Robochanman-remote control militia/strugglediver CDR & CD:

Robochanman, aka Yasushi Tahara, a lesser known early-bird of Japanoise with a keener following among the washed-out & less-sophisticated harsh anti-aestheticians. He made the kind of deracinating, skin-shredding analogue horrisonance stuffed with over-the-edge high-pitch shouting & fitting from a man losing (or long lost)) control. Junky samples through clammed-up distortion & over-ridden Sour Milk levin basting harsh loops & low-tech extreme electronics. Bags of character, with his unhinged personality pressed into the materials bones through jabbering & jarred idiosyncrasies & material preferences. Very harsh stuff, with little relenting offered. The songs are distinctive & impressively variant, with lots of differing tools, equipment & sonics. The guy was notorious for being genuinely nuts (which I can believe) & labeled as a psycho for frequently attacking the audience during live shows. I think he became fairly isolated, with only a few willing to handle him due to his ‘distinguished sensibilities’. It’s difficult to determine the exactitude of his drive, but judging by the images & titles, – paranoia, anger about global injustice & a hatred of corruption & hypocrisy seem to be a propelling agent, along with mass revenge fantasies. Personal trauma no doubt prompts the pyro. His artwork is always excellent – rough, crude, sketchy & imperfect (often his own drawings), but clearly demonstrating a kind of drunk éclat. It’s very personal & very human, largely eschewing any software design & requiring his drawing efforts. These are great albums, & I consider this guy one of the best. He’s also one of the most genuine…a mad loner waging unspecified resistance against an unspecified object.

Strugglediver – 1998-1999 – Ground Fault Recordings (CD)

Remote Control Militia – 1993 & 1996 – MSBR (CDR)