Le Syndicat-Timespace Losses 1982/1987 CD:

Wow! Pretty stubborn precocity. Its just 1982 & a gaggle of “plastic arts students from Paris” are garbling out harsh, dynamic, extreme-pitch corrosives & aggressive Noise stridency with Industrial relish. This dosage of tracks are actually scraped from rare cassette recordings, remastered & reissued. There are sixteen cuts in total, transmuting dense feedback flense, harsh maul, discordant static, sampling, extreme electronics, antiphonic synth and loosely structural loop, pulse & percussive (distorting drum machines & programming) fallout. Lashing of vocals, which are particularly impressive.. often hysterical & ululating, throttled by fx & everything varied extremes of expression. Vivid, raw, fevered, intense, messy & imaginative. Ragged, brazen & chaotic, harsh survival sentiments smashed through industrial noise vend. Some moments remind me of the great Illusion Of Safety (who were also very active during these early periods). Similarly, Le Syndicate diverged from the Industrial movement, persisting independently under their own integer. As the liner notes reveal – “even if their sound was extreme, this energy didn’t have anything negative or nihilistic. Their fascination for chaos, strength and violence was not relieved by provocation but just by pleasure to manipulate the noise material – that was the difference between industrial music and empiric brutalism.” Fucking great stuff!

Monochrome Vision