unconvinced …. A show of farce.

Fuck Microsoft! Fuck Bill Gates! & fuck the unilateral, unwarranted, summary foreclosing & the locking-out of users from their own established email accounts on some specious & spurious “suspicious activity” low-grade excrementals whilst the boss was on the Lolita Express “discussing philanthropy” with a known & previously indicted serial sexual abuser & sex-trafficker of minors.

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