BWP – the bytches CD


Here’s one that’s very difficult to forget. Two unhinged & remarkably vicious MC’s assaulting with a psychotic misandry of almost unimaginable venom & runaway aggressive animus. I think these girls have been through a lot!!! The level of anger (bordering on apoplexy) which often sees the protagonists shouting into their microphones & the sheer extremity of their pretty much perdurable invective constantly splashing acid over testicles. These girls stomp so much cock & lop so many scrotums they end up making bollock chutney! It’s not just men that get cursed into the coffin, battered, shot & humiliated – massacring harassing police officers, whilst menstruating female boss’s & jealous bitches get utterly annihilated by these extraordinarily offensive & massively flagrant vulgarity viragos. To say this album pulls-no-punches would be a catastrophic understatement, it’s a ceaseless murrain of extremity fired at close range, either by absurdly pugnacious aversion or utterly salacious profanity. this may well be the nastiest most sexually explicit Rap album of all time! Seriously! Despite all the awful venereal horror that’s spilled out in the Rap world, I don’t know anything that’s as ridiculous as this album. Yu only have to listen to the ludicrous Is The Pussy Still Good or Teach Em with it’s revoltingly graphic excesses. it’s funny to think that regardless of being outnumbered by thousands of male rivals, the girls out-did the boys in terms of staggeringly explicit conduct. The anger & poor self-control levels also need to be noted as these girls are berserk! If you enjoyed the intensity of raw ultra aggressive Vagrant classics like The Geto Boys-s/t album, this heated, violent-altercation themed instability level that constantly escalates into shouting with tons of hate-saturated inflection infused into certain expletives will split your jam-jar! It’s completely over the top, clearly genuine & to me utterly brilliant. The group consists of the callous as fuck Lyandah who dominates the bulk of the album & also her psychotic apoplexic Brooklyn sidekick Tanisha. Mark Sexx, an obscure DJ/Rapper & producer from Miami (I think both the MC’s are from New York) who produced the album & released it on his No Face Label (& who supply’s some brilliant cameos on this album) graces the album with vintage early 90’s sample based beats. The album is a complete riot, utterly out of control. All disputes & gripes are resolved in the most extreme fashion imaginable with undeniable flair & confidence. Even on We Want Money, an appalling display of chronic materialistic female avarice at it’s most unforgiving apex, I can’t help but love this shit, delivered in such an irresistible brash, raucous & humorous manner by Lyandah the serrated, poison-dipped battle-axe with a spiked tongue that can strip flesh at sixty paces. Sexually impotent men are mass-slaughtered on Two Minute Brother & No Means No, whilst on Hit Man with an eerie 80’s synth sample Lyndah facilitates the shooting of two dudes in emphatic enmity with horrendous proficiency & deliberation to make any dick wilt. on Shit Popper, her response to domestic violence is to stealth into the bedroom & shoot her sleeping man in the head (3 times! just to be sure). The rapping from both MC’s to me is grade-A crude, & if you like the extreme hardcore oldskool shit with the intensity dial on max, this will pop ya’ cork! It’s a shame there is not more from Tanisha, but the little that she gets in leaves resounding damage, she is outrageous! This album/BWP is a crucial piece of Rap history. It’s too extreme to ignore as well as to me clearly being a hardcore classic with a terminal hostility that’s literally hard to contest. Also it’s importance is amplified by the fact that IT’S TWO FUCKING GIRLS!!! I honestly feel that you can competently put this up against any X-raided, Geto Boys, Convicts, Street Military, Too Live Crew, Convicted Felons or any of the coarser, nasty, hyper-aggressive, copiously offensive Rap albums. These girls/bitches/evirating warrioress testicle-cutters are totally obscene, I can’t even listen to trax like Is The Pussy Still Good & Teach Em regularly because even i find the stuff too much/foul!

BWP would return two years later with Life’s A Bytch in 93. In one of music histories most astonishing episodes the album was banned & confiscated before it hit the stores on obscenity charges!!!! It remains unissued to this very day! Considering the male stuff that was permitted (& I know my shit), with endless graphic violence, misogyny & downright gynophobia at momentous volumes, some serious sanctimony needs to be squashed. even if we dismiss the more under the radar releases, the high profile male acts such as The Geto Boys, The 2 Live Crew, Poison Clan to name just a few produced some of the most devastatingly extreme/explicit material/content, so how the fuck these girls get singled out & excluded by state intervention I don’t know? Perhaps it was that extreme? As Lyandah & Tanisha really are undisputed in their offensive genius, or more likely/typically some apprehensive shit-sack (no doubt a male one) just could not withstand/condone such fury & foulness from women MC’s. either way, clearly that album now needs to be released at last. I consider BWP one of the best & most unpleasantly jarring Rap groups of all time & I have yet to see anybody challenge the altitude of their obnoxiousness, The Bytches remains a shocking cult classic.


Label: No Face

Rekd: 1991