Ethnicity Against the Error:

what have they done?

Ethnicity Against the Error:

If there is one label to watch in Avant-Garde Jazz (& way’ way the fuck beyond), it’s the primo-peregrine Ethnicity Against the Error!

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No One Teaches the Snake to Strike CD (Kikanju Baku & James Fei):

An upsurge in uttermost. Extraordinary misshapen clot of mind-melt from colubrine kind-of-cacuminal-kinetica Kikanju Baku (drums/percussion) & James Fei (reeds & analogue electronics) in your grade-A atypical, triple-conflux of ferociously weird, distraught beyond belief, terrifyingly intense, psycho-labile, incendiary contortions, abstractions, poly-oxymorons, cross- contentions, odd ejections & some of the most frighteningly abstruse esoteric-effusion messing-massively with plausibility (plural) unsustainable overload & the point when the cable snaps & the plunge/drift/warp/hurtle/levitation/wind-side/egression/melt/sink/atomization into the forbidden cosm’s inner multiverse becomes irreversible. With no prior playing together beside a nine strong foray under the authority of Roscoe Mitchell at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for the AACM’s 50th anniversary (incidentally, out this year on ECM records), Fei & Baku off-face in a high-quality studio & rived the portals pillars agape for a deep dive into “what the fuck?” in one of the rawest, gymno-on-the-spot emergency scenarios/circumstances beset by severe improvisational necessity. The pantheon of styles/formations/energies/techniques/scenarios/life-forms/idiolects as these two explicit weirdos of the craft conjure/contradict/counter/co-act/clash/cross-contaminate/inter-irk in an environment of untrammeled freedom (everything is absolutely improvised at utmost). Flashes of coherence & “comprehendible” substance are abruptly splayed into some of the most unapologetically arrogant/ultra independent telejections, collisions, ricochet, scrum, incongruence & ritualistic exacerbation, all consolidated by huge technical & virtuosic strength. The impenetrable gets a giant efflorescing incision through it’s virgin territories & the beauty, ugliness, horror, exhilaration & emergency-existentials that are stuffed into this absurdly fertile realm(s) come gushing through the mind-gate in multifarious torrents. Deeply inhospitable, brain-fuckingly-awkward in the apex abject, shockingly fierce, intense & antiphonic, gracefully-savage & bizarre by the byzant-load, your staring down the dispensary appendage of one of the most eccentric Avant-Garde/Abnorm records of all time son.

James Fei –

Released on the 31st of March 2017.

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Xenophilia LP (Kikanju Baku, Hamiet Bluiett, James Brandon Lewis, Luke Stewart):

Next, for Ethnicity Against the Error’s 3rd enthrallment comes the album Xenophilia. Dished-out under the same “no plan – just intuit” or “intuition & inhibition” praxis that produced both the labels predecessors (No One Teaches the Snake to Strike & Endogeny & Exogamy), this album collects Kikanju Baku on drums, the great Hamiet Bluiett & James Brandon Lewis on horns & reeds plus Luke Stewart on electric & stand-up bass & tells them to go build an alternative artel civilization in a stretch of rain forest. Another single shot shenanigan, “show us yur fangs motherfucker” moment (so that’s no previous playing together & no excogitated idea aside multiple arse-whuppings & Blackness balling th fuck outta’ control) pitched tha crew into the revered Systems Two recording studios, an illustrious dive with a lotta’ history in Brooklyn NurYirk last July (2016) wit’ th ol’ Jon Rosenberg in tow as engineer. Now, this was always going to be spummate-special as both Baku & Bluiett have a reputation for being both nuts, difficult & foul-mouthed skanless’ rogues, casting palls of apprehension & exuviating hexes from scaled skin on sheepy bitches of a lower caliber & inferior spiritual candor. such personalities n’ playing not to mention the preposterousness had to be well’ well over-board, especially whence tooled-up with the assailing duo! & like betting on a fixed frisk, double six done sprung the roost & slunk on the sly into the gynaeceum after dark! This particular session was coproduced by Bluiett, who proffered the idea of integrating a relatively new personality to the scrimmage – the saxophonist & composer James Brandon Lewis & his bad-arse bass player Luke Stewart. Brandon is renowned for his cremating sax solos & lashings of Hip-Hop influenced energy & expression alloyed into his customized creed of Jazz. The ill bass player on his side augments his talents with fantastical verve & indispensable “dopeness” that will get you cuffed for indecency. It’s a riot! How could it ever not be with such personnel & Baku agitating everybody to overload at apotheosis orograph? Stellar profusion from all personnel & a gramadoelas confluence of traditional styles reinvigorated by contemporary idiosyncrasies over-stimulated by individual eccentricities & exigency as Phosphorous-Funk, Glyph-Hop, rampaging Off Road/Free Jazz conflagration, steaming Deep-South Blues from a bygone era, turbo tempo jazz, Scolopendra, Jungle & heaps of Avant African ordinance pile into a bayou & hifalute on sumthin’ heteronomous. Brace for palpability around August/September 2017, this one primed for/as a gatefold 12” record, perhaps with some extras just for extravagances sake.

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top ranking bollux from Brandon & Baku –


on tha set! (wi’ special thanks to “Ultra Batkins”)
suck swamp an’ then some!


Ethnicity Against the Error was formed & is run by the beast in our midst Kikanju Baku around 2015. The label revels in producing high-quality physical copy CD & vinyl renegade radical recondition on a peerless scale. It is beholden to nothing & no one, with absolutely no industry/arts council/lottery funding, sponsorship or connection. Acme autonomy. It issues esoteric, terra incognita, major-morph-mutagen, hyper-aberrational, Abnorm & impetuous innovation, inno-intre-invo-empe-extro-outré shit with a dalliance, defiance, eccentricity & miscegenation of such profoundness that new species are declared! Go ask the creator! Complex kinetic Jazz strains, intense & non-standard Free Jazz, Off-Road impetuous improvised interstellar abstraction & shit that’s yet to be categorized or “officially” discovered just bursting the fucking creative banks! Astride the autocephalic argute enjoins arcane, ancient traditional/classical music (non-Western varieties), most concentrically in the far Eastern, Silk Road, Middle Eastern & African ambit which are a defining compulsion/embellishment/ethos/energy & exaction for the label & it’s endeavors. EAE is also run/amok at what would be considered a “fiscal” loss, with risk/intrepidation/adventure/ostentation/temerity/proto-passion adnated into it’s very concept & crux objective. The art first, no safety gear, consequences in the dumpster, detractors in the morgue. The prerogative is to make the most wondrous, intense, daring & immense shit transpire & inspire within a stringent quality-control, irrespective & insolent towards any constraint/restriction/rationality or profit related perfunctory. In typical Kikanju chaos precocity – the label does not even have a website yet (will it ever?) & absolutely, definitely & completely, no “Social Media” presence of any kind (no ITunes shitness either). It’s not just about “not playing by the rules”, it’s about openly insulting them if not knocking the twats off/out completely y’ dig? It can also boast no large-scale/commercial distribution (anywhere), no eBay sales/account/shop (fuck eBay to the maximum, invasive corporate garbage) or any links to major magazine/radio cronyist media (aside being triple blacklisted for sedition & insubordination) & no barcode. so when motherfuckers next talk to you about “independence”, remember this, as there is a presiding plague of fraudulent, plastic, wipe-&-dispose, duplicitous PR cack touted by faux nepotists with about as much credibility as that shit-eating geek in the White House. Being ahead of your own birth is an object screaming for bumption. An unrestrained entity, untainted by industry corruption & uncaring for any orthodoxy, law, power-structurer, hierarchy or reductive creative-caution & obstructive, invasive bottom-lines, protocol, practicality, propriety that may hinder anything but total extropy & exponential evolutionary exultant emancipatory extremes.

Liberated beings, brave souls & spacefaring fucks –

maddest of mothafukuz! on sum ol’ Fukushima melt-down typ’ shit!!!

Ol’ Baku Blacclist is a barrel a’ fuckin’ laughs & bollock in a china-shop! Blacklisted to fuck! Temerarious beyond taming & feral like some mutant hyena with incisors akin to tusks jutting from pure-rabid gum-disease-soaked glory, he cut his gnashers (in the “official world” Avant Jazz sense) with a preposterously stunning double-debut with Roscoe Mitchell & Craig Taborn in 2013 – the much vaunted Conversations double opus that to’ up from th flo’ up uber improvisational ultra-Avant Jazz outermost a new beige dishcloth (ok’ ok’ – “arsehole”)! Roscoe & Kikanju have since shocked the brain matter out of audience’s fat deposits in a series of settings – stockpiling praise, awe, dread, epilepsy & hallelujah like th U$ does nukes! Kikanju maintains an almost impossible to overstate guddle of astonishingly unique & singular distingue & habit/infatuation for creating/pioneering new genres (Fray, Gunk, Flensecore, Apoplexy, Drill n’ Waste, Glyph-Hop, Phosphorous Funk, Hard-Vacuum, Poise-Spore, Riot-Gear, Abnorm, Farrago, Harlequin-Haze-Hop, Neko-Neko-Noyzcore, Gratecore etc) often surrounded in myth due to his staunchly under-under-underground conduct & bitter aversion to professionalism, commerce, convenience, convention or anything outside of artistic/beast/human/veridical principles. Thank fuck someone has actually got some biting equipment in this doll-house of eunuchs, imposters & quislings!

Rusk n’ Ju live in urxion –

why couldn’t you just stick to roaming the wilderness with your swords you freakin’ maniac!?!?

Links to further information on Ethnicity Against the Errors first release Endogeny & Exogamy with Michael Gregory Jackson (electric guitar), Joseph Daley (tuba) & Kikanju Baku (drums) can be found here – –