King’s Road (Mariella Novotny, Stella Capes, Henrietta Chapman, Christine Keeler, Mandy Rice Davis, Stephen Ward, Horace Dibben):

oh man. Where do they get these pricks? What selection of rocks do you look under to source specimens with these characteristics for the purposes of your insane, disgusting, twisted political games?

Well kids, here’s another one, & one of significance. Mariella Novotny aka Stella Capes aka Henrietta Chapman. High profile honey trap/sexual entrapment…but there is no honey in Mariella’s trap, just pus & shit. A lotta’ Torys dig a dose of pus & shit in their amorous undertakings though, which led to this particular madam/prostitute & somebodies secret agent (the rumours abound – MI5, the Mossad or another omni actor towing multiple evils) being referred to as the Tory’s “chief whip”. Mariella was notorious for her whip wielding & S&M penchant, an aptitude that the public school-scarred mutants that frequent the Tory party, with their shattered developmental miscreance & social/sexual misgrowth, seem to have been queuing up to indulge in. here is a very rare (they really don’t want you to research this woman & her activities & so much on her has been scrubbed/suppressed) video clip of Mariella discussing kompromat/human compromise operations courtesy of Adam Curtis –

Mariella in skank mode.

that precious, lone two minute clip (try & find anything of substance on Novonty on Youtube…shit is a mysterious blackout) has her discussing sexual blackmail of political targets & modelling agencies acting as prostitution rackets without the girls knowledge. Novotny was an associate of Stephen Ward & Kristine Keeler. Keeler was of course the good time girl that got dragged/manipulated into murkier machinations without her understanding or approval that resulted in the Profumo scandal that prompted the defeat of the Tory government of the time. Profumo & Keeler were the super vanilla…way’ way’ way worse stuff was going on & Keelers opprobrium & public persecution in part was to divert attention from these far more sordid affairs. Mariella was involved in plenty of the latter. There are also substantial & numerous allegations that she included satanic ritual/content & sadomasochism in some of her operations/parties. That is not necessarily anything of significance, an idiot in a thelema robe or with a goat skull headdress may just be some dumb cosplay fantasy or additional milage for the purpose of the intended blackmail material (bad enough to be captured bouncing some infamous harlot out of wedlock let alone in a devils suit or whatever). But it could easily be something much more insidious.

Mandy Rice Davis & Christine Keeler.

So Novotny dies in extremely suspicious circumstances in 1983 shortly before the scheduled publishing of a personal memoir she was boasting would tell all about her wealth of filth & blackmail (the Westminster coroner, Dr Paul Knapman, attributed the cause of death to a “misadventure”). The book has never been published. I understand that her property was posthumously ransacked & huge quantities of her possessions & materials vanished forever. A gigantic effort of excising & concealment surrounds this woman. Her total & complete absence of any material on the ubiquitous data behemoth Youtube denotes something more secretive & potent, like a state directive, perhaps pertaining to “official secrecy”? Then again the Adam Curtis lick (it will probably disappear soon)?

a deceased Stephen Ward.

But there is something they could not quite inter with entirety – mad Mariella wrote a book of “fiction” (fact guising as fiction) in 1971 called King’s Road. Many copies were printed with editions issued in 71, 73 & 74 (if not more). Long out of print (who’d of guessed?) I managed to get one. Forgive my ignorance, but I am unaware of the King’s Road’s significance (its a street in London), but it may have been a brothel heavy area? I stumbled on this extract from a review (ripping the gimp a new one) of Woody Allen’s latest memoir that provides telling context as he explains how it was on the King’s Road in the 60’s & how a man – “could stroll on the Kings Road and pick up the most adorable birds in their miniskirts”

Her name is Mariella.

She claims she started the permissive society!

Now a successful and provacative authoress, she tells for the first time the full story of the wild lives of London’s beautiful, turned-on people.”

Horace Dibben & Mariella Novotny.

So it looks like what we have here is a melange of Mariella’s exploits furnished with a few fabulations & the smudging of details. The “fictional” character, Tricesta, seems to be be of close resemblance to Novotny, as are her antics & endeavours, sometimes down to specifics. Its a wash of incest, paedophilia, sexual blackmail, druggings, narcotics, salacity & subterfuge. On occasion, the clarity of accounts are clearly a result of real phenomena (the opening chapter with her temporary incarceration in New York followed by her exfiltration of the country). Apparently, & it seems highly feasible with multiple inroads – Mariella had a dalliance with John F Kennedy. The book prefaces with just such a “fictional” targeting of an incoming American president by the young Tricesta/Novotny.

Peter Rachman.

Back in London, beside fucking her own brother & almost her grandfather (her uncle already having taken her virginity with her consent when she was 14, of which she will later blackmail him for cash to formulate a new business venture), she ends up being blackmailed herself by Edward X, a black power militant in Ladbroke Grove who then presses her to drug & entrap a liberal MP so he can manipulate him for political purposes favourable to black emancipation related struggle. Edward X is based on (or more) Michael X. Michael X (a real life black militant from the same era & area) had worked as an enforcer for Peter Rachman, the infamous & unscrupulous property mogul/slum landlord who operated around the Grove & who dated Christine Keeler in real life (as well as Mandy Rice Davis). Out of context, & without the required research & study of the relating history, this would just be an insane & squalid book by some mad flounce. But once you know who this woman was & some of the activity we know she got up to, it is a different matter entirely, especially when you start cross-referencing the books contents against some her life’s events. You can learn a lot from this insanity. The novels “heroine” also persuades a female colleague to sew a padlock into her snatch & give it’s key to her new lover as some crowning gesture of romantic surrender. The lock/wound then starts to fester. What? Why? This is the mind of Mariella Novotny.

Michael X, Yoko Ono, John Lennon.

Who was this chick? Her background is extremely nebulous & she cavorts with a largely variegated consociation of shadow-shitters, so ascertaining with any accuracy is awkward. It appears fairly safe to ascribe her as a Czechoslovakian, from the loftier tiers of the establishment, of Jewish origin who fled/emigrated to the UK (or was born here as Stella Capes as is suggested by some) & became involved in intelligence work/operations. Much like Robert Maxwell (& too many others), it seems she frequented multivalent angles as an omni-agent (M15/MI6, the KGB & the Mossad, not the Americans its seems). Operations of the venereal dispensation seem to be her calling & she was describe by Christine Keeler in her autobiography as the “notorious” “sex queen hostess of London society” with a penchant for extravagance & sadomasochism. Keeler maintains that, like Jeffery Epstein, she kept a “little black book” that disappeared after her death/murder.

she always had a ‘little black book’ but this wasn’t a euphemism: she had a small black address book which included the names of political leaders in America, Britain, France and other countries other countries that she had been involved with. There was even a diplomatic list – almost like an official one.” – Christine Keeler

Mariella Novotny with husband Hod Dibben.

There are many testifying that she was a Communist agent. It does appear that the USA was the one intelligence agency she was not beholden to. She was also alleged to have been a prostitute in Washington at the Quorum club, where she was first introduced to JFK. Another prostitute there, who was also an associate of Mariella’s was Suzy Chang (also known as Esther Sue Yan Chang & later still as Suzy Diamond). Suzy also had an affair (or whatever you call it) with JFK. The FBI was in a fluster as declassified documents now attest (the Bowtie files) with them investigating “an espionage-prostitution ring operating out of England with American ramifications”.

Mandy Rice Davis.

Mariella married another dodgy fucker called Horace Dibben, an affluent antiques dealer & nightclub owner who almost definitely was an intelligence agency operative of some sort (she was just 18). Apparently he was a crazy mf, one description of him from the era asserts – “Hod Dibben had interests in black magic and had a tremendous appetite for sex, so long as it was perverted enough.

Dibben & Mariella purportedly hosted wild sex parties around London with occult, S&M or satanic themes. The ‘Feast of Peacocks’ & the ‘Man in the Mask’ are attributed.

Davis – Keeler.

Keeler’s Secrets & Lies claims that Mariella died “chocking on her own vomit whilst laying face down on her bed eating jelly at her place in Tonbridge, Kent”. Oh that sounds plausible, I am totally convinced. As stated, the coroner proclaimed it a misadventure & the police said it was a ‘drug overdose’? So a jelly chocked drug overdose bed-misadventure then.

an alternative cover of King’s Road.

Rachman died early of a heart attack. Michael X was controversially extradited to the West Indies where he was hanged. JFK got his wig tossed & his brother Bobby was shot dead. Monroe died early of an ‘overdose’. Stephen Ward reportedly committed suicide by overdose during his trial. Lennon was shot. Yvonne Brooks, another Ward devotee, “killed herself” in 1964. & Mariella chocked on her bed-sheets whilst in the kitchen preparing drugged trifle. Robert Maxwell fell off his yacht. Jeffery Epstein hung himself in his cell. All coincidences I am sure.

Michael X.

Apparently Suzy Chang/Diamond ‘survived’ & was interviewed in the 90’s, but as no real identity can be attributed, the nature of her “existence” is difficult to authenticate. Keeler survived & delivered an extraordinarily insightful & revealing autobiography in 2002 (Secrets and Lies). Mandy Rice Davis moved to Israel, converted to Judaism & opened a nightclub. Hod/Horace Dibben has vanished!!!

the same mad shit. end it.

Mariella Novotny aka Stella Capes aka Henrietta Chapman, died with an ark of secrets. Profumo & Keeler are a decoy. More attention needs to go on Novotny & Dibben. A lot of bad shit is here & the degree of containment/concealment means that the establishment is scared & that information encircling this character is dangerous to their continued duping of the worlds populace. In her favour, I must state that I have thankfully found zero evidence of Novotny being involved in the sexual abuse of children (the depiction of underage sex with her uncle in the book seems to lean towards Dibben in description, who married her when she was 18 & he was 34 years or so her senior).

Peter Rachman with his wife Audrey.

In a troubling twist of connecting tissues, the Westminster coroner that declared her death a “misadventure” was also one of Princesses Diana’s pathologists. He stood down due to some form of controversy & then appointed non-other than – Lady Elizabeth Butler Sloss! – the same Butler-Sloss that was assigned to Theresa May’s disgraced Historical Child Sexual Abuse public inquiry (cover-up) after the disturbing resignation of the totally inappropriate & dubious Dame Fiona Wolff due to the discovery of her undeclared association to subjects of interest in the inquiry (people accused of sexually abusing minors). Astonishingly, Lady Butler-Sloss was also forced into resignation from the inquiry due to connections that discredited her appointment. Even more sickening, in the year after her removal, she was giving a character reference in court for the defense of another associate, Phillip Chard, who was accused of raping a thirteen year old girl. Despite her vociferous testimony in the defendants favour, he was convicted of child rape. Butler-Sloss then distanced herself. So she went from “representing the victims of abuse” to representing the perpetrator in the space of a year or less. The third head of the inquiry Dame Lowell Goddard (the first appointee that the abuse victims actually supported) abruptly resigned & has never publicly stated the reasons for her rash & unexpected decision to this day. At least she did not choke on trifle.

when Harry met Knapman.

King’s Road, Mariella Novotny, New English Library, 1971, 252 pages.

superb script on Novotny from John Simkin at Spartacus Educational –

who, do you think, you are fooling Mr Proctor?