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Swut Jerziz! –aka- Erst-while Antrum 20:

The largest fudge-center in the ‘though shalt not eat’ section (with added forbidden imprest)! The sacred sponge of cultist mana – Erst-While Antrum retches-out the latest edition Swut Jerziz! – With Praying For Oblivion, Kylie Minoise, Nyctalops projecting sticky stridulatory strop harangue & “Harshest of hectoring’s”, ritual-narcotic black-magus cyber-Noise Continue reading Swut Jerziz! –aka- Erst-while Antrum 20:

Okishima Island Tourist Association-evil ok CDR:

Quite the spanker. This brand new & remarkable burster of taste-buds album from Scottish stick-up duo Cummings & Glass Kovorox. Hopped-up on robotics, AI, automation, the increasing commercialization & privatization of the human sphere, digitization of brain-cells, technology theocracy, Big Data cartels etcetera, it’s a seven track polymorph of harsh noise emotives, tampered IDM-esque beats, artisan Electronics, malfunctioning Industrial off-cuts, FX & distortion infused vocals, peculiar samples under even peculiar modifications, demolishing chip-tune bone fracture & hazy/abstractive Ambient & trance reverie. Continue reading Okishima Island Tourist Association-evil ok CDR:

Kylie Minoise – Enter Feedback Ninja DBL – CDR

Enter Feedback Ninja_ed

YES! Kylie Minoise then. A Scottish cyclone of psychedelic sluice… that’ll be fraying harsh corrosion & Experimental Industrial asperity with mid-end production (a marvellously balanced equilibrium between lo-fi garbage sincerity & high-end harshness) & often playful proclivity stuffed with abattoir-humour, kitsch-trash pugnacity & transmogrifications of “other” genres – modified molested & mutated then spliced into the baking tray, probably with a good stippling of arcane & obscure samples – all turgescent with distortions of all ilk’s & odds. Continue reading Kylie Minoise – Enter Feedback Ninja DBL – CDR