VA – Reign Of Error – 12 Track Digital Download

Reign Of Error

Getting tasered twelve times down the ear hole! those familiar with Low Res will know of their capacity for near miraculous IDM Spartanship & more novel alcoves & stow-aways in the Electro/Digital/Break linguistic. Not everything here rewires my vein network with copper-chords, but the majority jumps my circuits all but good & some taps the grid something severe leaving the antenna burning & fizzing sparks. The broths ingredients are versatile IDM, Breakcore, Techno, Dubstep & digital menacing & deviance. Most of the bands, or at least the example they have constructed on Reign Of Error, are somewhere between these definitions rather than exact replicas of the genres themselves. It’s a very eclectic expenditure. All generally dance floor friendly but most probably detailed, sedulous & outlandish-tilting enough to sate the extremists (well, it certainly does it for me). I knew none of the artists prior to listening except for Bombardier & the great Kero. Most to stand out from the medley for me was Not Robo Boy (first rate eerie noise scape ambience & Dub Step), Redhat (a truly delicious amalgam of Jungle/Breakcore & Game Boy synths converging with sampled Rap & traditional Indian vocals all in immaculate style & Glitch dispensary), Dead Fader (crepuscular Trip Hop-IDM with a sporadic & choppy Breakcore undercurrent), Audiovoid (down-tempo FX strewn Breakcore appending an IDM overcoat). & finally, right at the back of the queue you have the endearing “pixel pimp” of ultra 8bit (if that even) late 90’s hand-held-console disjointed odd-ball IDM firewall-funk – Kero! This guys shit can be so damn good, & his save game here is no exception. “Rommy Institute” again has you running through a labyrinth of 2D intestines trying to find the magic elixir. Threaded with brilliant sonic’s & grafted structures always veering & permutating. What is it? it’s a laureate of the Detroit IDM sunderground that needs to be taken on it’s own terms. Digital dope! My only Gripe with the comp is that Adjust is absent (WTF?).

Having got such a nice cram of Low Res wax that gets played almost to the point of punishment, I was somewhat saddened to see this releases as a download. But actually, it’s perhaps the perfect model/format for a compilation of this ilk/conjecture. If you don’t know about the splendour of Low Res, this is an effortless way to indulge your sensology & get acquainted. Super smashing pixelated shit!

(list of artists) – Bombardier, Dead Fader, Rabitrup, Audiovoid, DOS4GW, Wirewound, Dishevelled, Not Robo Boy, Redhat, Traffik, Detroit Gore Police, Kero

Rekd: 2015?

Label: Low Res Records