Duterte Harry-fire and fury in the Philippines (Jonathan Miller):

Jonathan Miller brings us the first biography on homicidal mayor turned mass murdering populist dictator Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte. Martial law, extra judicial killings (EJK’s), murky & nondescript rampaging death-squads & excessively-crass n’ crude expletive-lumbered vocal attacks on anything deemed challenging, annoying, non-compliant et-al. A leader in egregious authoritarian bollocks basically. As funny as this foul-tongued psycho is, the body count makes it less amusing – “On day one, he launched a Latin America-styled ‘Dirty War’, and with it introduced the darkest of Latino shadows: the death squad. By the end of year one, he was presiding over the largest loss of life in Southeast Asia since Pol Pot took Cambodia back to Year Zero”.

“I will fucking kill you!”
let me support your blood-shed

The purge seems to be more a political tool & war on the poor, facilitating personal ambitions & stimulating whatever the hell coils insidious inside this freaks skull. Insane populist dog-shit, sustained by the blood of the poor. Duterte is a man of contradictions. Claiming to be a salt-of-the-earth crusader & representative of the common man, he was actually the son of a governor, who used to borrow his dads private plane to impress girls at school – “Contrary to the mythology he has assiduously fostered as the People’s President, – a leader who understood the problems and spoke the language of the poor – Duterte was probably the most privileged teenager in Midano; a spoiled brat in many ways.” much like the ultra-excrementalist Steve Bannon, an ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker & Hollywood mogul funded by a millionaire (or was it a billionaire?) & the other gaggle of business men/banker shit-bags guising as ‘heroes of the downtrodden’, Duterte’s pledge of proletariat paragon is fantastically dubious at best. Similarly, it seems that his son, Paolo Duterte, is heavily involved in organized crime (there are multiple allegations that he is himself a shabu/meth addict) – “ A report by the National Bureau of Investigation in 2007 named Paolo and one of his business partners as members of ‘a big time syndicate engaged in smuggling’ which allegedly included SUVs and high-end cars stolen from afar afield as Japan and the USA. The NBI intelligence report said Paolo was ‘using the power and influence of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to avoid arrest / apprehension … They also enjoy the protection of some corrupt Bureau of Customs officials and members of the Philippine National Police’. The report noted that Paolo even had a car showroom in Davao City – which still exists today.” – It gets worse. Read the book. Steven Seagal is here to offer personal endorsement. Maybe they even roll around together on a Harley and shoot shabu addicts in some kind of cool bromance blood-sport? Americas big game foreign-hunter habits expanded to human beings… Operation Double-Barrel Expanded! – on some EJK economy incentive…”jobs & growth”.

Out For Injustice –
 – Steven Seagal.

Duterte has a serious drug-habit himself! No! – Not shabu, but pain-killers & meds (synthetic opioids) for a bad motorbike accident. He takes these drugs regularly to ease the pain. I expect a huge portion of the unfortunate addicts that participate in the awful scourge of meth take it for exactly the same reason, to ease the pain of relentless poverty & excessive work-loads that millions in the Philippines are forced to endure daily. For this, they are shot to bits on the street in their thousands. Don’t get it twisted, – fuck meth! one million percent! – but massacring the victims of this appalling blight, who are living in some of the most overcrowded & extremely impecunious conditions on earth is a fucking farce.

Many people compare Duterte to Trump. There are strong parallels in selected fields, but they are ultimately very different. Duterte is nowhere near as dumb, shit-steeped & impaired as Trump. Trump is also an utter’ utter coward & his profusion of in-containable run-away hyper-lying & uncontrolled mega-mendacity is irreplicably teratoid. That’s not to say Duterte does not do duplicity, but it’s nowhere near the insane, exponential standards of Chumps hyper-insincerity shit-spewing. Of course Chump thinks Rodrigo’s death spree is brilliant (“I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem,”), but the U$ has always loved a good death-squad as history repeatedly demonstrates, so absolutely no surprise there.

which man is worse?

Liam Fox, the double-disgraced, treasonous, U$ enterist, ALEC-member double-agent British Trade Security & paragon corruptocrat also basted The Punisher with his approval, speaking of ‘shared values‘ on a trade visit to negotiate opportunities post Brexit. He also wrote in the local press, urging for a stronger relationship between both countries based on – ‘a foundation of shared values and shared interests” !!! perhaps this disgusting, scuttling, recreant, scum-bag wretch can hook Britain up with some of that meth too? As there are a lot of povs back here stacking up under Tory onslaught & the spice epidemic that exploded under the Conservatives criminal misrule is failing to meet the demand of our swelling destitute hordes.

“Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that.” – D Chump

What an insane phantasmagoria of absurdity. Jonathan Miller has done an excellent job of clawing together the traumatic fragments that make up this mad fucker & his horrific, ridiculously misjudged mass-murdering of his own citizens campaign of unforgiving falsehood. Deranged & dreadful.

“a foundation of shared values and shared interests” – Liam Fox.
“shared values” – Liam Fox.

“we are all creations of God, – We have God-given talents. The talent that god gave me is cursing. Instead of blaming me, – blame god, because he created me.” – Rodrigo Duterte

“‘There’s a new order coming from the mayor, ‘We will not kill you. We will just shoot you in the vagina,’ ” said Duterte. He went on to say that without their vaginas, women would be “useless”. (1)

Scribe Publications, 2018, 335 pages

(1):https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/13/philippines-rodrigo-duterte-orders-soldiers-to-shoot-female-rebels-in-the-vagina -13/02/1018