Greedy Lying Bastards-DVD:

Ok! So despite considerable flaws, this is actually one of the most important documentaries in circulation concerning climate extinction, corruption & mendacity media.

while the fun lasts.

It deals specifically with one of the most cardinal & paramount threats/source of catastrophe of our species history – the fossil fuel industry, a curse & a catastrophe on all living beings of such magnitude that our own, – along with millions of fellow plant, fauna & insect species & the biosphere itself – are now visibly threatened with permanent extinction due to the anti-life obstinacy of this insanely-destructive, indiscriminately genocidal & mass-poisoning commercial-criminality.

hell to pay.

Issued in 2013, the other inevitable conterminous sibling – global warming/climate extinction/extreme weather aberration – is also studied. So far so obvious. What begins as a fairly standard if not slightly dull documentation of the largely obvious (devastated American families that are now on the destructive receiving-end of their massively profligate, grossly wasteful & over-consumptive, majorly fossil fuel dependent life-styles that are now coming home to roost) then starts to really disclose & penetrate deep into the descriptively-uncapturable turbo corruption, malversation & deep systemic mega-manipulation that allows these supremely evil-shits to keep on extracting, marketing, drilling, selling & burning dredged-death at the existential-expense of all & everything.

ignore and deplore.

Predictably, & in tandem with so much of today’s hugely clandestine sewer politics & growth-fetishist multinational rape syndicates, it’s a heavily soiled story of corporate capture, astronomic lobbying/donation/campaign-contribution, astro-turfing, regulatory erosion, industry-advocate implantation/extreme revolving-door & the relentless exploitation of an immensely susceptible legal/political apparatus that’s at the mercy of the sectors churning ocean of profits & billions of dollars of freely disposable capital to continually expand dominance & efficacy.

your bill sir.

Using some excellent computer generated platforms, Greedy Lying Bastards demonstrates the compartmentalized chicanery, fronts, secret funding/dark money, subversion, duplicity & ultimately, the desired results/access that these filthy, underhanded fraudsters use to force their torts onto an un-consensual & largely unaware public. These brilliant, richly informing break-downs of how these vermin scam, heist & game us (the cock-sucking Koch brothers are some of the biggest perpetrators) all, truly accounts in pornographic detail the scale of lies, corruption, wrongdoing, falsehood & surreptition.

rape! lie! imperil! – the short-term-suicide.

The feature then descends even further into the crevice by launching onto one of the most poisonous, residually ruinous & tragically damaging plagues of our time – the ‘professional’ climate sceptic. This is a secondary/coinciding channel of salience that pivots the picture into another modern crisis.. denialism, legitimization of lying, factual fraud, post-truthism & open-mendacity. Again! – this doco possesses urgent & vital importance to the engirdling catastrophe, & is just, if not even more,- relevant now than it was previously. To get to the shit-heap we today battle with on a contemporary footing, we had to wade through this first. ‘climate sceptics’, i.e. blatantly bogus, credentially void, factually errant public-shit-spewers or ‘hire-a-liars’ , who were in many cases, staggeringly, industry funded/affiliated!, were dispatched to lie, muddy, obfuscate, cavil & confuse. More than anything though, they just straight-outright lied.

corrupt as shit.

In what I believe has been one of the worst & most dangerous actions of societal/state negligence, these despicable fuckers & their deeply criminal & inexpressibly immoral malpractice were somehow tolerated! To this day, I don’t understand how these shits actually got away with it, & I feel strongly that they sullied the way for the epic effluence that has followed (Chump, Cambridge Analitica, Aaron Banks & the spate of populist encopresis that has followed suit).

sign their death warrant & roll in the profits.

Greedy Lying Bastards provides a unique service by scrutinizing these miasmic bacterium’s in huge detail (about 25% of the documentary seems to fixate on this alone, figures facts & footage that we must be very grateful for & are essential viewing for anybody who wants to seriously analyze the current nadir & persecution of truth/reality). It would be sickly laughable, if it was not so disastrous, dangerous & destabilizing. When herculean wealth endorses pure mendacity/error/untruth, loads it into public channels/media vectors & promulgates & prioritizes its dissemination & volume to prevent change, curtailment, exposure, & responsibility, it’s enraging & boggling to see how successful such sabotage of sensibility can actually be. Professional disinformants such as Jay Lehr, James Inhofe, Tim Phillips, Ian Plimier are all here, babbling unabashed dross, stupefying duplicity, excrement & garbage galore. Perhaps most emetic/absurd of them all is the bizarre Lord Christopher Monkton, a kind of low-rent Nigel Farage with some kind of ocular deformity he got from rubbing frogs in his eyes & drinking their spawn. This freak is hard to believe, & pushes the envelope in the lowest bracket of anything-goes whoring, paralogical ultra-deception & politi-scatalogical nadirism. To think that such a man exists is troubling enough, but to learn that he is dripping his secretions into the public quarter, on such an important issue is sheer criminal lunacy.

Monkton-politico- scatological nadirism at it’s lowest and most despicable.

Despite the awful music & some elements of poor-composition, this is an extremely, extremely important documentary with some strenuously researched, well presented accounts of exactly how, & to what degree, these freakoid extinction-advocate billionaire corruptocrat shit-bags poison & imperil us all.

Director: Craig Roserbaugh (One Earth Productions) 2013