Shut Down the Business School-what’s wrong with management education (Martin Parker):

To add to the clamour, from 2008 onwards, there were plenty of commentators suggesting that business schools were complicit in producing the crash, teaching selfishness and the engineering of fiendishly complex financial instruments that no one really understood.” “ – call the bulldozers in and demand an entirely new way of thinking about management, business and markets. If we want those in power to become more responsible. Then we must stop teaching students that heroic transformational leaders are the answer to every problem, or that the purpose of learning about taxation laws is to evade taxation, or that environmental costs are external to supply chain logistics, or that creating new desires is the purpose of marketing, and so on. In every case, the business school acts as an apologist, selling ideology as if it were science as part of the longest public relations claim in history.

a culture of catastrophe. How do you teach inhumanity as a subject? Through the prism of business of course. In the current nadir & all-encompassing oblivion, one class of apocalypse advocate now competes with the more “traditional” abuser for maximum perniciousness. Observe the Conservative party for example, & you will see the public school ghouls rubbing residues with the business school gorgons. The public school lot are more subhuman – & the business school section are more inhuman. The result, or ramification, is effectively the same – ruin, death, misery, slavery, shit.

Universities have always been dependent on benefactors and flattering the powerful of any given age. Though they have occasionally been places where decent has been sheltered, or even revolution fomented, for most of their history universities have been places that respond enthusiastically to those with money and power, naming colleges, buildings, lecture theatres and chairs after those who open their purses. They have tended to be conservative places, sites for the reproduction of knowledge, not its generation.

Martin Parker taught at business school “for decades”. So he knows what he is talking about here (he is currently professor at the Department of Management at Bristol university).

As the anthropologist Mary Douglas has suggested, institutions can be treated like brains, structures that encourage certain forms of thinking whilst quietly making other connections difficult, unthinkable, or even heretical.

doing business. “the idea that theirs is a form of knowledge which changes the world, and that should therefore be sold for a premium prices.”

he offers a scalding rebuke & refutation to this poisonous organization, ideology & adulterous malpractice. Parts of the book are exceptionally well penned & devastatingly cuspid. Others ramble off a bit, sometimes on intriguing sub-tangents, but overall, this is indispensable.

The message that management research and treatment often provides is that capitalism is inevitable, and that the financial and legal techniques for running capitalism are a form of science. This combination of ideology and technocracy is what has made the business school into such an effective, and dangerous, institution.

this doctrine & desensitization, of soulless, machine mind, suppressed sensory awareness, obliteration of human compassion & substitution with blank market-calculus, is a huge, critical factor & instigator of why our planet & species is so imperiled & beleaguered with existential crisis & threat. These brain-scoured, business ideologues who’s nervous system have been deactivated & who’s natural instincts & common-qualities have been stripped & scorched – are a plague. They inhabit the “decision making class” & pave ruin, extinction, dystopia & die-off, all in line with metrics, policies & efficiencies conjured from Pandora briefcase.

A lot of students are Chinese, Indian, Asian, African and they aren’t dressed like the rest of the social science students in the university. Haircuts are tidy, jewellery understated, Doc Martens and high heels are not in evidence.

has the Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping nightmare & “new fleet” of moneyed Chinese/Indian “business class” left you traumatized & apprehensive towards stemming the tide of calamity & wickedness besieging mankind? The popularity of the business school with such countries (along with its private school counterpart, as a huge proportion of Chinese go through the UK public school system before returning home – fully contaminated & perverted) is part of the reason for this distinctly deleterious downfall.

Burn them all down.

the idea that theirs is a form of knowledge which changes the world, and that should therefore be sold for a premium prices.”

Martin Parker, Pluto Press, 2018, 180 pages