Proof of Conspiracy: How Trump’s international collusion is threatening American democracy (Seth Abramson):

“THE RED SEA CONSPIRACY” – Russia-Israel-Saudi Arabia-the United Arab Emirates-Bahrain-Egypt.
easily acquired – no questions asked.

Trump’s financial history with the nations of the Red Sea Conspiracy, as well as the two nations the conspirators seek to improve relations with, Israel and Russia, is long and illustrious. Trump has properties or assets in two former Soviet republics, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, and Egypt; he therefore maintains financial ties to three of the four nations involved in the conspiracy and one that stands to directly benefit from its success. Whilst Trump’s ongoing refusal to release his tax returns – despite promising to do so during the 2016 presidential campaign, then hiding behind the false excuse of an audit – makes it impossible to know the current status of his businesses in Israel or Egypt, Trump’s ties to the other nations are clear.”

murderous, moneyed, mendacious – total corruption, total treason, total impunity.

it is far’ far worse than you think. It is larger, it is uglier, it is far more dangerous. Trump’s damage, demoralization & debasement is hard to measure, document & preserve statistically. So frequent & sprawling is his criminal degeneracy & supernatural corruption, all of which has been empowered, energized & escalated by his presidency, that it becomes hard to quantify. Every day he operates brings further, deeper exacerbation, fraud, filth & fallout as the tide of excrement swells & expands.

Islamic Real Estate in the Levant.

This may be tactical, or it may be just a resulting perverse-advantage to his super corruption & hyper immorality. Seth Abramson is a former criminal defence attorney and criminal investigator who teaches digital journalism, legal advocacy and cultural theory at the University of New Hampshire. His writing is absolutely razor sharp, dispensed with a factual fidelity that reads more like an intelligence brief or law paper. The guy absolutely does not fuck around. His research is stupendous, forensic, painstaking. His previous book, which I have read in full, is the superb & hugely troubling Proof of Collusion-how Trump betrayed America. It is a remarkable book, aggregating a massive trove of solid evidence & incrimination that leaves you with absolutely no doubt whatsoever about the supreme guilt & compromise of Trump & his Russian superiors. He now turns his attention to something even worse, or perhaps, a “what happened next” – as the virus mutates & metastasizes, whilst the wound festers, as some of the worlds gravest criminal & despotic elements flock to the blast-hole to expand their lawless horizons, authoritarian intentions & criminal opportunity. The book & it’s contents are jaw-lopping, intensely alarming, if not distressing, & are game changing. This is a global emergency.

the cheap whore bends to the bidder.

Proof of Conspiracy is brilliant. But the extent, severity & urgency of this withering malignancy now needs to be simplified. People really’ really must know about these monumental criminal actions & the actors that are responsible. How many people are going to read a 566 page book detailing the exceptional danger they are in from the words leading maniac? Compartmentalization, simplification & portioned accessibility to this extremely serious information is essential. Abramson has performed an incredibly important task by conflating & documenting a colossal & complex open-air crime spree of record breaking proportions. The next stage is sectioning & redistribution. A documentary, or series of them, is really the best order. That medium can also cut through the complexity, which is utterly enormous. It isn’t at all that the corruption is not forthcoming. It is herculean, screaming & rippling in full 3D, but there is so’ so much, & so many different actors, states & specific argot & linguistics that it becomes overwhelming.

my people for your gold.

This is incredible’ incredible work. If one book sums up the current Chump Disintegration in all it’s run-away, foaming-at-the-face calenture, this is probably the best available resource (I would also suggest Kushner Inc. by Vicky Ward). It makes reviewing it extremely difficult. Such a breadth & scope of criminal garbage is enclosed, that any adequate review/synopsis would be sprawling & take days. For that reason, I have massively limited the segments that are sub-sectioned here.

the stench that follows the excreta.

if you’re the Saudis, the nice thing about Trump is he lacks any subtlety whatsoever, so you don’t have to wonder how to approach him. He has said explicitly that you don’t have to wonder how to approach him. He has said explicitly that the way to win his favor is to give him money. He has established means for you to do so – buying Trump properties and staying in his hotels.”

for the record, I have no financial interests in Saudi Arabia … any suggestion that I have is just more FAKE NEWS.” – Trump

all my life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy. I’ve grabbed all the money I can get. I’m so greedy.” – Trump

I don’t think anybody sells much more real estate than I do to … the Saudis…. they buy the most expensive apartments in the world, that I happen to build, and I know the people, and I like the people.” – Trump

If a foreign country is putting money in the presidents’ pocket on an ongoing basis, how in the world can we trust that the decisions he makes will be based on the best interests of the United States and not his bank account?”

“Trump’s business relationship with the Saudi government -and rich Saudi executives – go back to at least the 90s”

I don’t have any money from Saudi Arabia.”; “Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with me.”; “I don’t make deals with Saudi Arabia.”; “I have nothing to do with Saudi Arabia.”; “I have no business whatsoever in Saudi Arabia, couldn’t care less.” – Trump

Trump sold the entire 45th floor of the Trump World Tower across from the United Nations in New York for $12 million, the biggest purchase in that building to that point….the buyer: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”

Saudi Arabia – and I get along great with all of them.They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them. I like them very much.” – Trump

Saudi Arabia – I like the Saudis. They’re very nice. I make a lot of money with them. They buy all sorts of my stuff. All kinds of toys from Trump. They pay me millions and hundreds of millions.” – Trump

“here you have a candidate for president of the united states saying that he is favorably disposed toward a foreign country because they have given him millions of dollars, and all but promising to shape American foreign policy in their favor for that very reason.”

make it personally profitable for me – & everything is forgotten/reversed. “Let’s make a deal”. & a deal they did.

George Nader is a convicted paedophile who’s homosexual proclivity is underage boys. None of this stopped Trump, Bannon, Kushner & others from the Trump team working with him directly (they have a habit of co-opting such criminal characters). He has been caught four times for sexual offenses relating to homosexual paedophilia, one resulting in a jail spell in the Czech Republic (clearly Nader used his power connections to avoid far harsher sentencing in all cases). A shady as shit, back-channel, dirty operative, political opportunist who managed to get a foot through the door in Washington (working with Dick Cheney as his top national security aide, you couldn’t make it up), Nader, an obscure Lebanese American ‘business man” with previous media endeavours (Middle East Insight) found favour with Trump for his Middle East (particularly the United Arab Emirates) connections & contacts along with god knows what else. Nader has also enjoyed a long & amicable relationship with Israeli crimeminister Benjamin Netanyahu (who is currently facing three serious, separate indictments for corruption in his home country, his wife having recently been convicted of yet another corruption charge) & his aid Dore Gold. Nader joins a long list of paedophiles, sex traffickers, pimps & rapists that Donald has surrounded himself with over the decades – Roy Cohn, Jeffrey Epstein, Cindy Yang, Roy Moore, Ghislaine Maxwell, John Casablancas &Tevfik Arif, from those we know of definitively (one can only imagine the true scale). These associates & partners are of course separate to the mountain of rape, sexual assault & sex with minors allegations that have shrouded Trump, in ever increasing volumes, for literally decades …. a man of principle.

Chump with convicted paedophile & homosexual George Nader, a “frequent visitor” to the White House under Trump. “Nader makes frequent trips to the Whitehouse…meeting with Stephen K Bannon and Jared Kushner to discuss American policy towards the Gulf States.”

There is another scenario – so far from the plateau of reason, law, logic, feasibility, reality & sanity, & yet via Trump, it is actually under way & has passed it’s first phase successfully….. – selling nuclear materials to Saudi Arabia so they can develop nuclear armaments. Yes! Seriously! These categorically shady dealings have also been conducted without the usual safeguards! That has to be the zenith of inconceivable, unimaginable, sheer-insanity-mega-lunacy (bar climate denial-accelerated fossil fuel burning). Saudi Arabia, The architects & participants of America’s biggest ever terrorist attack (9/11), an absolute monarchy fundamentalist Wahhabi dictatorship governed by Sharia law with connections to 95% + of all the worlds Islamic terrorism, infamous for their regional belligerence & instigators of militarized interventionist war crimes & shredding insecurity – have been sold nuclear materials by the Chump Disintegration. Yes really. No kidding. This is the indescribable criminal mania of this unparalleled historical traitor (Trump). Trump is the most corrupt & insane man on earth. The fact that he is still alive, not on death row, not in a maximum security jail & is actually – still in office – is a super surreality that beggars, batters & buggers belief beyond the rational brains extremist of limits. This is ridiculous (& we have not even mentioned the butchering & dismemberment of Washington Post journalist & American citizen Jamal Khashoggi, the totally illegal dirty war in Yemen which the United Nations has described as the worlds largest humanitarian emergency or JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act) resulting in Saudi Arabia’s blood money compensation to the Twin Tower’s victims via official channels. Last on the list, right at the very’ very end, in a hypothetical simulation that would never breach real time, if you had one country that you would never ever want to acquire nuclear weapons – it would be Saudi A-fucking-rabia! Trump has sold the necessary atomic materials to Saudi, knowing full well their intentions & even violating the U.S. legal framework, regulations & safety requirements to force through the illegal sale. All because they made it financially beneficial for him personally. That’s all it takes. This is the criminal insanity we are dealing with.

Trash Turd with Michael Flynn.

“In summer 2015, Flynn had taken a trip to Saudi Arabia to “talk about nuclear power plants”; shortly thereafter, “the Saudis made a $100 billion deal with the Russian state nuclear corporation, Rosatom, to build 16 nuclear power units.”

“ – Flynn has already decided to adopted IP3’s nuclear plan to develop dozens of nuclear power plants’”, ends his meeting with McFarlane – who had met with Michael Flynn at Trump Tower on December the 5 – by direct[ing] NSC [National Security Council] to add information about IP3’s ‘plan for 40 nuclear power plants’ to the briefing package for Trump’s call with King Salman.”

“’When Harvey is told that such a plan would be illegal unless Saudi Arabia finally agrees to a “123 agreement” [legal safety clause in U.S. Atomic Energy Act] with the United States, the Flynn aide “ignore[s] these warnings” insisting “that the decision to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia [has] already been made”

“Despite Dimitri Simes, Michael Flynn, and Erik Prince eventually becoming the Trump campaigns most trusted national security advisers – and the advisers with the most direct access to members of Trump’s inner circle – none are ever publicly named to any Trump campaign national security or foreign policy advisory committee. Instead, they operate in the shadows, with their actions and advice not revealed to American voters until well after the 2016 election.”

total and utter criminal madness at maximum lunacy.
Erik Prince corporate christian capitalist criminal, traitor & terrorist.
a bit of gold, & i am anybody’s whore, believe me!

Then we have Erik Prince. Prince was the son of a billionaire, ex-Navy Seal & Evangelical Christian madman that founded the acutely nefarious Black Water private mercenary firm from the military dregs of the world. Commercial warfare. they essentially privatized war/terrorism/killing with the corporation heavily involved in the Iraq war fiasco before infamy, atrocities & a slew of summary & mass killings of civilians along with resentment from regular US forces (Blackwater military contractors were paid more, had better equipment & were not bound to the same rules as conventional troops) compelled them to leave in disgrace (the company has since renamed & reinvented itself multiple times, with the current incarnation being Frontier Services Group). Prince has been a back-room, unofficial Trump “adviser” & is a good associate of Steve Bannon. He is involved in a lot of tremendously bad shit of the starkest order & it is an astonishing dangerous failure of international law that he man is still at large. His current priority seems to be the United Arab Emirates where he is training a private army away from any jurisdiction, scrutiny or regulative reach of his home country, at the behest of the local vicious autocrat Mohammed bin Zayed (so carte-blanche). No pith, no hyperbole, no embellishment – this is a “James Bond villain” scenario to the last dot of ink. Goodness knows the scope of destabilization, shadow-shittery & tyrant prop-up mercenary-murder operations this freak is machinating currently (all presumably with some kind of none-public, off-the-record-personal-protection from prosecution or investigation courtesy of Trump). He has recently been exposed for his involvement in training the Chinese to tyrannically suppress Uygur ethnic minority groups in Xinjian China (the infamous “mass incarceration ‘re-education centres’”. Where is this going? The horrific illegal war in Yemen, where the UAE forces (presumably schooled by one of Prince’s outfits) have been notoriously brutal, provides the perfect theatre to train, torture, destroy, murder & maraud for the budding regional killers.

the whore on the hunt. Tramp Tard with tyrant MBZ of the UAE.

By no stretch of any legal framework can this be lawful. These subhuman shit-balls are basically, enriching themselves by making the world extremely more dangerous, precarious, unsafe, volatile & violent, all whilst absolutely slaughtering the rule of law, due process & every facet of ethics imaginable to the human brain. It is also being done furtively via ridiculously opaque & corrupt channels under corrupt means. I struggle actually to think of worse things that you could do or more corrupt ways that it could be executed. It is absolutely staggering & hard to believe that it is actually transpiring. None of this should be happening. None of these guys should be functioning, they should have been eliminated/arraigned/neutralized or whatever a long’ long time ago.

Unthinkable. Yet…here we are? Trump needs to go, by any means necessary, by anybody at all, at any time, in any way. The bastard & his shower of deranged, repugnant subhumans are a threat to the species…& that is not an exaggeration in any sense of the world or thought.

as terrible as it gets. “several billionaires with deep ties to Russia attended exclusive, invitation-only receptions during Donald Trump’s inauguration festivities…and were given unprecedented access to Trumps inner circle”

Utterly insane & terrifying.

Seth Abramson, 2019, Simon & Schuster, 566 pages