some years back Marco of Zas Records (lyk eight years now?) alerted me (after a mutually declared predilection for cult 90’s CyberGrind band Hate-Box) to the antagonists latest project, the thermo-phenomenon that is Divelto. i ended up with a succession of 3 tapes of the most brain-fuckingly awesome & genre-challenging Cybergrynd which i now conclude is th best i have heard from the Cyber-circumference. this material would eventually result in a split CD release on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper years later. the stupendous individualism, drastic innovations & just sheer audio-brilliance that is Divelto are volleyed from the atrabilious coenobite passive-misanthrope that is the dastardly Fulvio Diverio & the following interview was carried out ages ago (2006) by a cluster of hand-typed letters (from his end at least) on ancient asymmetrical yellow paper…this is everything the underground should be –

PS/2014 update: arduous text composition & disc trawling (this interview was laboriously agglomerated from scattered data vaults stored on CD’s) lead me to an almost complete account of the interview (some of my questions were absent ><) . so I have compiled an edited version, excising some crud. Coincidently, Israel’s current exemplar cowardice & genocidal recidivist criminality is once again blowing hundreds of civilians to bits in Palestine with their favoured method of “indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets/infrastructure from outside the combat zone”. This interview coincided with Israel’s attack on Lebanon in the summer of 2006. How pertinent Diverio’s observations still are…  


Bleg 1:

ciao Diverio! so Hatbox & th sublime Divelto….how did these things come about? how long have they been active & what if any influences kick started this maverick mechanical Cyber enterprise? yu also play for a pop band called Cripple Bastards right?


Diverio 1:

i started recording as Hatebox back in 1995. after spending some time looking for people to play with i bought a drum machine, a 4-tracker & realized they were the band mates i needed. i always liked the idea of home recorded music, be it grindnoise or lofi indie pop (which was huge in the early 90’s & still is in my always ten year late brain) so for me it came quite natural to make music without your typical rehearsal room scenery, though i guess thats the kind of thing that makes you even more uncool (yeah, like i ever gave a fuck…) at the time i wanted to play sort of a mix of my favorite styles of musical extremism; so grind, death, industrial/mechanized metal, noise-rock, power electronics & so on. after releasing my second demo tape (1998) i got more & more into hardcore, powerviolence, extreme grind (Bovine recs ruled back then) & noisecore so these influences could be definitely heard in my newer stuff. anyways Hatebox is over now, i’m not interested anymore in playing that kind of stuff on guitar. maybe i’ll record something with actual guitar playing on it but it’s gonna be super slow, heavy & at least with six pedals on all the time. like a 16 rpm of My Bloody Valentine covers by Melt Banana played on some seriously fucked up stereo. i dont know, thats the kind of idea i have in my head now. as for Divelto, thats just the name i write on the tapes i hand out to friends. in Italian means something like “ripped away,eradicated”, it is a pun of my surname a friend made while shitfaced drunk. it’s not a band or project with a precise sound or musical purpose, it’s not meant to be part of a scene & then developed accordingly with this direction, i play whatever the fuck i want to. the first tape you got came in your hands almost by chance, so i gotta thank Marco from Zas! for playing the deus ex machina in this thing, chapeau to him! as for the Divelto grind trax you’ve heard i’d say my main influence on them was the formula itself; to paste together grind riffs & songs with a sampler feels radically different form the pick+strings+amp counterpart. i wanted to make grindcore completely devoid of any “human” touch, that’s why i sampled vocals too though in the begining i thought i’d be screaming on these trax. this way there’s no song titles, no lyrics, not even actual words. no sweaty tatooed rockers showing off there skills, no band, just a black plastic box with rubber buttons. thats the way (ah-ah ah-ah) i like it now. i recorded those trax in 2003 & i’m currently preparing some new stuff. uh, i no longer play in Cripple Bastards! i’ve played with them for a couple of years around the year 2000 but i quit cause’ being in a band is really not my thing. don’t get me wrong, when i was asked to join them i was overexcited, there old records are among my favorites ever & “Misanthrope A Senso Unico” is a fucking masterpiece. the fact is at the time i had never been in a band or played live, i thought i could like it but i guess i was wrong. i dont want to commit to play on a regular basis, the cool thing about being totally unprofessional is doing what you want just when you want to (that’s why 3 years passed between old Divelto trax & new ones; i wanted to play other stuff). as for playing live that really means nothing to me, i dont give a fuck about having an audience in front of me, in fact i liked rehearsals better. anyway i had a really good time with the guys & i occasionally still do. last week Giulie & i went to Serbia for the unbelievably extreme Ravna Gora festival, he’s a great guy. i must also underline the influence there old guitarist, Alberto, had on me; he came up with some wicked tricks effect with pedals that, together with Agata’s (Melt Banana’s) techniques made me the stomp-box obsessed freak i am now.


Bleg 4:

SHIZAM!!! thats th best analogy about th catatonic, clueless, conformist-commoner cock-suck culture <Grind/Noise scene/industry> i have ever heard! succinct, sincere & sagacious! so talk 2 me about these Israeli faggots shelling th shit outta Lebanese kids! what do yu think about Israel?…not Jews but ISRAEL!!!! also what of th USA & their epidemic of global lobotomy & universal conveyor-belt culture????

Diverio 4:

since “not Jews but Israel” is exactly the point of this touchy subject you never read something like that in the Italian press. to say that Israel equals all Jews is blatant racism because it implies that all Jewish people support the Zionist ideology. & that would make hard to explain why a committee of non Zionist rabbis went visiting the Iranian parliament to express there solidarity to Iranian president Amadinejad. so, since the birth of the Zionist state was not God’s will made into reality (at least we are free to think it is not, at the present time) but the result of political/terrorist/military/economical activities it’s right to exist can be discussed, & to me it shouldn’t exist until Israel will exist peace in the Near East area is impossible. since i’m already hearing the screams “remember Auschwitz! you Nazi pig” i’ll try to elaborate on this. inter-ethnic, inter-religious cohabitation is the most logic condition for that area, just like it was at the time of the Ottoman empire. to claim that a Jew who’s family has been living in Russia or Ethiopia for centuries has more right to that land than a Palestinian is crazy. Israels policy is so racists it makes apartheid-era South Africa blush for shame, inter-ethnic marriages have recently been forbidden, what other state could do that without the international community saying a word? there military power (nuclear power, though no U.N. commission has ever visted Israeli military sites. double standards or fucking what?) & their racists religious fanaticism makes Israel the only real rough state on earth. to me there recent invasion/mass murders in Lebanon has little to do with Hezbollah , i have the impression Israel wants to create a much bigger crisis involving Syria & Iran so forcing the USA to accelerate the nuclear attack on Iran, like it has been planned from a long time. i think part of the US administration isn’t that enthusiastic about war against Iran, due to the high death-toll the heroes of Iraqi resistance have imposed on Yankee troops, so both Israel & the Zionist fanatics at the Pentagon could push US into action the old long time tested way (i.e. terrorism 9/11 style). anyway the massacre in Lebanon & the genocidal policy in Gaza are such big injustices one would expect the whole world to scream with rage & at least boycott/embargo on a massive scale. instead we get silence if not justification for the Zionist attacks. one can’t help being disgusted. as for the American superconsumerist/materialistic/superficial culture i think it is simply the most fit breeding ground for the capitalist (or whatever you want to call this crap we’re living into) system, so that is why it is being force fed to the whole world. a world of consumers, no longer a world of people. Yankees are culturally unfit to understand the richness of different cultures the world has (had?) to offer. don’t get me wrong they’ve got some great examples in the world of art/culture too but to me they work better in terms of pop culture, they can be very immediate but lack in depth. sometimes it is not that bad, like if David Lynch had been European his dream like, on-the-brink-of-nonsense movies would definitely ended up more arty & intellectual. but still the supremacy of the American pop culture is unjustifiable, i wanna read/hear/see things from all over the world, like you can have Serbian turbofolk, congotronics from Kinshasa, overtone singing from Tuva & i’m supposed to stick to Green Day & Hillary Duff? fanculo!


Bleg 5:

(September 2014: Lost the log of the original question here, but obviously some trenchant tautology deeply critical of Nihilism & anthropogenic ecocide, environmental destruction, pollution & delusions of humanoid species superiority etc.)


Diverio 5:

for me nihilism is a necessary phase one has to go through if he doesn’t feel like fitting in the society he lives in. refusing the values society promotes implies finding the one you really believe in. my despise for people started at school when i noticed that my classmates growing up lost their spontaneity of kids & started acting out the roles social pressure pushed on them. i dont like people when they are predictable & look like clones, it sucks when you can judge a person by a single glance &, making no mistakes, already know what his interests, ideas & personality are. i dont hate people, i’m just disappointed in banality & mediocraty. a stupid mediocre person is such a big chance missed. i mean, i’m human, i need humans. to find a person you like & feel good with, be it a friend or a lover, is amongst the best things in life. it’s just sad that it happens so seldom. so misanthropy as “all humans suck” is bullshit. as for the destruction of our enviroment in my opinion it is linked to the modern age & it’s mentality/philosophy/mindset. the ideology of progress, of endless growth towards some golden unreachable future implies constant unsatisfaction for the present condition, thus the mega-consumer of the western civilization is the perfect man for these modern times of ours. humanity has abandoned the traditional vision of time as endless circle of seasonal repetitions, which sees man as part of nature, to embrace linear time, that has detached us from a realistic perception of life & it’s rhythms. the careless consumption of our planet is due to the fanatical worship of capitalism; imaginary, immaterial money is buying earth piece by piece. that’s why this system fights religions so seriously, capitalism itself is a religion. the fanatical zealots of free market, overproduction & overconsumption will never lower the impact of this economic system until it will be profitable, so maybe never. the power structure that enforces this kind of production is based on a global regime of usury; eternal, ever increasing debt makes over production a necessity. oh, i’d have a hard time talking about these things in Italian, i hope i made myself decently clear in English.


Bleg 6:

it’s been an absolute delight fucker! not wanting 2 have everybody =

thinking of yu as a sodomite, feel free 2 parachute out th fukn =

fire-escape with class…


Diverio 6:

no cock ever ventured up my rectum, if that’s what you wanted to know.


Diverio has since been slurped cursing & objurgating into the 20th century (his music remains in the 30th) & has an e-mail address divelto@hotmail.it , next he becomes a heredi & opens an SUV show-room in down town Tel Aviv with an entirely South African private security detail. his mind-meltingly advanced, preposterously original & divergent 18 track opus is available on a 9-way split CD on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper/Jigokuki along with a minor gracing on the Dek Rek n’ Fek 99+ track User-Hostile No-Skool-Noyzcore, Noyzgrynd, Extratone, Stridor florilegium CD on th notorious Lofi Or Die records. www.jigokuki.org