Condign – Kikanju Baku – 886VG – Bollock Swine – Flensecore galore (fuck Israel):

Igna Ruz Ruz!

The latest in a long line of lumped lascivity & paraterrestrial abilities – Kikanju Baku upends in conjunction with ‘politician free planet’ & Gosh-Glut Godatsu Disruptions (another live collisionary conscript production dump from Kikanju) three sub-studio sessions with Bollock Swine & an undesignated amorph of frenzied intemperate indignation hyper-destructive harsh noise hysteria & indefensibly erratic percussive atom-disaggregation (‘Condign’). This comprised of explorations, exclamations immolations with Chile’s Stentorian rough-shod Ignacio Ruz, AKA ‘886VG’, a harsh marauder of high-end, raw-processed Noise & “extreme minority underground” ideology unt energy. This entails the kind of shredding, maiming, skin-stripping mordancy & discordancy from analogue pedal based assaults streaming live contact char & bray with bouts of fatal-feedback whiplash. Unified with Kikanju’s increasingly singular & perennially elaborating rogue strains of enhanced Fray-Break-Scolopendra-Turbo Tempo Jazz-Apoplexy Abnorm- intemperate velocity kinetics & ‘forest-floor fulminations’ Byzantium-bypass.

fuck-wad & succubi – pronto bollox!
Gush-Gyna!!! ^ ^

Bollock Swine pulled some more sump-scud out of the bottle-bank/turnip-garden/horse-lacquer… you know all about Bollock Swine don’t you? Fastest Gunk, Neko-Neko-Noyzcore, Hard-Vacuum, BlurNoiseGrind Avant-Orient-WTF’erry ever escribed by the marzipan-man’s desert paramour’s cauldron witchery on an etched emollient destined for larger medicinal suffuse during phases of the most incurable PMT diatribes (or orifice audit as ordained at outré). Total Gush-Gyna as usual, two gargoyles undergo armature intellectuals through the rashest dispensary disaprobatum (puke your own face) .. Scream! Harsh! Scream! Harsh! – stodged/stacked/stricken by, yeah, – the wildest skitz & blitz you will ever suffer in your life from the Kika Baku a living myth of banished blacklist ingravescence – disjointed asymmetric rapine & divine turbo-turbulence ( then ) soaked in dual-screaming discerption & heaps & heaps & heaps of harsh churning free-fall-furor with massive feedback rips in the protective tunica & shielding ballast.

redefining ridiculousness!

Hey! No arts-council, national lottery, shit-bag planet killing pollutant petroleum endowment fund or official anything (nor any crease-kissing scene or any external party) contributed in any way to the deconstruction of this rampage…it’s as off-grid, anarchistic (in the true definition) & insubordinate (actually proactively unruly, dissenting & establishment-hostile) as is possible… 360 degree ancephaly with zero restriction or minimization.


Ruz n’ Ju!

A few videos are hence offered as a tenderizer to trouncing on some kind of ‘usher me thimbles’ dyscalculus for down & stout post-plant hyper graminacity & non-academic sagacity. Actually, I was thinking something near identical – the details/strength of the Stridor/Noise suffers as it’s so loud & the video device can’t handle the frequencies or volume (don’t worry! – all material has been recorded on additional gadgets, so your guaranteed to get your brains-gouged).

utter extirpation of oppressor.
riddance of rulers.

No idea what will be done with these recordings, but, a section of the Bollock Swine heteronomy will be crammed onto the belated Gunk, Noisegrind, Stridor, No-Skool-Noyzcore cassette that is due out this month on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper tapes with a whole congregation of stellar scoundrels to pull y’ rug & plait yer’ innards ^0^ .

still douchin’ –