In the Closet of the Vatican-power, homosexuality, hypocrisy (Frédéric Martel):

Weather they are ‘practicing’, ‘homophile’, ‘initiates’, unstraights’, worldly, ‘versatile’, ‘questioning’, or simply ‘in the closet’, the world I am discovering, with it’s 50 shades of gay, is beyond comprehension. The intimate stories of these men who give an image of piety in public and lead quite a different life in private, so different from one another, present us with a complex intrigue to unravel. Never, perhaps, have the appearances of an institution been so deceptive; and equally deceptive are the pronouncements about celibacy and the vows of chastity that conceal a completely different reality.”

Staggering. Shocking. Brain-frying. Indefensible. Unforgivable. In the Closet of the Vatican is a trenchant, fastidious dissection, sprawled over 550 pages, of how the Vatican is basically the world’s largest homosexual entity & biggest ‘official’ paedophile organization. Emphatic, irrecusable & overwhelming in its evidence, there is simply no escaping the sheer, towering, consistency of this sprawling pandemic – again & again & again & again. Dried into the very bones of this filthy, deceptive & corrupt sham, who’s surreptitious heart (a bizarre glorified gay club that violates one of the core tenets from the religion it claims to revere & embody despite explicit & unequivocal proscription) stupendous sanctimony, a hypocrisy of such stridency it may qualify for undisputed status. How can this utterly discredited, deeply fallacious, sick, lie-laden, falseness bedraggled, fantastically fake & completely disingenuous arcane freak-show & perverse criminal wreck be allowed to thrive? It’s own laws? It’s own jurisdiction? It’s own police? It’s own bank? It’s own court? Oh! That will help with the surging sea of class-A-felonies, of endless child molestation, rape, abuse, cover-ups, concealment & aiding & abetting of child rapist (transferring sexual offenders to church postings in foreign countries for them to escape charges/jail & continue in their flagitious, heinous & sick habits, unbeknown & undetected with a fresh, clean slate. A paedophile’s paradise, all backed by the sanctity of the pope & a legion of sinning shits that utilize this fraudulent monster as a ruse for their personal filth & corruption. Hey presto!

Here we understand the unwritten rule of The Closet. If you want to integrate in the Vatican, adhere to the code., which consists of tolerating the homosexuality of priests and bishops, enjoying it if appropriate, but keeping it a secret in all cases. Tolerance went with discretion. And like Al Pacino in The Godfather, you must never criticize or leave your “family”. ‘Don’t ever take sides against your family.’”

How this travesty can keep lurching from gay bar – to nursery – to world summit – to notorious cruising parameter – to public apology – all whilst proclaiming divine authority, & somehow stay credible/intact/alive is just beyond my understanding. Everything that’s wrong in the world ‘packed’ into one colossal, disingenuous, disgusting, lying delicit crater-of-wrongness & grotesque male deformity. The whole fucking thing needs to burn to the last nonce.

Frances is, most importantly, exasperated by the cases of sexual abuse – thousands, in fact hundreds of thousands – that are infecting the Catholic Church all over the world. Every week, new charges are pressed, bishops are accused or found guilty, priests are sentenced, and scandal follows scandal. In over 80% per cent of cases, these affairs concern homosexual abuse – very rarely heterosexual.“

Jimmy Savile was a vocal Catholic & Knight of the Realm who received a papal knighthood.

Frédéric Martel really exerted the effort & ran the distance. A homosexual himself, his determination to disrobe the liars lair, ridiculous hyper-hypocrisy & fundamentalist farce for the utter disgrace that it is leaves no room for argument or redemption…this institution is completely fucked & can never be salvaged from the impenetrable, ingrowing knot of thorns it has become. Thankfully it is dying, as even the gudgeons are getting sick of having their kids raped, but we need to rapidly expedite it’s demise with a decisive summary action.

So the omnipresence of homosexuals in the Vatican isn’t just the matter of a few black sheep, or ‘the net that caught the bad fish’, as Josef Ratzinger put it. It isn’t a ‘lobby’ or a dissident movement; neither is it a sect of freemasonry inside the holy see: it’s a system. It isn’t a tiny minority, it’s a big majority.”

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro -the ultimate closet fag! “Cardinal Burke is the very thing he denounces.”

The elaborate & deeply ensconced “culture of secrecy”, not at all dissimilar to that of public schools or masonry (both of which, of course, closely coordinate with the Catholic Church), where consequences are quashed or at least massively minimized by peculiar laws of extreme exception nestled safely in it’s own aberrant & arcane authority, where the perpetrators of the worst crimes/sins are nurtured, shielded & “forgiven” by this giant protective abomination that does not even follow its own fundamental religious teachings. Beyond farce. Beyond shit.

A lie? A half-lie? For a Jesuit, they say, telling half-lies is the same as telling half-truths! Leopold adds: ‘There is an unwritten rule at the Vatican, which is that a cleric must be supported in all circumstances.’”

Organized insanity.

Frédéric Martel, Bloomsbury, 2019, 550 pages