Kylie Minoise – Enter Feedback Ninja DBL – CDR

Enter Feedback Ninja_ed

YES! Kylie Minoise then. A Scottish cyclone of psychedelic sluice… that’ll be fraying harsh corrosion & Experimental Industrial asperity with mid-end production (a marvellously balanced equilibrium between lo-fi garbage sincerity & high-end harshness) & often playful proclivity stuffed with abattoir-humour, kitsch-trash pugnacity & transmogrifications of “other” genres – modified molested & mutated then spliced into the baking tray, probably with a good stippling of arcane & obscure samples – all turgescent with distortions of all ilk’s & odds. Some of KM’s many releases are unmemorable as standard forays & lengthy laborious slogs of harsh free-fall, & then there’s others that are completely beguiling incursions into disparate & awesome Noise, it’s various sub-sections & beyond. This specific release is a particularly pow-wow potency-point in KM’s geet’ back-cat (a considerably ventricose stash of recordings & albums) & the title/concept & sleeve-art alone seduced me to snatching this lil’ son-of-a-bitch up. The double-disk album is a complete fuckin’ belter almost in it’s entirety. The material generally encompasses fatally energetic, rapid erosion eye-of-the-flesh-stripping-torrents with a contrasting but richly complimentary array of dingy analog synths, cult humorous murk, Industrial edged Experimentalism & loop/sample FX & acoustic-manipulation maladies. Some of the nuances & sheer depth of particularities from the less abrasive stuff is massively impressive & singular, as well as being a thoroughly exotic & captivating experience sonically. Conventional Noise & Industrial clientele will probably be thrilled, but EFN can also be enjoyed simultaneously for it’s weirder, much more daring & extremely unpredictable merit & mannerisms. Along with all the smouldering & acute oddness, the flavour of hypnosis, ritualism, mischief & mysticism are amok, all cardinal ninja traits & essences. The tracks reflect many of these diversities & extensive range & form through a whopping myriad of sounds, styles & approaches over both disks (especially disk one). The packaging & artwork are also endorphin inducing & an excellent exemplum of how to create a really gratifying & valuable piece of kit in a DIY modal (I always find the success of this rare ideal a real treat as it’s rarely done well). A plush transparent double-disk case with a simple but super B&W stencil wrap (tallowed with ninjas a’ course) & streaked with a jet of lurid pink spray-paint! A triumph & one of my favourite Noise releases period.

Rekd: 2013?

Label: Kovorox Sound