Anodyne/Napalm-Pocket Monster Remixes 7”EP:


Released in 2000 by almost definitely now defunct/deactivated left field Berlin based label Lux Nigra, who specialized in Electro/IDM/Techno related miscellany & felony. If I am not mistaken, these “Pocket Monster Remix” EP’s were a series, but this is the only edition my mitts got their mandibles on. Two candidates saunter-up, Anodyne on side-A, who are great, & Napalm (not the Czech Noise vet “Napalmed”) on the B-side. Napalm gesture an offering that’s way too bland & Techno for my liking. It’s not that it’s bad, but I could never extract anything but the sensation of dullness from so called “Hardcore” Techno & I find it a totally unstimulating genre. Onto Anodyne then, who wet-retch us a nice inspissation of atmospheric weirdo synth-splashed IDM dabbed with distorted Digital Industrial glaze. This is a boss joint! Synths too die for. The beat is in four, comprised of a Techno/Speedcore thud & snares. harsh distorted rending & molten-metal Sour Milk/feedback oddness (programmed into a synth) smothers the top. It’s actually only now, after thoroughly navigating the cryptic record sleeve, that I notice I have been listening to this record at 33rpm for over a decade when it’s intended to be spun at 45rpm. Well, it actually sounds great in both modes. A lot of IDM bands produce 90% disposable material, landing decent to sublime stuff in the small 10% alcove. Anodyne definitely corrode the mark here. Conclusion – highly edible harsh IDM oddness!


Label-Lux Nigra