Swut Jerziz! –aka- Erst-while Antrum 20:

The largest fudge-center in the ‘though shalt not eat’ section (with added forbidden imprest)! The sacred sponge of cultist mana – Erst-While Antrum retches-out the latest edition Swut Jerziz! – With Praying For Oblivion, Kylie Minoise, Nyctalops projecting sticky stridulatory strop harangue & “Harshest of hectoring’s”, ritual-narcotic black-magus cyber-Noise from Tokyo’s Sadistic Lingam Cult, Crimean deep-woods odd-Industrial/Field Recording esemplastication K-Zone, bedlam Off-Road, height-of-hysterics Jazz-Noise from big-walloper Weasel Walter (pandemonad here with Yoni Kretzmer on sax & Pascal Niggenkemper on bass-noise), lo-fi, horrendously exotic & dramatically divagating Impetuous Improvised Intercourse Voodoo Jazz Poise-Spore/Abnorm from Kikanju Baku/Foju-浮遊-Frequency & crass, crud-fi body-blow barrage Noisecore/Grindnoise from Slovak louts Sedem Minut Strachu. Nare but the yummiest original surrealist artwork, as usual, with way more beta-carotene than your gills can process, hand-numbered to x191 copies on a bubble-gum-pink personally spray-painted CDR – marked for breadth & packed-off to the elysian isle with all the wedding-tackle & solicitation fluids a bitch could ever need for any ointment-orchard ever ensconced. Absolutely not available through I-tunes, e-bay, Spotify, Amazon (fuck Jeff Bezos) or your local shop cos’ they are nowhere near adventurous/resilient enough & it’s not in the prescription index of permitted substances.

£6.50 each (UK pounds) or the regional equivalent. baggable from all prospective participants –


Scotland – leacummings1@hotmail.com

Russia –  tar.dot@gmail.com

Bosnia – prayingforoblivion@gmail.com

Slovakia –  sozaoffice@gmail.com

Japan – heavymetalfruitgore@yahoo.co.jp

U$A – weaselw@juno.com

Crimea – gory.life@hotmail.com