Rudy! – An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani (Wayne Barrett & Adam Fifield):

You just couldn’t contract a nastier infestation of the anus if you tried.

The shit-stream swirling around Donald Trump is like the violent gasses engirdling Venus – enormous, overwhelming, extraordinary extreme & the exemplum of their field (cardinal corruption being the case here). So Trump’s first lawyer, life-coach, adviser, confident, buttock-buddy & most probably – secretive homosexual recipient (it really looks more & more like that was the case) – was the repellent, awful, nauseating stomach-flusher Roy Cohn, an A-list corruptor, paedophile, sex trafficker, blackmailer, gay pornographer, mob lawyer & degenerate transgressive mega-manipulator of uncontested extremes & towering wickedness. Cohn’s rampant homosexual voracity eventually resulted in him being infected with AIDS which he denied “categorically” right through to his death from the illness, along with his lifelong, entirely fraudulent public denial of his raging homosexuality which he continually lied about until the very end.

I did think the conduct was wrong. But when they committed the misconduct, it wasn’t clear that what they did was illegal. A foreign bribe was not a clear violation of U.S. law.” – Rudy Giuliani
Cohn & Trump.

Trump replaced Cohn with yet another fantastically bent, crooked-out & thoroughly corrupted Jewish lawyer that loved nothing more than mingling with the Russian hoods – Michael Coen – to wash, dispose of & conceal his never ending production of soiled & stankin’ laundry (abortions, threats & intimidations, hush money, NDA’s, legal settlements etc etc etc). Coen’s, filth, fraud & felonies, along with that of his criminally insane mega abuser boss/client (Trump) eventually overwhelmed the host, resulting in his conviction for campaign finance violations, facilitating illegal payments & lying to congress. Coen “flipped” & agreed to a plea bargain with reduced sentencing in return for providing the Mueller investigation with the accumulated swamp water of Trump’s vice, sleaze, crime, deceit, stains & dirt (all of which are legally useless as long as he is swaddled in the “constitutional immunity” of presidency).

Black, Manafort and Stone. outstanding corruption….a game changer.

Trump’s campaign manager – the bent-beyond-belief international corruptocrat & third world/Washington fixer & lobbyist for some of the globes worst of all kleptocrats – Paul Manafort – was also indicted & charged with fraud, conspiracy, falsifying business records & over 16 other convictions.

another disguise.

Roger Stone (boy are they are stacking up), another Roy Cohn bugger-boy protégée & self professed “dirty trickster” – who has also been a long time Trump associate & adviser – & who also was the partner in the disgraceful, squalid & super corrupt Washington lobby group Black Manafort & Stone with non-other than Paul Manafort, has also been convicted of obstructing justice, making false accounts, lying to investigators & witness tampering. Despite being convicted on all seven counts, including “obstructing a criminal investigation into Russian interference” which could technically be regarded as treason (remember that Roy Cohn had both of the Rosenbergs executed by the electric chair during his McCarthy stint for “treason” & Stone, to this day, boasts that Cohn told him that he would of “pulled the switch himself” if he could, Stone was given an obscene & shockingly paltry sentence for these massive, capital crimes against the entire country. But even that fraction of due justice had to be arse-fucked by Trump’s bloatingly corrupt groping intervention & the sentence was recently reduced in one of the most rancid degradations of an already disease riddled basket-case of soaring criminal fundamentalism gone mad.

Stone & Cohn.

During Trump’s close call with impeachment earlier this year, (a milestone in scum supremacy in America’s junkyard historical high-crimes) he called on the super villain Zionist lawyer & black magic ghoul of confirmed-guilt-acquittals – Alan Dershowitz to swab his corner. Dershowitz was a hardcore Roy Cohn associate. He was also a hardcore Jeffery Epstein associate, whom worked at the same university & who was also Epstein’s personal defence attorney before his ‘death’ as well as Harvey Weinstein’s! & he stands accused by Epstein survivor Virginia Giuffre (Roberts) of having had sex with her when she was under-aged & trafficked on Epstein’s island.

one of the least convincing men i have ever seen – but with immunity like that, does it even matter?

In the company of anthrax.

in his own words.

Anyway, Trump now needed a new long term lawyer to man his human-sewer-system after Coen’s evacuation & arraignment. I have a feeling there were not many takers? – as the man is such a curse & to handle/represent him is a serious career/life hazard that may result in the loss of liberty as you are assisting his countless & continual criminal acts as an accomplice & proxy. & as much as the man demands blind “loyalty” – he delivers none in return & will gladly shred his own children, his own people, his own country, for as little as a few more properties to toss into his crooked empire of excrement (selling nukes to the Saudi’s, handing his young daughter over to the known, prolific paedophile John Casablancas, abandoning the Peshmerga & thence sparing ISIS etc etc). Not to mention the man is the largest available example of the definition ‘arsehole’ the world has ever known, with no direct line to the real world/reality. It is a nightmare outpost dropping down a black-hole whilst engulfed in flames.

Rudy Giuliani’s “victory kiss” with Ray Harding.

Well, somehow, the bottom-scraping produced non-other than Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani, the god-awful, bent, disgraced & spent mayor of NY who degraded politics with his shitty, careerist, fake mythology, bullshitting, public posturing & political prosthetics, divisiveness, extensive grifting & decades of dishonesty & disingenuous networking.

This is a horrible, horrible, horrible little man, who lacks even the slightly redeeming characteristics of some of the other shit-bingers we have mentioned (Stone, Coen, Manafort), who as despicable as they are, manage to muster at least some morsel in their futile clinging to humanity (not that it amounts to anything in the face of their criminal corruption & caustic societal detriment). I don’t think Giuliani wanted this position (Trump’s attorney), I think he was pressured, probably by ‘kompromat’, quite possibly courtesy of Dershowitz or at least his insane crew of crims who would have had a skank like Rudy pinned decades back for whenever the moment was ripe. I think Rudy was pressed into the position.

all aboard – Rudy Giuliani ‘hangs out’ with Chris Christie (who prosecuted Jared Kushner’s bisexual father for multiple felonies) & Alan Dershowitz,

Rudy was pulled into Trump’s Ukrainian blackmail bidding…the one that led to John Bolton (another Dershowitz affiliate & enthusiastic Zionist asset) resigning with the memorable exclamation “i am not part of whatever drug deal” that Trump & his vassal Rudy were trying to work. The fact that such an unpleasant, extremist, dweeb-psychopath arm-chair blood-luster, of such moral-desolation – who is contracted out to the Israeli state against his own countries direct interests – would take “moral” offense at Trump’s coiling turds over the Ukraine chicanery goes to show you how bad it must have been, & Giuliani was hands-on involved, waste deep in Dunce’s dirt. In a strange stroke of infighting between these disgusting recreant vermin, Bolton was due to testify at Dunce’s impeachment hearing, but was barred, as were others, from giving evidence, by the putrid kaballah prestidigitation of Dershowitz & the rigging of the trial that resulted in the exoneration of excrement. Words fail me.

who’s side – are you on? well that makes it abundantly clear Bolton. an external award for treason committed domestically, hurrah! .

Good-goddess! – what an absolute cesspool!!! they all scurry through the same swamp & suck the same shit.

quite a habit there Rudolph.

I needed to know more about this bastard Rudy. So I turned to a personal favourite, who dashes the extra mile – Wayne Barrett. Barrett is a veteran bad-arse, & his fairly recent passing, especially considering the moment & the resurfacing on Roy Cohn, is a major loss indeed.

In an insane contortion of the continuing freak accident scrunch, Giuliani, who’s battered public image epitaph – no matter how risible – still reads “crime busting NY mayor”, was actually the son of a mafia loan shark & violent scammer on the lower ends of mob life. We find out that Rudy’s father, Harold Giuliani, was actually convicted over an attempted armed robbery & was fortunate to be given a lenient sentence due to various machinations. As a loan shark, he would come round & terrorize, torture, assault & menace those that failed to pay on time with his ‘abilities’ as a failed amateur boxer.

Rudy’s father Harold – “shoved people against walls, broke legs, smashed kneecaps, crunched noses. He gave nearby Kings County Hospital a lot of business. ‘People in the neighbourhood were terrified of him’ said a frequent customer of Vincent’s.”

Also notable was his considerable racism. “Giuliani’s father” recalls Lina “was disturbed by coloured people.” the polite woman would listen to Harold expound on the differences between whites and blacks. “Harold say, ‘god separate the coloured and the white, because the world is white, except Africa.’ “God said the coloured were not mature. So god put them in the oven to make them mature. But god, he forget to take them out, so coloured people became black.”

‘He generally won’t do things unless he believes in them – but he’s not a saint. And he will do things that serve his interests.’ – Regina Giuliani

but is was not just Rudy’s father Harold who was a mobster. Harold worked for “uncle Leo”, another Giuliani relative, who was a serious mafia man. He was hounded by the law, firstly being arraigned in 1951 on charges of “criminal receiving”, but the cases were always mysteriously dropped? But the criminal family entourage would distend even further, with Rudy’s relative Lewis D’Avanzo aka “Steve the Blond” – “a ruthless and widely feared mob associate in charge of a massive stolen car ring” whom the FBI suspected of being involved with “several murders”. Lewis was eventually gunned down in public by the FBI.

‘somehow’ – Rudy kept all of this hidden & when enrolling for his position as attorney, later citing ignorance. Part of the board overseeing his admittance to the bar was close Roy Cohn associate & ‘mob lawyer’ senator Alfonse D’Amato. Cancer.

Giuliani with D’Amato.

Rudy also decided to marry his own cousin Regina in a nod towards Trump’s fucked-up “in house” venereal transgressions & persistent perversion. He also concealed, or if you will, lied, about his blood relation when securing endorsement from the catholic church to commence with the marriage.

When Father John O’Leary – who became pastor at St. Monica’s Church two years after Rudy and Donna’s wedding there and later arranged for Andrew’s baptism – heard that Rudy had not obtained the proper dispensation for marrying a second cousin, he remarked: ‘Lucky guy. It’s an application of law and very often, the law favors the law breaker.’

A Catholic family lawyer familiar with annulment proceedings noted that ‘the Church marriage tribunal functions like a civil court, and what Giuliani did using Placa was the equivalent of using a well-connected lawyer with courthouse contacts to handle your case.’ ”

like Trump, he escaped the Vietnam draft, not because of a “bone spur” on his foot, but because of an “ear problem” – “he used an ear defect, which he later characterized as “a minor hearing problem” to cut short his four year ROTC commitment. Had he remained in the ROTC, he would have been required to do several years of Air Force service during the Vietnam war.”

Crime. Corruption. Cowardice.

“there’s nothing about my life that I’m embarrassed about.”

right on Rudy!

so what about Rudy & Roy? Cohn appears only once in this book, where he telephones Rudy’s office (I think through yet another Cohn tentacle – NY mob lawyer D’Amato) just one month into his installment, & inveigles him (then a prosecutor) to lavish leniency on one of his murderous clients (effin’ Don Gigante bro) in an upcoming trial to which Rudy will preside. – “two years before the drug buy – early in Giuliani’s tenure – D’Amato had asked for Rudy’s help on a hush-hush matter., reflecting the senator’s confidence in his cozy relationship with the prosecutor. Mario Gigante, a captain in the Genovese crime family, and brother of mob boss “Chin” Gigante, had been convicted in June 1983 of extortion and loan-sharking and was sentenced to eaight years in prison. That was the same month Rudy took office. Gigante’s attorney – Roy Cohn -an infamous mob lawyer and former protégée of Red-bating senator Joseph McCarthy – had filed a motion for a reduction of the sentence. A political fixer with powerful ties to D’Amato and the Reagan White House, Cohn had helped install his partner, Tom Bolan, as a member of the senators screening panel that cleared Rudy’s appointment. In the fall 1984, D’Amato phoned Rudy to suggest that Mario Gigante wasn’t that bad a fellow and wondered if maybe the government could go easy on him.”

Roy & Rudy!

it appears? – that Cohn was too toxic, at least conspicuously, to be included in the budding crime buster prosecutors shit-circles, at least at that stage. Giuliani maintained a close & frequent relationship with the corrupt D’Amato, who also nurtured a deep & enduring connection to Roy Cohn. This convenient triangle could of camouflaged all manner of detailed exchanges & underhanded interactions under the radar.

Alan Dershowitz hosts Roy Cohn.

Mr. Giuliani has an extremely unpleasant history with the island of Haiti. Rudy had gone on a state tour of Haiti in 1982 during the reign of the infamous kleptocrat & despot Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, including a palace visit. The tyrannical family had been looting Haiti for decades, diverting colossal sums of expropriated foreign aid to private swiss accounts whilst brutalizing the countries populace & allowing them to languish as the hemisphere’s poorest region. “They also killed at least 60,000, a per capita body count that put them among a bloody century’s bloodiest tyrants.”

Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier.

none of this even remotely bothered the rapacious twenty nine year old Rudolph Giuliani who was focused on his own avarice & advancement in entirety.

In addition to these evasions, Giuliani insisted that “political repression does not exist, at least not in general, in Haiti.”

every single person that I spoke to [on his tour visit] agreed that it was not a problem of political repression, that by and large, people were not leaving because they feared intimidation by the government.”

the irony is that nine months after Giulian’s visit, Pope John Paul II visited Haiti and publicly reproached the Duvaliers, refusing to dine with them and demanding that “things have got to change here.”

tortured whilst Rudy was strolling the palace floor – “political oppression does not exist”.

out performed by a closet homosexual mega fraudster from the world’s largest official paedophile organization…. good work Rudolph.

What prompted that sweep was the Duvalier ‘happy-times-are-here-again” anticipation of the Reagan years, welcomed by a campaign party at the palace. One of the few leaders not expelled was Silvio Claude, who was in prison when Rudy visited. He had been tortured twice, once with electric shocks, on September the 28 and October 14, 1981, at the very time that Giuliani was negotiating the interdiction treaty.”

the Duvalier despots – for Giuliani, it was a matter of ‘whatever it takes’ to gain votes & advance his career.

stuffing the voter bags, the unrepentant toxic grime of dirt-politics & fodder for the PR furnace to throw to the electorate that are actually stupid, shallow & shit-brained enough to swallow this carefully conjectured rat poison no matter the human & moral costs.

the ferocity in which he did it would come to define him. Ira Kurzban, the Haitian refugees’ chief attorney, sized him up: “ He wanted the government to win at any cost. He went after the Haitians as a zealous prosecutor would go after anyone committing a crime. The difference, of course, is that the Haitians hadn’t committed a crime.”

Duvalier – bleed the country dry & dash off with the spoils.

Questionable from the start, Giuliani was fouled, sullied & sunken – deeper into the fetid sink-hole of New York/American corruption, resorting to ever shitter, less wholesome, less honest misconduct & misrepresentation, where fraud & fabrication succeed all other stratagems & substance like crust on a corpse. Detestable pacts, allegiances, increasingly dirty tactics & thoroughly disreputable & deceptive actions & behaviour where every authenticity, decency & base ethical tenet was defiled or abnegated became de-rigueur. By this time, this far in, with certain platforms secured, pretending didn’t really even matter anymore. The rot was rigged, the creditors bloated on favours spent.

former White House Press Secretary Reince Priebus “recalled that when the president talked about Cohn, he said Cohn would win cases for him that had no chance, and that Cohn had done incredible things for him.”

Giuliani’s race politics are some of his worst manoeuvres – just fucking deplorable. He made a career from ‘standing strong’ with the most racist elements of the police force. The kind of rock bottom rectum-wiper that would publicly defend the cops (& there were plenty of them) that blew the back off an unarmed juvenile because he imagined he flinched whilst carrying groceries or whatever. Certainly Rudy cultivated & defended the kind of culture that produced murderous incidents of prime injustice such as Eric Garner et al. Abysmal, appalling, abominable & one of Rudy’s mainstay contingents & voter blocks that helped keep his presence an enduring fixture of the political landscape. The artifice, the insincerity, the corruption – decay, scum & excrement.

Rudy insisted he had done nothing wrong and said he would continue to meet with defense attorneys without line prosecutors present.”

So its really absolutely no surprise to find Rudy & Tramp rolling in the dirt together. They are connected not just by misdeeds, era & geography, but also by so many criminal characters & suck from the same cesspit. There is a degree of desperation in Trump’s selection in Rudolph (”where’s my Roy Cohn?”), but that is the best he could secure/black mail as the walls close in.

a second book on Giuliani, 2007’s – Grand Illusion-The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 once again from Wayne Barrett (this time with Dan Collins contributing) resides in my possession. But do I even need to bother? Back-to-back criminality, corruption & chronic counterfeiting of self/image/persona/legitimacy. That is all they do, & I just want to see them all die now for the disaster, misery, contamination & suppuration they have inflicted, at length, without abatement on our beautiful world. Fuck them all!

Wayne Barrett, 2000, Basic Books, 468 pages.