The Great Hack; (documentary), Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, strategic communications laboratories group, election rigging:

to shake a shit-brain! This is a good one. A good one to lay on those that would clot on complacencies cream-coloured lounger whilst corroding what little sentience remains with social media digital trash abrasion spilling into the minds eye.

the grinning felon – commercialized corruption.

Data rapists & tech-tyranny are way’ way’ way out of hand. There are many other exceptionally grave dilemmas, damages & hardcore-pernicious unforeseen-outgrowths that the bastard internet presents, but this is really about the ginormous, unregulated outrun of personal data, a resource that is now considered more valuable than oil, & is being wrenched, stolen, syphoned, & non-consensually garnered through trickery, grossly unethical digital skulduggery & other dishonest means & stealth extraction. We are being ransacked. Cyber fugitives in Kaliningrad? No – its Facebook! Microsoft! Google! Palintir! The NSO Group! Intelligence services, governments & states themselves. Facebok are the worst offender, at least in volume. I’ll never understand how any one can have been benighted enough to sign up to that lunacy in the first place, but if you ever needed an urgent admonishment to detach & disavow from that entrapment quagmire of personalized impairment, heightened vulnerability & the submission to stupendous manipulation & life disrupting dissonance – here it is in The Great Hack.

Chris! – we have a conscience.

Beyond Disgracecrook come the secondary exploiters, distortionists & retardation experts …. oh! & a new breed of election riggers. Enter Cambridge Analytica. Headed by, who else but, another shit-sucking Etonian, Alexander “They Just Niggers” Nix, who’s thrashed buttocks from the masters birching compel him to inflict this shit-riddled-malevolence on the rest of the world. The fallout from damaged, criminally-insane degenerate-extremists from Eton is really wearing thin on the worn fabric of our ravaged world. Here we are with yet another Frankenstein to usher into the carnival of apocalypse – massive, commercialized, covert election rigging via “targeted advertising”, individual psychographics & all manner of legerdemain, trickery, cheating, duplicity, fact skewing, severe tendentious deformity et-al. & you can layer algorithms on top of that. All flogged on the sly from Suckerturd/Facebook! Massive, involuntary civilian psy-ops, election fraud, cheating, democratic dismantlement, election rigging & a degree of interference, negation, sabotage, suppression & deeply’ deeply furtive (better still – criminal) exploitation. Deployed incognito in the Brexit voting campaign as well as in Tramp’s US catastrophe, Cambridge Analytica have also been involved in other silent-soilings in the Caribbean, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Argentina & elsewhere, spreading the pestilence & lavishing the disease. Decay for hire.

sinking into the shit.
$uckerturd & his digitized brain-damage directive.
human waste – Alexandre “they just niggers” Nix.

Although wide in remit, this doc primarily focuses on the two young whistle-blowers who had worked at Cambridge Analytica, Chris Wylie & the far more compromised/corrupted Britanny Kaiser. Kaiser is a fascinating character, & although I adjudicate no concession or pity, her ambiguity & what seems to be a genuine attempt to mitigate the monster she manufactured is an amazingly theatric episode of redemption. David Caroll, an associate university professor from the US who tried to subpoena CA to disclose all the data they had on him (they refused, but plead guilty like the criminals they are) is also a central character as well as the British investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr. Shit-bag Alexander declined to participate in the documentary. However, much of the material they include of him, a fair bit in situations where he is unaware he is being filmed, is absolutely shocking & deeply revealing about the level of insanely-corrupt-criminal we are dealing with & that Eton produces. It is unbelievable, frankly criminally-collusive (& that is squarely on the Tories), that this absolute excrescence is not behind bars serving hard’ hard time.

Britanny Kaiser.
the liars lure – flogging falsehoods & poisoning the world.

But here it is, the level & indeed implication of these crimes is so bad, but the two countries that have co-acted & birthed this obscenity are the UK & US. The chronology of this tragedy occurred during a Conservative & Trump tenure (just before in Trumps case), meaning that the very offenders that utilize this extraordinary, deviant, paralegal, extreme & dirty “election rigging” tactic, & most advantaged with its continued application, are the very ones that would need to bring about the prosecution, preventative measures & regulation of this new immensely threatening malpractice. The criminals are not going to eliminate the criminals as they help with their ongoing criminality. This is where we are…this is no joke. Not a single person has been charged over Cambridge Analytica….how is that possible in any way whatsoever? Its major, exerted election rigging, plain,simple & without any quibbling. By overlooking/abetting something so seismic, so grievous & of such corrupt & criminal significance to the entire political landscape, you inevitably normalise & sanction it. Every dictator, every authoritarian kleptocrat, every scum-bag, liar, plunderer, parasite, rapist & abuser will embrace this as the magical stone to ‘justify/legitimize’ endless shitness, oppression, falsehood & despotism. This is beyond terrible. This is huge! This is a gigantic open crime scene! No one has been charged…the perpetrators are being protected & this is emboldening the entire miasma. If this is not addressed now, & with the necessary severity, this is going to be absolutely horrendous, & monumentally dangerous & damaging from here onwards.

Total fucking corruption.

the rapists pleads victimhood – this rat bastard is as guilty as sin.

Directors-Karim Amer & Jehana Noujaim

Arron Banks, who was investigated by the National Crime Agency, who answer to a Tory government, that utilize the same technology & criminal strategies. an inside exoneration then.