Miracle Power Combination-the world’s a death match cassette:

A delicacy of dereliction. Multivalent dude n’ doll junk noise from Texas (nobody does it like Texas trick!). Bedraggled, garbage-strewn, rusted-out lo-fi harsh trash, power electronics prone, MPC and drum-machine riddled, roughed-up by distorted trap-kit noisecore and shitnoise blasts, dumpster feed-back, peaking female screams, random sampling, digital looping, and an eroded decline of tangential decomposition. Dumped and battered. Lots of real time physicality from ‘objects’ being bashed and scraped. It’s both amateur and, very unassumingly sophisticated with some constructive stints that are probably premeditated. This is character heavy, with a lot of human traces (voice commotion, screams, movement or operational sounds of equipment being activated and manhandled). The impression from the tape deck is one of compressed motion and kinetics, of a space exploding with pressurized personnel. The harsh, trashy, overly-restless analog Noise and the screaming or incoherent rambling dual vocals are a fat wedge of candy! – giving a really chaotic opacity and lack of clarity. Moreover, the unpredictability, jumbled veering of direction and styles, and the whole scavengers armada of jagged and junky materials and noise variations make it a thoroughly pleasing scrap-heap of assorted dilapidation. The random splintering of MPC/drum-machine along with loop work and a subtle dabbling in primitive digital manipulations make shit even more open-ended. If you like rummaging bare-handed through garbage consisting of broken glass, furnace dust, scrap-metal and fat-fryer throw-out, this harsh lo-fi trash-hump will delight your spangles. Super tatty oversized sleeve, with almost no information whatsoever! – all jammed into a piece of ravaged plastic, with plenty of perforations, that looks like it was fished out of a fucking storm-drain!

Nickie and Tommy

This is actually a really interesting group… hyper fucking fringe and too ‘artistically aligned’ to make any of the correct moves (aka the wrong ones) to bring more attention to their back-street antics, hence major obscurity. The realest motherfuckers are almost always the least willing, or capable, at ‘playing the game’. This release is much more Noise, where as others may be more Noisecore mode (there is a very special sextet of more noisecore tracks from the band that have been allotted to the upcoming Gunk/Noisegrind/Anti-Listener extravaganza cassette on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper tapes, due later this month). They rove over Noise, Noisegrind, Shitnoise, digital Hardcore, Field Recordings, Retardcore, Power Eelectronics and trash-can dumpster-Hop, often merging them into a quintessential dogs-fucking-dinner. Bobby-dazzlin’!

Rekd – 2010-2011 (or so)

Label – self released.

Contact – ourgoalisdeath@yahoo.com