886VG + Armenia + Nego – orgullo, ruido y tradicion cdr:

A big rip through the craniums soft-contents here. It’s a three-pronged fusillade, with all three defendants discharging simultaneously. Thus massive dynamism & extreme scope. It’s terrifically harsh as well, – grating, serrated free-fall & hyper expressive short-circuiting, ear-scouring high-pitched strangling. Softer static distortion, modulated air-borne pitch-paroxysm & burnt-out waste-scapes littered with extreme electronics & random sounds/compressed samples from atypical quarters of estranged refuse dispensary. The interplay is excellent, with the Stentorians peeling in-and-out, contrasting roles (focal, leading, passive, vague) for a supremely versatile phraseology of interchanging events. Soloing by all inhabitants is also enacted, with variegated transformations, baton-passes & yielding-of-the-reigns, all exerting their personal details onto this wonderful olio of trashed harsh instability. Hugely pleasing, exceptionally harsh, chaotic, & presiding over an extensive orbit of frequencies, voltage & pitch. Chile’s 886VG are a harsh powerhouse struggling-openly on some constant dueling dichotomy between ragged, bunker-based homemade-explosives & fully-fledged harsh noise predator. This mix of high-end quality & doggedly underground, lofi junk-ethic, & frequently ultra-physical box-bashing pugnacity leaves a distinctively deep set of fissure on the skull. Ecuador’s Armenia is a long running veteran with a richly active lineage snaking all the way back to the mid 90’s. His inclusion is particularly conductive to the trio’s expansion as he often uses stranger, more experimental & less standard sound-source that defy typical paradigms (at least on the recordings i have encountered from his ginormous back-catalogue). Nego are new to me in entirety, but whomever is cutting-across this riot of Sour Milk maim & comminuting harsh-panoply is a worthy contender. This arguably sets an enhanced standard. The more the mangler, but quite crucially, the opportunity to drop-out & resurface fresh. These intervals also allow for changing gear/set-up, & presumably, listening, then pouncing back, bringing in a reactionary option/energy that can only really improve the broth, as the results clearly attest. A terrific noise release. Issued by No-Brain Productions, a lofi & subterranean, but immutably diligent cassette & CDR label run by 886VG.