Stop the Squeal part two-beyond brainwash & the discarding of the deplorables: John Yoo, Abu Ghraib, Charles Graner, Roger Stone, Earth Liberation Front, Steve Bannon, storming capitol hill:

“very fine people”

the wrong people for the wrong reasons for the wrong guy.

Express shock as much as you will at the storming of Capitol Hill, but the misrule, abuse, oppression & exploitation that have disseminated from that building & the personnel inside for the past few decades alone is far more shocking, as is the tolerance for its unabated, indeed – escalating – cruelty, obscenity & dishonesty. The misrule has long been established & the reckoning was long overdue. Not that the 45th president in any way whatsoever represents any credible opposition to that very affliction – he is its absolute apotheosis of it … an atrocity, unrivaled & unmatched in an overload of catastrophe, depravity, imbecility, wickedness, stratospheric corruption, retardation, derangement & all-consuming-excrementalism. I have never ever, ever, ever, ever seen anything so awful, insane, offensive & absurd in all my life as the last four years of deafening defacation …….. the perversion is just without peer.

Polarizations & generalizations are a frequent force in the current disaster area.

This is encouraged, exploited & antagonized to a fantastical degree by actors & antagonists that are keen to foment seismic division, conflict & disunity on an abused populace who should be in solidarity against a common foe & mutual threat.

division & misdirection.

What could possibly be better than getting your victims to fight each other? To scapegoat your crimes & abuses onto different sections of the very same subjects of your destructive malpractice , so they literally fight each other, with the resentment, pain & anger that you have inflicted.

Class, race, geography, religion, gender, political affiliation – anything to instill & provoke conflict, division, confusion & fragmentation.

I don’t have any problem with storming Capitol Hill. I don’t have any problem with burning the whole fucking glorified toilet to the ground. But it better be for the right reasons (moral, just, altruistic, plural) & it better be for the common good & majority benefit (excluding the 1%) – not just one begrudged section operating on a selfish tangent by the artificial insertion of carefully concocted emotions & miscue that serve the purposes of the tyrannizing classes & their corrupt plutocratic hegemony.

Bannon fodder – go forth & waste yourselves for our private gains.

Unfortunately, that is by & large exactly what the last fuck-up & corporately doctored coup attempt was. Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Sheldon Adelson, The Group for Growth, the American Legislative Exchange Council, the American Enterprise Institute, the John Birch Society, Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party, & of course – the Trump Tumour – are all smacking their lips & popping-rod at the gudgeons marauding on their behalf, for their interests, & on their terms.

It was an elitist insurrection – in defence of corruption & plutocracy.

Upside down & inside out.

It seems that many were shocked by the invasion of Capitol Hill. Really? That was the most predictable of scenarios, & in many respects, it was a milder turn-of-events considering the forces antagonized & agitated.

Meticulously targeted sections of the public have been indoctrinated, stoked, primed, aggravated, muddled, misled, contorted, goaded, galvanized, pumped, aroused & conditioned – through an onslaught of sophisticated mass digital misinformation using unprecedented “psycho graphics” & neuro-mapping, state of the art responsive algorithms & sweeping micro-targeting – leaving huge portions of the populace engorged with major misinformation & artifice, addled with faulty conspiracies & partial facts, creating a nightmare psyche of mass mis-educated misunderstanding.

destroying minds, destroying lives, destroying societies ….. commercial election rigging – start the steal.

A lack of consequences for “the poisoners” & the erosion of red-lines has effectively “fucked” the entire stratum of law, society, politics, perception & even reality. information has been infected.

The concerted desecration & corrupting of whatever little vestiges & sanctuaries remained unscathed in America have left a crater where “Mad Max in suits” is conducted with no plausible restriction or logical limit.

Autocracy & religious extremism mingle freely with the ongoing mega mutation.

Some of the worse, most dangerous & most desperate signs came from one of America’s ultimate Swamp elementals turned Trump minion – “career psychopath” & torture tinkerer John Yoo.

John has been deep, deep Swamp for over a decade after disgrace & infamy for his “Torture Memos” in the cataclysmicly shambolic War on Terror/Forever War – his drafting, support & avid defence of simulated drowning, stress positions, sleep & sensory deprivation, prolonged extreme temperature exposure, the usual violence, cruel, inhumane & degrading treatment, extraordinary rendition, black sites, sexual humiliation, – & should any of that fail – jetting “enemy combatants” (so they can bypass human rights, POW status & international law) off to foreign regimes with more “conventional” brutal torture methods on the behalf of direct US request (Egypt, Romania, Thailand, Syria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan & 54 other destinations).

apparently legal? … you could of fooled me. John Yoo

Thanks John.

John Yoo was a close advisor to the lovely Dick Cheney, along with the ultra shadowy & recently convicted serial paedophile George Nader (George was also a Trump advisor & Middle East “fixer” before his recent conviction & jail sentence for sex-trafficking children & child pornography felonies).

John Yoo has been advising Trump as of recent.

some of John Yoo’s work – Abu Ghraib detention centre & Charles Graner at work under John Yoo’s “guidelines”

The Trump administration has been consulting the former government lawyer who wrote the legal justification for waterboarding on how the president might try to rule by decree.

rule by decree

Yoo has advised that Trump could “force through decrees” – “Even if Trump knew that his scheme lacked legal authority, he could get away with it for the length of his presidency,

Yoo goes on to say that Trump could also “under-enforce the law in certain areas

Yoo went so far as to pen a book on the subject called Defender in Chief-Donald Trump’s fight for presidential power.

more of John Yoo’s work in action in Iraq.

A legal observer recently remarked “Constitutional scholars and human rights activists have also pointed to the deployment of paramilitary federal forces against protesters in Portland as a sign that Trump is ready to use this broad interpretation of presidential powers as a means to suppress basic constitutional rights.”

Why are men like John Yoo tolerated? Why are they left to scheme & conspire until a national moment of extreme weakness/vulnerability or seismic corruption allows them to pose such a threat? “Sleeper cell”. National security threat – coiled in waiting. This is allowed? Nobody cares? Isn’t this exactly the kind of prick the “authorities” should be neutralizing before the wrong moment rolls around???

A consortium of Constitutional scholars have disparaged Yoo’s unhinged autocratic analingus for Trump authoritarianism as –


the fruits of John Yoo’s “Torture Memos” …. god bless U$A

This is how it begins,” Laurence Tribe, a Harvard constitutional law professor, wrote on Twitter. “The dictatorial hunger for power is insatiable.

That is not legal reasoning, it’s inherently tyrannical and anti-democratic.

The fact that John Yoo is employed and free to opine on legal matters is an example of the culture of impunity in the United States,

it was apparently Yoo who advised & laid the legal work for Trump’s failed contesting of his election loss in the Supreme Court.

with thanks to John Yoo – now advising Donald Trump on how to “rule by decree”.

in 2009, John Yoo was almost disbarred from his legal profession for “intentional professional misconduct” & “knowingly failed to provide a thorough, objective, and candid interpretation of the law“. He managed, through whatever measures, to “get away with it”. He makes the classic Trump accomplice, as two of Trump’s former attorneys & “fixers” have both been disbarred – the execrable Roy Cohn & convicted felon turned cooperating witness Michael Coen.

John Yoo is not in an asylum, not on Death Row or in a super max penitentiary & not on the FBI’s most wanted list – he is swanning around Think Tanks, Law Universities & shadow circles ready to inject the despotic/pro-torture venom should the opportunity present itself. It’s funny how the most disturbed & the most dangerous are just left to do their “own thing”….biding their time. Complete & utter insanity.

“do you love your country?”

This my friends – is proper, proper dictatorial/fascist shit!

the culture of impunity”

John Yoo

Roger Stone

self soiled “Dirty Trickster” Roger Stone

the corrupt fraudster, self professed “dirty trickster” & convicted felon (recently wet-wiped by Trump’s perverse pardon) Roger Stone …. assless chaps, advertising gang bangs with his fake-prop wife in the local paper & the like.

Roger has been urging Trump to instigate the Insurrection Act & administer martial law.

The ballots in Nevada on election night should be seized by federal marshals [paramilitary federal forces?] and taken from the state. They are completely corrupted [dirty tricks?]. No votes should be counted from the state of Nevada if that turns out to be the provable case. Send federal marshals [paramilitary federal forces] to the Clark county board of elections, Mr President!

assless chaps, BDSM, ‘8” plus’, swingers & jocks for the wife, annual attendance at “Gay Republicans” pride parade in NY & Roy Cohn’s rent boy, not to mention Arthur Finkelstein’s winkle stain – go on Roger with your tricky dirt.

Stone suggested –

arresting the Clintons, former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, Zuckerberg, Tim Cook of Apple and “anybody else who can be proven to be involved in illegal activity”.

On a Mohammed Bin Salman flex.

He went on –

If the Daily Beast is involved in provably seditious and illegal activities,” he said, “their entire staff can be taken into custody and their office can be shut down. They wanna play war, this is war.

Stone also advocated “forming an election day operation using the FBI, federal marshals and Republican state officials across the country to be prepared to file legal objections [to results] and if necessary to physically stand in the way of criminal activity”.

In an interview broadcast on Saturday night, Trump told Fox News he would happily “put down” any leftwing protests.

We’ll put them down very quickly if they do that,” he told Jeannin Pirro.

We have the right to do that. We have the power to do that if we want. Look, it’s called insurrection. We just send in and we, we do it very easy. I mean, it’s very easy. I’d rather not do that, because there’s no reason for it, but if we had to, we’d do that and put it down within minutes, within minutes.

that man needs to fry. no rhetoric.

Trump has publicly stated on the Portland Riots –

There has to be retribution when you have crime like this,” Trump said.

He also said protests such as those in Portland would lead to “a backlash” from the political right, “the likes of which you haven’t seen in many, many years”.

one of the most self-inculpating exchanges from the usually ultra slick Roger Stone …. amazing dialogue. Roy’s Rot Remains!

Steve Bannon

fresh from, er, – defrauding Trump supporters for millions of their dollars via the We Build the Wall scam (he was also pardoned by Junk) & frotting with wanted Chinese fugitive criminals on $35m luxury yachts (Bannon’s Chinese donor Miles Kwok of Guo Media) – Slopped Steve was dragooning violence via his “Whore Groom” podcast – “second term kicks off with firing Wray, firing Fauci … no I actually would go a step farther but the president is a kind-hearted man and a good man. I’d actually like to go back to the old times of Tudor England. I’d put their heads on spikes right, I’d put them at the two corners of the Whitehouse as a warning to federal bureaucrats, you either get with the programme or you’re gone.”

as these three public displays illustrate so vividly all on their own; the shat was out of the bag well before the storming of the Capitol. There was only five deaths & no beheadings or public mutilations, much to Sloppy Steve’s disappointment. it was all foretold.

fugitive Chinese financier & billionaire dark money donor Miles Kwok who is wanted in China for bribery, kidnapping, fraud, money laundering and rape. his extradition has been refused by Trump – he is a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. Trump pardoned Steve Bannon who was arrested aboard Kwok’s luxury yacht accused of defrauding Trump supporters for millions of dollars through the We Build the Wall scam.

Trump has always, always had all the trappings of a mad fascistic dictator. If you were too dumb to identify it, too complacent (“it could never happen here”), or were blinded by the MSG sewage & withering reality TV retardation radiation, you were unqualified to judge or were not paying enough attention to the mans character & history (the real one, not the self-propelled garbage & fraud he spews & squirts at every opportunity afforded).

It was alarmingly obvious, & became increasingly so as the obscenity of his presidency extruded. Red lines were thrashed, rare alarm sirens surpassed, & fundamentally intolerable actions/abuses/crimes permitted. it should never have gone this far.

The unconscious, sociopathic, malignant narcissist, biblical arsehole, copromancer, nihilist, criminally insane, nullfidian, reprobate, rapist, transgressive, degenerate, freakoid-fuck-job – who repeatedly & overtly celebrated & glorified brutal dictators from Abdel Al Sisi, to Kim Jong Un, to Saddam Hussein, Vladmir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, Mohammed Bin Salman, Netanyahu, Modi et-al, along with his sprawling history of business & friendship associations with senior Russian, Italian & Jewish mobsters & serious criminals (Nicky Scarfo, Fat Tony Salerno, John Cody, Roy Cohn, Felix Sater, Joseph Weichselbaum , Jack Schwartz & John Stalupp, Tevfik Arif to name a few.

this guy does not even believe himself…….how could people ever be that dumb to fall for this cheap plastic-pan of fermenting trash?

nothing was surprising about the storming of Capitol Hill. Nothing. What is far more surprising was that this shit was actually allowed to get to this stage, & that Scalp Reduction Surgery & his entourage of mega traitors & super criminals are still at large, planning the next phase of fiasco for that raped & ruined country.

An open door policy

Where were the police/security?

Obviously, massive “insider” abetting & collusion was demonstrated from law withdrawlment officers.

The gigantic disparity between the response to Trump’s Chumps & the BLM & attached demonstrators from the face-off earlier in the year is dramatically underscored.

There was not much “storming” required as so few officers were posted. In some ways it almost looked staged, with officers even posing with infiltrators for photographs.

Its not much of a revolution when the cops let you “run riot” or even “assist” the rioters is it?

The crowd was overwhelmingly white.

Earth Liberation Front

But although that definitely plays a majorly significant role in this “permissive breach” & the politics surrounding it – it definitely would be a simplification & error to assume this was the only reason for such a lax, anodyne & remarkably underwhelming response.

The burgeoning Anti Capitalist movement of the early & mid 00s & some of it’s environmental peer efforts are an important parallel for close comparison. These movements were also predominantly white, but they were challenging corporate America rather than trying to reinstate/maximize it (Trump supporters). More than anything, it was the truly brilliant Earth Liberation Front (ELF) that so terrified the machine. The mass majority of its members were white, but this 100% non-violent direct action movement was designated as the number one “domestic terrorist threat” in the US in 2001 by the FBI when the movement was at its peak. Members would perform “monkeywrenching” operations, destroying equipment, property & supplies of major logging, GMO, SUV & other environmentally destructive or harmful conglomerates & companies, trying to inflict as much expense &/or damage to commercial infrastructure as possible.

“monkeywrenching” ….. somebody actually cared enough – “$12 million in damages”

Exhausted with corporate immunity & offender exceptionalism, piss-poor or entirely absent regulation & protective measures for communities, civilians & the environment as a whole, they organized in small anonymous cells & took bold, but explicitly non-violent action to the very companies responsible for the carnage. & the machine was terrified by this small group of moral visionaries taking the altruistic initiative where the government had failed to perform its core duty; to protect its populace & safeguard the environment that successive generations would inherit. The FBI, pressed by Koch Industries, corporate lobbyists & ALEC – prioritized this small group as a domestic “extremist” threat, labeling them as “eco terrorists” over all those armed militia, gangs, neo-nazis, the KKK & the like. They launched a series of task-forces & campaigns to ruthlessly pursue & target “the offenders”, all at the urging of their corporate overlords, the real seat of power in the country. Kids who had been willing to take a just risk defending the environment on behalf of everybody were hunted down & charged, or threatened with insane prison time (20,30, 40 year stretches) if they did not provide incriminating evidence on fellow members, & were interned in specialist facilities that otherwise housed convicted Islamic terrorists. The resistance was obliterated & the multi nationals went back to polluting & destroying unfettered (it would just get worse as successive lobbying campaigns decimated what little remnants of protection remained, & under the Trump Disintegration the EPA has been all but literally destroyed).

haven’t you got better things to be doing with tax payers money? “non violent extremists” fuck yourself fed!

It was a great illustration of what the state can do should it want to address “undesirable” elements in American society. John Yoo & Roger Stone were left well alone.

But of course, these mechanisms are never effectuated for the benefit of the population/country at large, & work exclusively, when required, for the benefit of special interest groups & the corporate behemoths that pilot power.

if you don’t already know the score – go find out.

Why have the same institutions & agents not been mobilized, on their own initiative – or from governments – to smash & eliminate the KKK? How is it that this racist, murderous, violent, divisive, pointless, fuck-up terror cult of shit has just been left to do its thing for decades & decades? Unmolested? Even with public representatives like David Duke allowed to operate as official spokesman? Why are they not an urgent priority on the “domestic terror” list? If the country willingly fosters & tolerates these entities, allowing them to thrive over decades without intervention or prevention, is the country then not complicit in their existence?

Of course it is.

What kind of criminal conspiracy & supreme feet of diligent corruption is this?

It’s just divide & rule.

Trump Jr. defrauded the very same people he encouraged to go & storm Capitol Hill. i hope the fuck gets the death penalty.

These “groups” are accepted, probably even fed & sustained, for one purpose – divide & rule.

America’s racism, & “the states” ongoing, blatant & enduring tolerance for it in such extreme & organized forms, shows that it is a deeply-rooted & accepted strategy for keeping the lower classes riven, divided & even in conflict.

That is the American way.

not a priority. U$ Nazis in the age of Trump. “Heil Trump!”

& it will remain so until that pathetic country finally finds the balls & decency to deal with those shits once & for all – eradication – something they easily could do if the political will was present. Otherwise, America will remain a racist country, no matter what ludicrous garbage it sputters to the world about “beacons of freedom” & other such trite & tosh.

A unified underclass (& America has a massive one with its revolting & unprecedented levels of grotesque inequality & privation that have long been permitted & even normalized) absolutely terrifies the true corporate elite/establishment in the US. unity!

It absolutely terrifies them …. their number one worse case scenario, cos’ then the fuckin’ parties over. Unity & community must be obliterated – & if we can get them to fight each other, all the better.

Britain under the Conservative party is doing everything it can to adopt & replicate the American racist model. It is a system & it is a strategy. & the Tories – abetted by the Murdoch press & other foreign & domestic detractors – are doing everything they can to lay these foundations & cultivate the same depravity & conflict among the British public.

don’t stand for it.