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Diononesiste interview – (hyper obscure & fiercely accomplished subterranean Extreme Black Metal-Death-Grind-Noise from Italy):

Some years back, whilst compiling the payload of Esrt-while Antrum edition 11, I ended-up conscripting an extremely obscure & opaque harsh noise/power electronics entity from Italy by the name of Pale Sister. At some stage in the e-exchange with the taciturn eccentric, a slew of links to additional projects  by the same practitioner were revealed. I ended up confronting the recording Inclavatus by a one-man band dubbed Diononesiste. Very quickly, the album asserted it’s exceptionalism, perhaps most notably for me by it’s extraordinary drumming. The musicianship & marked-effort really stood-out, yet the whole thing was delivered under a rind of sordidly lofi, raw, bunker & ultra-necro construct/finish that was almost contradictory to the virtuosity & diligence at work. Continue reading Diononesiste interview – (hyper obscure & fiercely accomplished subterranean Extreme Black Metal-Death-Grind-Noise from Italy):

Weasel on weasel worm-holes!

weasel by jen crayWeasel on weasel worm-holes! A scud-missile of the underground/alt/huh? – multiple genres, multi instrumentalist & multiple-personality basket-case in the first degree unt No Wave royalty with heaps of history trailing back over three states (Chicago, California & now New York) wit’ nare-near three decades dirt-doing & plenty douching all over the temple interior! louts & scouts – it’s tha Weasel to tha ferkin’ Walter:

hiya Weasel! so what on earths going on? come on! lets have the full multiplicitude-force-feed! swish the dirt! bean spillage! Continue reading Weasel on weasel worm-holes!



some years back Marco of Zas Records (lyk eight years now?) alerted me (after a mutually declared predilection for cult 90’s CyberGrind band Hate-Box) to the antagonists latest project, the thermo-phenomenon that is Divelto. i ended up with a succession of 3 tapes of the most brain-fuckingly awesome & genre-challenging Cybergrynd which i now conclude is th best i have heard from the Cyber-circumference. this material would eventually result in a split CD release on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper years later. the stupendous individualism, drastic innovations & just sheer audio-brilliance that is Divelto are volleyed from the atrabilious coenobite passive-misanthrope that is the dastardly Fulvio Diverio & the following interview was carried out ages ago (2006) by a cluster of hand-typed letters (from his end at least) on ancient asymmetrical yellow paper…this is everything the underground should be –

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Rage For All

th unfortunate boredom, disappointment & dismay that goes with 95% + of Grind & Noisecore activity gets a rare jolt of delicacy-delivery in th shape of an EXCLUSIVE Noyzcore/Noyzgrynd label Rage For All dropping quality wax & official/pro-pressed CD’s despite th hard times & dearth of fervency for this most nutritious of genres. Shinobi Spiel of Shadow shoots tha shit with th illist of NY’s Rome Tabergus Davruz –

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Low Res

Low Res Detroit

for a long tym indeed, i have been captivated, sated & elated by th incredible treats & beats belting out of this extraordinary & unpredictable diamond vein Low-Res records from Detroit, merging 4 me th best in miscellaneous IDM, Electronic melange & really fucking cool sleeve & graphix on chunky 180gram 4 track LP’s (mostly). th fool in charge (Justin) also tips owt th most wondrous Electronic shit with his project Adjust (an probably sum others), an dat kids is who we are talking wit…

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