Kamaal Williams, multiple & serious sexual assault allegations, cancelled shows, Gilles Peterson power play, corrupto-Jazz, & London’s fucked up & fabricated Jazz scene:

dear oh dear. A troubling sexual abuse scandal has recently emerged against hipster darling “UK Jazz” artist Kamaal Williams, prompted by some excellent investigative reporting by a group of female journalists – Anu Shukla & Annabel Ross – writing for Resident Advisor.

The allegations are serious, & not to be confused with “office arse pinching” or licentious behaviour, which, on occasion, are wrongly conflated & mixed-in with much more severe offending.

I would simply encourage everybody to read the in-depth article & victims personal testimony therein for themselves, to fully understand the gravity & implications –


suffice to say, they include a detail of extremely predatory, cunning & manipulative behaviour by the accused, & include rape, sexual assault, physical force, drugging & drink spiking.

Bad shit.

The extensive reporting involves three accusers/sexual assault victims, the youngest being a seventeen-year-old teenager (at the time of the alleged rape).

All three accounts are also corroborated by a secondary confidant that knew the victim during the period of attack.

They are detailed & credible, & bear a familiar theme of offending.

Kamaal Williams

Who is this guy?

A London Jazz & “Urban” music celebrity “approved substance” character.

He seems to have really “shot to fame” by-way-of the ultimate power broker pustule- Gilles Peterson.

So the establishment’s arch-oozing-sore & culturally intrusive “King Maker” put the rapist on the rails.

Fraud favours flagrancy.

– interesting, or is it indicative? –

In 2016, the band [Williams] performed a 20-minute live set at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards, after which Peterson landed them a deal at his Brownswood Recordings record label.”

arse to the audience – Gilles Peterson – with Kamaal Williams

Tim Westwood – another white, public-school-educated, thief & imposter – operated in the same institution, the BBC (DJing exclusively black music), & is currently beset by a mass of very serious sexual assault & rape allegations (which includes having sex with a fourteen-year-old girl), spanning decades (what’s delaying the trial guys?).

The notorious Jimmy Savile, convicted child sexual abuser Chris Denning, Mark Page, Stuart Hall, & currently – alleged sexual abuser Russell Brand (amongst others) – all operated at the BBC as DJs &/or presenters.

hey! Perhaps it’s all just coincidence? Or perhaps the rot & corruption is so endemic, so embedded & so replete, that this is just a reflection of the “executive power class” presiding over “the arts” & culture in this woefully corrupt & captured subset.

BBC music DJ – Sir Jimmy Savile
BBC music DJ – Gilles Peterson

one of the most corrupt districts of this is the Jazz industry.

It is a suppurating sinkhole, with an all white Gestapo – carefully curating the corruption & manufactured misrepresentation, with Gilles Peterson being perhaps the most controlling “gate keeper” & shit-shaper in this contaminated construct.

So the fact that one of the scene’s golden boys now seems to also be a committed sexual abuser & rapist, enabled & facilitated by his standing & celebrity status, gifted by the corrupt overlords, is not at all a shock. It may even be predictable.

What is the by-product or twin of corruption? That’s right! – perversion.

A natural follow up then …. hand-in-glove.

“Jazz” as an “enlightened” idiom? A “principled” quarter with a higher ethical radius than other professions or artistic modals?

Nothing could be further from the reality.

Take it from a veteran renegade in related artistic fields, an outsider berserker & “marked man” who has performed within their sewage walk, at the highest levels, on both sides of the Atlantic & beyond – these are some of the most fucked up & disingenuous people you will ever deal with in your life. & any additional “transgressions” or “perversions” that accompany such misconduct are just attendant outgrowth (what came first? – the perversion or the corruption?).

BBC music DJ – Tim Westwood

Back in early 2021, a small article caught my attention in The Guardian Newspaper discussing reports of “discrimination and sexual harassment faced by female UK jazz musicians”.

So much for being an “enlightened” genre.


Although I have some discomfort with the report’s producer (the corporate golem PRS Music), the exact quality of the research within, & that seemingly, some of the concentration appears to be extending into more minor & insignificant terrain, this information is disturbing & further proof of the decay active.

“Jazz” is in a bad, bad, bad way (& the UK Jazz canard is a shit sham). & although false figureheads – who are benefiting from the “artificial appointment” personally – will ceaselessly prattle their own praises & gush about some “golden era”- backed by a closely-coordinating cabal of corporate patsies, charlatan venues, & specious co-conspirator press – you should not be deceived by the public fabrication that is accepted as official narrative for this counterfeit falsehood.

Look a little harder about the charade you’re being fed, who is feeding it to you, & what else they get up to & associate with.

Props to the journalists & platform that brought this to the fore, & for the victims for having the courage to share the horror of their attacks & call this prick out.

Don’t be silent.