The American Fraternity: an illustrated ritual manual (Andrew Moisey):

always lying, always concealing, never trustworthy.

I (A.B. (full name)- in the presence of these members – of the Psi Rho fraternity – do here solemnly and sincerely – promise and vow – that I will always hail – ever conceal and never reveal – any part of the secrets and mysteries – of the Psi Rho Fraternity – which I have received – am about to receive – or may hereafter be instructed in – to any person.”

I do furthermore solemnly promise and vow – that I will submit myself – to the discipline to the Psi Rho Fraternity – that I will obey – maintain and support – its Constitutional Laws – living up to their spirit and genius – that I will ever hold as a brother – every member of Psi Roh – and that I will endeavor – so to regulate my speech and conduct – that they shall not impair – the dignity or sacredness – of this Fraternity.

All this I do solemnly and sincerely promise and vow – upon my sacred honor – without any equivocation – mental reservation -or secret evasion of mind whatsoever.”

“sexual assault in Fraternities is approaching the level of an epidemic.”
Brett Kavanaugh – Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Startling. “Greek Life” & secret societies in US colleges & universities. The phenomenon of “America’s most influential male tradition” – a badly rotting carcass disseminating disease in an ill & ailing civilization that is in advanced stages of decomposition & dereliction. “how did it get so bad”? We find here an explicit unveiling of the exact pathogens responsible. More than anything it is the photographs. Graphic & irreversible affirmation. I am surprised, but immeasurably grateful to the author for somehow accomplishing this ‘intimate’ exposure that imparts the inner sanctum of this revolting affliction, including, even the initiation rituals, which is quite incredible. Outwardly, it purports dignity, refinement, integrity etc etc … “men of principle” at the vertex of ‘gentlemanly’ decorum. I wonder, perhaps, if that was actually the initial practice, all those centuries ago? – what is forcefully overt & bona-fide beyond belief is that it is now the inverse. Its seems to be a kind of super vandalism or surfeit desecration of the very precepts it reveres, or claims to do so. Just like the Catholic Church. Just like the majority of modern political parties & structures (the right-wing overwhelmingly). Just like most institutions, public or private. Of course that’s the point. This is garb, camouflage, concealment currency, to hide the true actions, ideology & intentions. The Fraternity is rife with rape & sexual assault, steeped in covert homosexuality & homoerotic weirdness – whilst exercising vigorous & routine homophobia. Excessive inebriation & Alcoholism (so chronic & extreme that fatalities are a yearly occurrence across the country) are a core demand & fixation. Cruelty, bullying, secrecy, punishments, & the sole enrichment of entitlement based on subjugation & collusion to the order.

Sexism, a very’ very confused & warped strain, mixed with the massive oxymorons, internal & external deceits surrounding sexual orientation, group conduct & living quarters, cultivate & incur what has to be one of the most unhealthy environments imaginable, all hidden from the public eye & shrouded in oaths of conspiratorial secrecy. Elements of Freemasonry & Judeo-Christian commerce (despite earlier incarnations of the Fraternities being openly racists & exclusionary of Jews) are an inclusion, at least in the rituals & ceremonies.

Its not sounding good is it? These are the “cream of the crop” that will go on to become politicians, bankers, business men & the “administrative class”. Surreptitious allegiance, fostered, formulated & fundamentalized by years of covert concentration in extraordinary conditions – will be the ulterior loyalty & undeclared special interest, despite the positions occupied & the demographic that will ‘suffer’ from the decisions taken by these distant creatures of farce & falsehood. Throw the Masons on top, Gentlemen’s Clubs & other business/financial related groups & advantages, & you have all the ingredients of a shadow state with it’s very own specialized training centres – all conveniently away from pubic scrutiny & fiercely furtive. Wonderful. The secret societies are the main driver for our world’s – & its systems – abject corruption & ongoing annihilation. presidal of the shittest.

Mike Pence – Phi Gamma Delta.

Fraternities incorporated homoeroticism into their ritual, finding it the very most effective way of inducing humiliation. And some gay men responded, incorporating Fraternity ritual into their pornography; by mid century Physique Pictorial included cartoons of naked and muscular men engaged in provocative rituals that were meant to titillate their readers. Making pledgers do things perceived as gay became the ultimate way to debase and degrade them before they were allowed to become full brothers, now bonded with one another in secrecy and shame. But all that homoeroticism has demanded an equally vocal disavowal, an insistence that Fraternity brothers are not actually gay.”

keep it in the scamily – the result being the dreadful crisis addled world we now have.

transcripts of rituals, various histories & excerpts from parchments are listed in the book, as well as an expansive list of former & current politicians, corporate CEO’s & bishops that are Fraternity members. At the very back, a few pages of comment from ‘brothers’ & associates are aired. I wish there was more of this.

Destroy the secret societies, their members & fully disclose & expose everything they have been machinating from the darkness over all these years – & the world will replenish.

Andrew Moisey – Daylight Books – 2018 –194 pages