Mendacity Mogul: Basayev Inductions 03 – eleven-way Stridor/Gunk/Noise Anti-Listener supernova (Kuttekop, 886VG, Sewage, Abesta, Mindvoid, Mourmansk150, Deficit, Reforester, Capgras, PMNT, 張又升:

Drupert Turdcoch ….. the devil´s diarrhoea.
a smattering of selected content from MM

well fuck a shuck & strip my skin! ….. its another edition of Basayev Inductions preposterous mega triage, & you know what that entails don’t you kids? – beaucoup berserk hulking barbarism top-tier harsh noise heavy-weight momentous maim, rend, shred, abrade – grate glut & face-melt harnessing maximized user-hostile violent-collapse. oh! & you can throw in two multi-fatality high-speed collisions with forefront User-Hostile Gunk/uber Noisecore & just the slightest round-off of strategically placed weird, hypnotic, hallucinogenic mutation to tinge divergency & scramble all escape options. ten artists, over 30 minutes of blat & breakdown per side. deluxe fluorescent green shell in a rare solid mauve case on top-notch, pro-dubbed RMT thread for an excellent sound finish, intricate hand-decorated shell with custom graphics, full-colour double-sided pamphlet, pull-outs & plush five-panel cassette sleeve – all pro-printed – with artwork designed by the infamous Non-Negotiable-Notoriety, hand-numbered to 164 copies, fifteen quid a pop!

Kikanju Baku & his squad of loony-left louts on patrol ….. no loggers! no missionaries! no mineral prospectors! no miners! no ranchers! no conglomerates or multi-nationals! stay out or get that head flown!

tonguing turd & eating anus – sucking left-overs when nobody else wants the freebie – like something out of an infirmary for the terminally ill …. fuck Drupert & his dessicated bint.

featured artists –


very difficult, terminally strange & repellently peculiar noise oddity comprising mangled noisecore, harsh frenzy, dynamic noise, industrial waste & bedraggled blotchings of badly decomposed & chemically altered Breakcore Jazz Junk spewing through 100% analog ascetics. Escaped convicts are Dennis from cult 90s No-Skool-Noyzcore titans Nee! – 80s onwards harsh Noise & Industrial stalwart Sjak of DMDN – & career-suicide blacklist supremo Kikanju Baku on drums.

alternative universe – tha autonom.
one of the greatest ever! …….PMNT


flaying, scalding, flesh-peeling, incinerating, organ-melting harsh-scald from Brazil. supersonic & crippling, anti-corruption, devouring mega-stridor leaving pristine gleaming skeletal remains in pooling medical waste…..the motherfucker is out of control!

enjoy your champagne! cos´ soon – the Barrio will have its vengeance.

Mourmansk 150

vintage 90s M150 at their most violent & negating – the powerhouse French provocateur is captured here at his most brutal, barbaric, gruelling, shocking, berserk & draconian – FUCK OFF AND DIE!

demonic disinformation – the “stupid citizen strategy” rectumification & remorseless retardency – the fuck-faced, shit-brained tabloid leper runt on a global campaign of miseducation & falsification.
we can always agree on pointlessly killing people for short term profits and long term damage. the Etonian baby killer bombing children.


harsh, chaotic, scouring trash-engorged noise with distorted samples of hysterical domestic-altercations & mordant digital disruption from Chile.

Mr Mourmansk on the rampage.
mans got th moves …. maim!!


fast, energetic, exuberant & explosive choppy harsh detonation & adrenalized polyphonic pandemonium from Chile…..surging!

Doggg energy Santiago – NO CONTROOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!
that ol´ fuckin furosha bero ….. live fzt – kindness is strength!


classic, premium, maiming Brazilian Stridor …. old school, full-force, rip-roaring quality rampage + one influx of clotted, blurred, cloudy hallucinogenic warping & free-float.

before the juice ran dry ….
last in line & runt in the rear – Rupert shuffles in on the worn-reject atop the refuse puddle – a synergy of sewage…下水!


cult, curious Death Industrial strangeness from Ukraine – swaddled with his signature, weird phone conversations & localized, heavily inebriated Field Recordings resulting in the unsettling, opaque & fevered outer-body emergencies …… fucking weirdo.

will they ever stop innovating waste & cruelty??? fuck U$A!
replace soul with uniform & small salary – oppress your own community so a group of gilded criminals can keep their yachts floating … fuck yourself cop!

張又升 (You-Sheng Zhang)

beautiful, live-socket, piercing, erratic, rushing & jubilant old-school harsh noise from this wonderful Taiwanese madman …. 風味絶佳!!

death to Bolsonaro & all his enablers … no amnesty & no excuses. death & only death.


destroying, amok, remorseless tree-loving Blast-Noise-Gunk. Nothing but solid, juicy, heaving hyper-blastbeats & light-speed asymmetric fills from Kikanju Baku with 100% single-foot-blasting whilst two noisecore guitars (Ruz 886) shred, bray & scythe from either speaker …. nothing but attack, speed blasts & shredding Anti-Listener Torikowashi forest Noisecore.

Reforester – torikowashi dendro blast noise forest gunk.


stricken, confused, torn, muddled, tattered & wrecked – conscientious, hissing, grating, harsh garbage noise from Brazil.

chaps! ………. the game is up!!
Pinochet sucks sump & swills scum – Santiago doggg nertttz 4eva seki! fuck your “structural reforms” Chicago school shit-sucker!!!


frenetic, frothing, spraying, hysterical Japanese harsh noise ambrosia from cult deactivated recluse – dislocating in a blinding flash of burning electronics & spitting sparks…… F-U-C-K-I-N-G gorgeous!

rollin´ heads & deckin´ feds …… RUN MOTHERFUCKERS!!!
and lo – the Treacherous Toff gulps his last gob of Russian caviar ………DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!
The Wolf Lord of Ichkeria …… 戦略.

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Ukraine: mindvoid[at]

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France: info[at]

Chile: noaudio4[at]

col chillin´ wit Santiago street dogggs hako balls. luv thy saber.
desperate! decrepit! degraded! denigrated! disposed! mutual defecation & disease wallowing….FUCK News Corp/Murdoch.