Stop The Squeal part one -the Cheat Cries Foul: Donald Trump, Storming the Capitol, Brad Parscale, Roger Stone, Louis DeJoy, We Build the Wall scam, election rigging, Goldwater Rule, Dirty Tricksters, Cambridge Analytica, Operation Alamo, Voter Suppression, the Baker Act, the Brooks Brothers riot, Alexander Nix:

Squealing like a pig!!!

Stop the steal? But who stole the 2016 election?

start the steal – Old Etonian Alexander Nix – head of commercial election rigging firm Cambridge Analytica which helped Trump secure the 2016 steal using profound cyber disinformation.

Commercial vote rigging & “special weapon” Cambridge Analytica assisted the Trump team directly, performing a massive, unprecedented, paid for micro-targeting & digital disinformation campaign of extraordinary potency on the US electorate. Significant Russian influence & intervention from funding, dirty money donations, & extensive cyber manipulations has been officially confirmed by the US’s own security institutions (no far stretch considering Trump’s long, squalid & utterly surreptitious dealings with Russia, ex-USSR states & extraordinarily shady characters & felons from these regions).

change audience behavior” – commercial election rigging on a massive scale.

One of Trump’s longest running acquaintance, assistant & advisors is convicted felon Roger Stone, whom Trump just pardoned (so he acknowledges his guilt) for his recent conviction on multiple corruption & perjury charges, including charges relating to facilitating Russian meddling in American politics in aid of Trump’s 2016 election win. Stone proudly self identifies as a “dirty trickster” … that is his own words & definition for himself which he proudly & repeatedly touts. A “dirty trickster”. Repeat, a “dirty trickster”. You could also say a “corrupt fraudster” no? Stone, one of the most corrupt & corrupting political operators in American history, is a paragon of swamp politics in Washington (where he ran a notorious lobbying firm for foreign dictators with convicted felon & Trump associate Paul Manafort) going back to Richard Nixon. Stone along with Trump, was the closest disciple of the uniquely virulent, bent mafia-lawyer (he was eventually disbarred) & corrupt fixer Roy Cohn, who also happened to be a paedophile, sex trafficker & insatiable homosexual (he died of AIDS in 1986, denying his condition & homosexuality right to the very end… sound familiar?).

Roy Cohn & Roger Stone.

Stone has repeatedly boasted of rigging & swinging elections in the US using “dirty” tactics. There is a profusion of video, audio, film, writing, broadcasts, quotes etc of him openly gushing with glee about these operations in blatant detail relating to many separate events, or if you will “crimes” that he admits to openly. George Bush’s extremely controversial election tweak in Florida in 2000, which gave him his win over Al Gore by the heavily disputed figure of just 537 votes, has been openly claimed as a successful “dirty trick” by Roger Stone. The episode actually resulted in the storming of a building where the votes where being counted, all orchestrated by Stone according to Stone himself. The controversy resulted in the “Bush v Gore” legal case, but the order for a recount by Florida’s Supreme Court was stopped, & the election win went to the Republican George Bush, who sent the US in to invade Iraq & Afghanistan & subsequent shit shambles. thanks Roger.

long time Trump ally & advisor, Swamp lord & self confessed “dirty trickster” Roger Stone.

They always return to the scene of the crime.” – Roger Stone, on returning to the scene of the Brooks Brothers Riot that saw the recount between Al Gore & George Bush stopped in Florida due to violent entry & intimidation.

So a man that brags incessantly & openly about his corruption, about his capacity & skill in fraud, deception, falsification, forgery, subterfuge, theft & “trickery” sorry!, that’s – “dirty trickery” – who boasts of decades of examples of such theft/scuppering/manipulation & corrupting of political results & process, & even elections specifically, who has just been pardoned by the Pricktator for felonies relating to “stealing” the 2016 election with the assistance of a foreign hostile power (Russia) & other crimes & perjury (i.e. lying) to American investigators, & a man that has been in the swamp, profited from the swamp, shaped the swamp & drunk from the swamp for literally decades – is now aligned & identified as legitimate & trustworthy to this unfathomable farce? & Trump embraces this guy fully, always has. & they are both birthed from the buttocks of Roy Cohn, in full.

the infamous 96 sex scandal. Roger needed a little help in the bedroom with his wife as all those years with Roy Cohn at the town house had somewhat messed with his heterosexuality.
Roger Stone is finally arrested.
the dirty trickster with his dirty trick. nice beard bro.

Go & watch Get Me Roger Stone. See it for yourself in his own words. & follow that one up with Where’s my Roy Cohn & Bully. Coward. Victim. I will never, ever, ever, ever understand how America, as a whole, has allowed that man to get away doing what he does.

Again, as brain-fryingly ridiculous & implausible as this all is, it makes sense in the most depraved & dishonest of ways. The biggest perpetrator of a crime needs to falsify, paste & project the very same crimes they are personally performing onto others. Their crimes, transgressions & wrongdoings become the ones they accuse their opponents of, or those that would seek to bring them to justice/expose them. It is a tactic & it is a strategy. & clearly, despite the insane errors, super hypocrisy, contradiction & blatant falsehood – it has been very effective (thank you Rupert Murdoch & the constant reconstitution of reality).

rigging elections in exchange for cash. how is this man not in jail?

Stop the Squeal now attacks Facebook. Facebook was vital to manipulating 2016’s election in the Pricktator’s favour, including how it assisted, criminally, Cambridge Analytica & Alexandre Nix’s cyber rigging. I have detested Facebook & Zuckerberg from day one (I have never ever had either a Facebook or Instagram account, ever) – they are toxic, immoral, dangerous & criminal – but to have these pricks (Trump supporters) crying about Facebook now that it is not to their unfair & illegal advantage is just preposterous.

“when we were winning” – Trump’s former re-election campaign manager Brad Parscale in better times, when the steal was looking so secure.

Not long ago, Brad Parscale was leading Trump’s re-election campaign. Micro-targeting & mass misinformation via social media, especially Facebook, was the most important openly confessed strategy of Pascale & the Trump campaign. As Pascale told Israeli mole Jared Kushner before joining them in the 2016 election bid – “If he [Trump] wants to be the next president, he has got to harness Facebook. Give me the power, and I can help you win.” & that he did. Parscale oversaw Project Alamo – described as an “under-the-radar advertising operation” during Trump’s the 2016 bid, in conjunction with Cambridge Analytica. “That’s part of the reason why he was made the campaign manager. It shows how much of a priority their misinformation digital strategy is to the re-election campaign.”. Like Roger Stone, Parscale was happy to bluster about his “Svengali” operations publicly. There is an incredible article he conducted with the Guardian Newspaper that I suggest anyone that wants to know more about the insanely dangerous/immoral nature of micro-targeting/psycho graphics & “targeted marketing operations” needs to study. As Pascale explained in his own words – “The campaign is all about data collection [2020],” Parscale said in a phone interview with the Guardian. “Every aspect of this campaign. Everything we do, if you go to a coalition event, you sign up for a thing, you touch it”.

beyond brainwash. commercial election rigging. open anus corruption.

Well, it did not go to plan. Trump, an impetuous, sociopathic, moronic, myopic, dysfunctional fuck-up, fell out with Parscale some months back, like he falls out with pretty much everybody around him, even when they are to his major advantage. For once I am thanking this subhuman’s colossal flaws & personal failings as he seriously wounded his campaign by acting in the only way he could – irrationally & with immense idiocy & short-shortsightedness. Parscale was castigated, removed & demoted, to the detriment of the Pricktator’s planned “steal” & blitzkrieg of cyber misinformation.

Then Parscale played his own typically swamp/sewage part in the freak show of cluster-fucks, gimps & criminals that inhabit the Trump colostomy chamber – he was arrested under the Baker Act for threatening his wife with a gun, domestic violence & self harm in his Florida home. Here’s the “dramatic footage” of the arrest from the armed police that detained him –

Brad Parscale, Trump’s then re-election campaign manager, is arrested by armed police after assaulting his wife, & threatening her with firearms under the Baker Act

the Baker Act is a Floridian law that allows for the detainment of people who are deemed to be mentally unstable & a threat to themselves or others. Very fitting for the executive of Trump’s re-election campaign eh? ^ ^ shoot your wife & self harm. “law and order”.

Trump’s crims keeping America great – Brad Parscale bites the curb “law and order.

It is also worth noting the “Goldwater rule” in reference to Trump’s criminal insanity, special needs & sociopathy. In 2017, in a completely unique & unprecedented move, over thirty highly prominent psychiatrists & clinical psychologists wrote a book/open letter saying that they believed Trump displayed “an assortment of personality problems, including grandiosity, a lack of empathy, and ‘malignant narcissism‘”, and that he has a “dangerous mental illness, & should be prevented from continuing as president. Trump’s own niece, Mary L Trump, also a clinical psychologist, has fervently argued the same, deeming him “unfit” & an immense danger to the country & the world (she even wrote a best selling book about it last year, Too Much and Never Enough).

The campaign is all about data collection,” Parscale said in a phone interview with the Guardian. “Every aspect of this campaign. Everything we do, if you go to a coalition event, you sign up for a thing, you touch it.

Criminally insane. Unstable & unhinged. Hyper immoral & degenerate, & as corrupt as they come.

Common cause.

Stop the steal? Because you fucked the steal up. You botched your own election botching process, & now you want to cry foul. Unable to carry out your own steal, you can settle for accusing the other side of stealing from you. Classic Trump logic. Classic.

Lets not forget the attempt to rig the mail in voting with Trump’s his filthy accomplice & corrupt mega donor Louis DeJoy.

Two members of a key congressional committee have asked the FBI to open a criminal investigation of the leadership of the US Postal Service (USPS), alleging the postmaster general, a Donald Trump mega-donor, has slowed mail delivery in an attempt to rig the presidential election.”

law suits had to be filed against DeJoy, & the sweeping changes to the postal system (rigging it to fuck in favour of Trump) he had applied which eventually lead to a complete reversal – “USPS agreed to reverse all changes implemented in June that affected mail services to Montana, settling a lawsuit brought by the state’s governor against the institution and DeJoy a day before a hearing was to take place in US District Court in Great Falls. The government institution agreed to reverse removal of collection boxes and mail sorting machines, closure or consolidation of mail processing facilities, reduced retail hours, banning or restricting overtime, and restriction of late or extra trips for timely mail delivery, affecting all 50 states.

DeJoy in court …… total & utter corruption.

Plaintiffs have made a strong showing that the recent changes are the result of an effort by the current Administration to use the Postal Service as a tool in partisan politics” in violation of federal law, Bastian writes. “At the heart of DeJoy’s and the Postal Service’s actions is voter disenfranchisement.” -Federal Judge Stanley Bastian

That steal was stopped.

John Bolton, Trump’s previous & horrendous National Security Advisor until, inevitably, the Reality Rapist got pissed at him & fired him, wrote in his book that Trump had begged the Chinese/Xi Jinping in a closed door meeting at the G20 summit in Osaka to help him win the 2020 election!

Trump, stunningly, turned the conversation to the coming US presidential election [in 2020], alluding to China’s economic capability and pleading with Xi to ensure he’d win,” Mr Bolton wrote.”

“He stressed the importance of farmers and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome.

personal favors to dictators he liked,” – Bolton

That is from the mouth/pen of John Bolton himself (& I absolutely hate the guy). Nothing surprising here, typical Trump, & his “cash for access” clandestine operation pitching to wealthy Chinese through brothel owner & Chinese spy Li Cindy Yang via Mar-a-Lago is just another fucking sordid example. It is just wall-to-wall-to-wall corruption, through & through, without any limits or restraints whatsoever. Steve Brannon was arrested not long ago on a luxury yacht owned by his Chinese billionaire & bronzed fuck-buddy Miles Kwok (Miles is wanted for fraud, bribery & other serious corruption related crimes in China).

Steve Bannon out on the luxury yacht again with his billionaire Chinese fudge-backer & wanted criminal Miles Kwok. the question is – which man is more desperate than the other?

Bannon faces charges of defrauding American’s for millions of dollars via his We Build the Wall scam. Trump himself has been linked to the We Build the Wall scam, officially endorsing it & meeting up with at least the group’s Chief Financial Officer Amanda Shea among others.

His dogshit-brained son, Don Jr, has embraced the scam even further, attending many of their conventions, describing the WBTW scam as “’This is what capitalism is all about. This is private enterprise at its finest” – now that there, speaks volumes.

Brian Kolfage was arrested & indicted along with Steve Bannon for defrauding American donors through the We Build the Wall fund.

So the scammers, dirty tricksters, fraudsters, shysters, corruptocrats, conmen, swindlers, cheats, election riggers, thieves, traitors, liars, losers & assorted scumbags & swamp-squirmers apparently have your trust? I trust the conman?

In another interesting observation on this cultural absurdity – if Trump himself has won the 2016 election by cheating (which he did), has based his whole life around cheating (which he has) & was openly saying that he intends to cheat on a massive, massive, more advanced scale in the 2020 election (an announcement also publicly stated by Brad Parscale who was overseeing this strategy) – what should the opposition do (the Democrats)???

if your opponent is going to cheat, & is openly saying that they will do so, what should you do?

Is “breaking the rules” the rules?

“President Donald Trump discussed We Build The Wall’ crowdfunding project with the group’s Chief Financial Officer Amanda Shea (third from left) and others in Bridgehampton, New York, last August, according to a photo Shea posted on Instagram.”

Also, if two sides are prepared to cheat, does that make it even or “fair”? As both are cheating? Can the cheat, accepting that cheating is permitted, then turn round after losing & cry “cheat” against the victor? & does it not make you the “ultimate loser” – to lose whilst cheating, probably when your opponent isn’t doing so? You were allowed the special advantage to cheat & you still fucking lost? The loftiest of losers …..ever! Fucking moron! Dipshit! You lost, whilst cheating? Against an adversary that obeyed the rules, & thus acted with a monumental disadvantage & personal handicap. What a fuuuuuuuuuckin’ LOSER!!!! & he is, cos’ Trump is only effective when he is cheating or lying or raping or throwing wealth at it & therefore getting away with it. He is the biggest loser of them all ….. the biggest loser of the era. Fuck that man, all the way to hell where he belongs. & his entire excremental entourage of “dirty trickster” scammer, treasonous, rapist, paedophile, Baker Act, disbarred, mentally disturbed, malignant narcissist, conmen, hoaxer, fraudster freaks can follow suit.


game over