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Roscoe Mitchell-Bells for the South Side:

Last month 2015 (huh?). c-c-celebrated savant & seasoned Free/Avant Jazz colossus Roscoe Mitchell (acting here as a performer, composer, conductor, situational stimulant, protagonist placement, conceptualist) leads an inimitable cabal of barely plausible super-cretins into mythic metamorph & medley. the occasion? The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (that’s AACM to you cuddles) 50th anniversary. Location – Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, basement stage & exhibition area (so three totally separate & varying performances, captured here on two discs). The label – ECM Records…. Continue reading Roscoe Mitchell-Bells for the South Side:

Roscoe Mitchell Quartet-celebrating Fred Anderson CD:


Another shocker in the girls-locker from exponential inferno megalith Roscoe Mitchell. Very alluring splay of figures in the construct of cello (Tomeko Reid), trap drums (Vincent Davis) & stand-up bass (Junius Paul) pretty much guaranteeing dynamism & a colossal range of climates & forms to roam through.  Continue reading Roscoe Mitchell Quartet-celebrating Fred Anderson CD:

Roscoe Mitchell – Angel City CD

Roscoe Mitchell-angel city

Roscoe Mitchell is on a bit of a roll at the moment! A knock & roll motha*”^#@r!!! he is allied here on this 55.12 minute (one track) live performance at Mills Uni from 2012 by James Fei on tri-saxophones, bass clarinets & analog Electronics) & William Winant on masses of percussion (more in the micro form of bells, gongs, woodblocks, cymbals & a massive gallimaufry of odds & ends). Continue reading Roscoe Mitchell – Angel City CD

Roscoe Mitchell – The Flow Of Things


Here’s an outstanding example of why Roscoe Mitchell represents such a distinctive & singular plenary of terminal sonic extremity, quite clearly unmatched by any other saxophonist past or present. I am not exactly sure when Roscoe’s pioneering “circular-breathing” specialization emerged, but it seems to have surfaced in the eighties, instigating with an already explicit mastery/quality that presumably was perfected “off-record” before being unleashed. This remarkable four track album seems to be determined to austerely affirm & assert this technique/phenomenon from his inexplicable expiations of receptor shattering overdrive & overwhelming obstreperational onslaught. Think of ten minute tracks in the form of one giant diatribe, dissertation in destabilization with terrific quite literally almost unimaginable intensity in overextended euphoria & efflux that neither abates or relents & somehow manages to expand, in an inexorable periphrast of ant-upping, self-usurping invention that defies belief. Continue reading Roscoe Mitchell – The Flow Of Things