Nee! historic 90’s No-Skool-Noyzcore Noisegrind gunk Blastcore from Holland based on the gorging of delusory deposits/dental wax/Dennis Von Geldrop:

Dutch nut-fucker! … the genuine article.

Bleg – Nee! Interview Q1:

K: Dunnis! Good grief lad! Twenty years? A quart life-time of army-crawling through the wilderness trailing leg-irons & there you are at last! Nee! Nee! Nee! What did you do? What was it? what compelled this “foolish” abstraction of highly volcanic semi-cerebral-brutalization & super vandalization of litmus & limits? Where did it come from & how is the reasoning filed?

D-von-G: Well good question. What did you do after no! You can experience a lot in twenty years. I have along with a number Guests founded the band death to music this was a fun time in itself. Pale liquor and other goodies. But I have to say that this stopped a few years ago. It was more like a coming and going of band members and I must say that it came down to my throat. In those years it seems as if I have stood still, creatively. I did visit many underground party concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands. Lots of free jazz and noise splitter and terror black. And everything that can be found on the extreme level. And a number of years ago 5 or so I resumed my old hobby. Thought then I can do what I want. After stopping drinking and hanging out a lot of bars I started drawing again. Not much later I had an industrial accident in which an excavator drove over my foot. He was good after the shit. 3500 pounds. And I thought now I am going to paint now is the time. And now I have my entire house full of paintings. That has happened a bit in recent years, summarized.

galloping scallops!!!

Bleg – Nee! Interview Q2:

K: why Nee? how Nee? of what origins? how meeting with other fucker that playing the stuffs together? what made you do it?  was it reactive or purely self propellant?

D-Von-G: he took a while. a lot of misery here lately.

danger in coleslaw heapings at odd intervals.

But yes a good question. I was already active in music at a young age. aggressive music really appealed to me. I needed it. apart from god. I was reasonably raised. and played bass in infestation. death metal. near where I lived we played in quite a few places shows. and that’s how I got to know people in music. also drink a lot of beer at that time, and other things. but I wanted to play in bands with other people again and well death metal. I thought it could be faster. jammed something with other people and then we were left with three people. and we were going to make some kind of free style noise. I was usually well under the influence of alcohol then. but I think no means no. old hardcore band was a bit of a joke to do something about it. and nee! well dutch that idea. think they thought it was funny. and that’s about the way I think it went.
and I have to say it was a nice outlet then. and I needed that at the time. i was pretty fucked up. and still.
It was also fun at the time, we recorded our first demo and tape trading (DIY) was completely hot then.

90’s Noise-Blur in your mum’s knitting imbecile!

Bleg – Nee! Interview Q3:

K: Ah-huh! Ah-huh! Ah-huh!

Was it just beer Dr. Dennis? Cos’ you know – this is Holland! & Nee’s imagery, which I struggle to categorize other than hallucinogenic, abstract, strange-funny – toon-tarred, along with similar odd-fuck, contextually-unstable song titles that seem to relish making as little sense as possible. Some of the vocal styles as well, it reminds me a lot of voice-over work for left-field children’s cartoons of the 80s, like Trap Door, the Clangers, Danger Mouse n’ shit … is that just my imagination?

Gelps & Whelps.

D-Von-G: Well sometimes an outing instead of beer. 🙂 But nothing strange or yes. !! ?? Well, of course it worked well with making music. Usually guitarist Hugo, made up the song titles. together with Michiel the drummer. I was not usually there. in the 90s I listened, anal cunt -The Gerogerigegege electro hippies. o.l.d and that stuff. also little free jazz. I have to say along with some nonsense on tv it was a good cocktail for necessary madness singing. even now I make strange noises all day long and my music preference has completely got out of hand. But da doesn’t matter.

Bleg – Nee! Interview Q4:

K: you mentioned the good old days of the 90’s for free floating Noisecore/Grind activity. back then, the post was fast, reasonably priced, much less theft..internet was not yet colonized by commerce & had a much slower & more human quality & simplicity free from gigantic techtator shitness … or fuck! we just wrote physical letters/postcards (as i still do), underground was totally off-grid, no mercantile/corporate interlopers (ebay, bandcamp, big cartel, spotify & other worthless exudations), self-governed, self-sufficient. the genres had not yet been commodified as they are today, so the practitioners & audience where generally much more ‘free thinking’, inquisitive, autonomous & self-initiating, the “band wagon” had yet to be fully constructed.
as you were so deep in this shit, can you share your feelings as to what was? & what is now?

Dr. Slowcoaches epic prankster biopic.

D-Von-G: Yes, very good question. I only was in the DIY scene for a couple of years. But I was very active then. It was nice too, I couldn’t write English and yet you understood each other. The nice thing about it, you record your and put it on tape and go on. I need a pack of dollars. And a mountain of cassettes. Double cassette deck and go wit it. I wrote with many people then. . That was nice when you got home and there was music. Now you have computer everything is fast. Everyone does something different. And yes, if you are not at Bandcamp you miss a lot of people. I think, but also you miss a lot of public if you are not on Bandcamp. Who do you want to reach? Then you have to ask yourself think therefore just you have to sail your own way during this time. Thats my opinion. It is really a shame that the mail has become so expensive. Damn!

Bleg – Nee! Interview Q5:

Nee/Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree split 7″EP on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper circa 2005 or summit’…still one of the most definitive User-Hostile No-Skool-Noyzcore releases of all terminal tangents. you always were an asshole Goreman.

K: What were the circumstances for Nee’s nullification? Where the hell are the other members & what dermatological protuberances are they currently dragging? Are you still in contact with them?

D-Von-G: I do not know why. No! Has been canceled, sometimes you start something and then you stop doing it again. Drummer Michiel is a teacher and has children. The other Hugo also has a child when I last saw him and I think he is a hydrologist. I no longer see them, and I no longer have contact with them. I now have other things and that’s how it goes. you know.

Gellop Dropeth.

Bleg – Nee! Interview Q6:

K: so now, you paint & paint & paint….the quintessential mad Dutch painter pouring out surrealist-abstract-psychedelic work in a variety of styles. does this artistic medium replace the musical one? does it give you the same satisfaction? if they took away your paint brushes, would you end up bashing peoples heads in & cutting off contractors heads in the desert?

the broadest of buttocks.

D-Von-G: Yes painting and drawing that’s is my hobby. in recent years I had a problem with my foot / lower leg. and the insurance people are bothering me. and since the accident I had I started to paint. and it helps me well. I have a lot of shit in my head and on my head. a big crap mess. that is at least useful to me. I can also express my annoyance and aggression in painting. otherwise it expresses itself in a different way. I always try to do something with it, then it still helps me. and I can do something with it. I live in a small village. glad i don’t live in a city. go there if I feel like it – Brussels uber COOL. but now it sucks. everything is close here covid-19. so yes. I think I would make music if I lived in a big city. but I prefer to do something good like a little bit of everything. so I paint now. and I see how it goes. as long as I can express myself. Then I like it. otherwise I will look for something else. I’m afraid I have a color fetish. colors make me happy. I have many colors in pigments. the better qualities. I try to work very accurately. I have my own technique. a friend of mine once. you bring at least color in this dark sick world.  then I thought that’s what I’m doing it for. this world needs more color.

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