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Roscoe Mitchell-Bells for the South Side:

Last month 2015 (huh?). c-c-celebrated savant & seasoned Free/Avant Jazz colossus Roscoe Mitchell (acting here as a performer, composer, conductor, situational stimulant, protagonist placement, conceptualist) leads an inimitable cabal of barely plausible super-cretins into mythic metamorph & medley. the occasion? The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (that’s AACM to you cuddles) 50th anniversary. Location – Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, basement stage & exhibition area (so three totally separate & varying performances, captured here on two discs). The label – ECM Records…. Continue reading Roscoe Mitchell-Bells for the South Side:

Tani Tabbal- Triptych CD

Hot-off the inky-bud of last years “Mixed Motion” disk, Tani Tabbal douses more fuel on his growing spate of creative commotions as a leader, producing, for me, the best of his excellent yearly recordings – Triptych. Tabbal is most identified for his long-standing creative/recording partnership with Roscoe Mitchel/Sound Ensemble but has been expounding his releases repertoire with these three recent additions. Triptych esemplasticates traditional, character-rich Bop/Jazz/Blues amalgams with progressive alterities Continue reading Tani Tabbal- Triptych CD

Tani Tabbal – Mixed Motion CD

Tani Tabbal-mixed motion

It’s about time! Veteran drummer Tani Tabbal, most notable for his enduring interplay with Roscoe Mitchell & his Sound Ensemble (along with many other shared recordings) kicks out a six track CD as a band/project leader (preceded by last year’s Wizards by all but a whisker). A man of many deportments, who will leave separate impressions depending on what recording or live performance you have experienced of his, this album does quite a good job of capturing a decent range of his many faces. Continue reading Tani Tabbal – Mixed Motion CD