NABEG- economic gain – ecological ruin cassette LP, Flensecore, Apoplexy, Scour Histrionics, the Enclave for Aberrational Expostualtion, Napalmed, Animal Machine, 886VG, Mourmansk150, Harsh Noise, Kikanju Baku:

fuck em’ up!

well, I hope you like getting your head caved in – & acid flushed through the gape whilst being vaporized by concentrated micro-wave-rays & shelled with high-ex ordinance – cleaved, hewn, flensed, scoured, blitzed & triturated.. a deracination of outrageous magnitude, stripping all surroundings materials & shredding them like toilet tissue in a lawn-mower. What have they done?

NABEG erupted without warning back in 2015, the outbreak of varied dissident noise factions ingravescent under the berserk inclinations of Kikanju Baku – they laid waste to all records & previous feats in a series of controlled demolitions that exceeded their detonation fields with a velocity that was barely plausible, spewing pure pandemonium Flensecore/Apoplexy (a new deformation of noise, grindnoise, psycho breakcore, fray, riotgear, improvised meta-mutation further aggrieved by extreme electronics & a more absonant & barbarous model of psychedelic fallout) drenched in nothing but the strongest indignation & insubordination, as a propellant energy but also materializing as carefully selected samples in staunch opposition to a collapsing world constantly breaching new peaks of anthropogenic shitness. The resulting recordings – Normalizing the Nadir, All Rights Revoked, Economy = Extinction & Our Vision for Your Future – melted, wrecked & immolated everything in the surrounding radius. An entirely new standard & genre was reared & seared.

cowards against courage. free HK & fuck USA!
Animal Machine/the Jungle Trails Killer.

As of last year (2019), a new phase of dangerous & temerarious experimentation has induced the greatest destructive results yet, with yet another major mutation & dramatic escalation of hostilities convulsed, wracked, smashed, sundered & shorn of surface tissues, with out-of-fucking-control, beyond-the-pale, peerless molten apserity nova reflux – by deploying no less than five, fucking count them, five, Stridor heavyweights to heap, pulverize, blowtorch & besiege with the most remorseless harsh fervour & fury. Aggressors provided exclusives, some with multiple batches of volatile munitions, which were then shot into the initial confrontation – carefully & painstakingly edited, antagonized & embedded to maximize velocity, hysterics & damage abundance. Hard, harsh ascetic maul – coded, allocated & dispensed for peak acrimony. the culmination of these titans burning each other out, crashing their weaponized audio into each others bone structures & tearing chunks out of each others faces, consolidated by the turbo-frenetic pandemonium & relentless hyper-intricate prehensile-super-violence of Kikanju Baku’s percussive onslaught incinerates everything in the shock-waves sprawl.

Kikanju Baku, Napalmed & Ukrainian noise guitarist I. Bilga, who’s scraped, ragged, mottled harsh excruciations were played using a chain link as a plectrum.

Lashed to the launch-pad as a final component comes a trove of on-the-ground raw-audio-witness/field recordings from Hong Kong’s recent revolutionary turbulence which is crushed into the smoulder… chaos from this incredible communities clamour for liberation & improved existential standards via direct action & massive civil unrest… mass & micro skirmishes & confrontations between civilians & security whores, serving hardcore disobedience & superior ethics to the dregs of authoritarian prolapse – dispute, denounce, refute, refuse, riot, reject, disrupt, dissolve, depose. We fuckin’ love yu Hong Kong – 我們站在一起!!!

in a world of shit, Hong Kong youth’s refulgence is a beam of sheer brilliance & inspiration.

released on the notorious Lo-fi or Die Records as a deluxe silver cassette with an individualized bronze scar in a gold case, decked with hand-crafted accoutrements, double-sided fold-out pamphlet & a four panel sleeve, all with art courtesy of Non-Negotiable-Notoriety & limited to 312 hand numbered copies. £10 each, available from Jigokuki or the accused –

Economic Gain – Ecological Ruin.

UK – invaginity[at]

Czech – napalmed[at]

Chile – noaudio4[at]

Ukraine – iigb[at]

France – info[at]