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What took you so long?

your bill sir.

I am astonished that the scenes finally unfolding in the Usurious States of Abhorrence have taken so long to arrive. The incomprehension stretched – like a giant tape-worm being drawn from Ulcer Sam’s crease – on & on & on, constantly rewriting the limits of human tolerance & endurance to new ever excessive stupefaction & implausibility.

the least legible shouts the loudest – grab em’ by the pussy & inject em’ with disinfectant!… “believe me!”

An ever increasing dosage of incredulity for the sheer fucking madness & malevolence testing the brains propensity to fathom/register/accept the constantly accelerating insanity, depravity & unacceptability. Trump’s additional ceaseless-surge-of-swamp has seen the most dramatic tidal-waves of suppurating lowliness & unimaginable undertow. How he has been allowed to survive let alone preside, is beyond me on every count.

decades & decades of theft, misrule, contempt, exploitation, cruelty & utter misrepresentation.
Amerikkka’s reckoning..decades of decay.

Thankfully, this large scale, massively belated reaction has inspired protest & confrontation elsewhere in the world, including considerable anger in the UK, a country that could very reasonably be accused of responsibility for almost all of the modern worlds ills.

a nonce & a nazi…trading places & dishing out disgraces – its Shitty Rascal & Orifice Nonce-on.

Priti Patel, the controversial & scandal beleaguered Home Secretary, has delivered some of the most stingingly hypocritical gibber regarding the ‘public safety’ risks presented by the protests. Her hex of a government’s monumental failures concerning everything to do with the preparation & response to the Covid 19 pandemic – clearly criminal & treasonous in the abject – are ignored, as is deranged eugenicist interloper Dominic Cummings outrageously absurd Durham & Bernard castle junket, to pricktator Johnson’s ubiquitous hand groping & routine flouting of his own Covid safety guidelines (which got him infected in full & hospitalized) to the Bob Seely’s lockdown barbecue bonanza. Patel, a brown nazi who has displayed record breaking racism, is perfectly suited to be the figure head rebuking the protesters with typical Tory tact & humongous hypocrisy. Like some secret weapon out of an SS bio laboratory, who’s cerebral cortex has been wired to flush with dopamine whenever she commits acts of cruelty, sanctimony, double-speak & especially – racism – this belief-tearing, dystopian cyber punk super-villain, self-hating fascist-freak is actually on record frothing with support, enthusiasm & approval for the far right youth group Turning Point UK, an anti-Islam, pro free-market US pressure proxy with links to Infowars. Patel spumed her approbation for the groups UK launch on Twitter with – “A new generation standing up for political & economic freedoms & Conservative values & beliefs. Fantastic!”

betrayal as an aphrodisiac – Priti Patel, a modern day Funktionshäftling (“just doing my job”).

Patel’s horrifying eroto-racism, sadism & self-loathing-psychological-imbalance have attracted massive controversy, alarm & criticism from a huge list of professionals that are greatly disturbed by her race-related extremism & pleasure in others suffering. An eager scion of Theresa May’s diabolical hostile environment policy, human rights specialists have collectively expressed there “extreme concern” over this repulsive woman’s unrelenting prejudice & atrocious human rights history. Johnson loves her, because her racism is so chronic, & because its coming from a “woman of colour” (the perfect dispenser for Conservative racist policy), who is playing her obscene role for “queen of kapos” with more gusto & go-get-em’ than a religious hardliner on a theological crusade. A piss-poor politician, – racism, scandal & fervent free-market friggery are the only cards in Priti’s possession. Her inextricable enmeshment with the dreadful Windrush scandal, multiple high level accusations of bullying against her from senior civil servants, most notably Sir Philip Rutman who is currently bringing legal action against Patel under whistleblowing laws through an employment tribunal. But worse of all was her unprecedentedly shocking, corrupt, clandestine & criminal secret liaisons with Israeli lobbyists, politicians (including, incredibly, Benjamin Netanyahu) & spies, on Israeli soil, before going on to then lie about it to her own PM (Theresa May), only to be caught out & forced to resign. It is a testament to the criminal immunity in this country that Patel is not behind bars, but is still in a position of office, operating as a Mossad asset, if not agent, all with Johnson & co’s full endorsement.

visible gratification in racism & cruelty – Priti Patel with her adoring boss Mr Letterbox, Watermelon Smiles, Piccaninny, ‘slanty eyes’, ‘hook nose’ …. a lovable fuck-up from the bowels of Bullingdon flogged as the fuck-wits “oven ready” moron-messiah.

A bronze monument of Edward Colston was toppled in Bristol & rolled into the river in a truly beautiful act of belated justice. The bastard had a history of involvement in the slave trade & folks weren’t happy with it. David Cameron & his wife Samantha both have slave traders in their ancestry who were infamously ‘compensated’ (for their commercial loss) when this country was eventually coerced into ending the trade (so paid to desist, & with public money but of course). In 2018, the Treasury provoked bitter derision for tweeting a self-congratulatory gloat about the UK’s abhorrent history of paying the perpetrators of slavery with public money, as if it that was something to celebrate.

class act! Edward Colston takes a roll for the better.

Modern day slavery offences have mushroomed under the Conservative government (“UK Police record 51% increase in modern slavery offences in a year” March 2020), with protective enforcement & convictions against these abuses & related criminality increasingly lacks.

Back in 2016, a pair of Kent Gangmasters who were found to be in breach of the Modern Slavery Act agreed to pay a £1m settlement (so no prosecution). They had been supplying Noble Foods, the UK’s largest egg company and both the firm and its former chairman, Peter Dean, have been major donors to the Conservative party. The company helicopter was on occasion loaned to David Cameron for election campaigning. Unsurprisingly, Cameron has even more links to modern slavery. In 2014, he was caught out in the “ghost ship” Thai prawn scandal, where tricked & even kidnapped victims were brutally enslaved, beaten & even murdered at sea in horrendous conditions with no pay, often for months or even years at a time. “David Cameron hosted a Thai billionaire whose conglomerate is at the centre of Guardian revelations of fishing industry slavery, but did not record the visit on his official list of meetings. The prime minister was photographed with Dhanin Chearavanont, chairman and chief executive of Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group, at Downing Street in May last year, as representatives of the company came to Number 10 to discuss trade and investment opportunities with officials.”

bonding over slave trader ancestry, Scum & Scam – slavery in the family & in the profession.
Cameron’s spokesman said on Wednesday it was up to consumers whether they chose to eat prawns that had been produced through the work of slaves.

a “Conservative” is just a euphemism/misnomer for “slave master”.

So the statue felling kids are alright! But it is not just historical slavery, it is very much ongoing (just look at Johnson’s proposed “trade deal” with the US). Its a lot more than “historical grievances” as new shocking ones are being written right now by this twisted & reprehensible government of nihilist super criminals. Immediate interdiction of this unfolding evil must be enacted & more needs to topple than simply statues. The whole Conservative party needs to be rolled into the river, never to resurface.

finally! some progress! into the Avon.

It was very pleasing to see British protesters seizing the current of anger at the George Floyd uproar (along with everywhere else incensed enough to react). Beside the Conservative parties steroid-enhanced racism renaissance project, here are just a few recent examples of the UK’s “quieter” & “subtler” institutional racism.

a typical U$ scene. George Floyd’s last moments.

On the third of this month – the misconduct trial against Greater Manchester police (GMP) for the fatal shooting of unarmed black man Anthony Grainger – “collapsed” despite a judge finding last year that GMP were “entirely to blame for his death for serious flaws in the operation”. Grainger was shot to death whilst sitting in a car in the village of Culcheth, Cheshire. He was neither warned nor confronted. just shot. No firearms of any sort were recovered after the killing. Misconduct proceedings were due against Steven Heywood, GMP’s assistant chief constable, but GMP refused to offer any evidence to the trial. So they “ willingly withheld information”. Redacted material & a “closed session” …another appalling criminal injustice & by state murderers.

Anthony Grainger. shot dead by the police. zero convictions.

In May, Greater Manchester’s finest were at it yet again, when another black man, Desmond Ziggy Mombeyarara, was repeatedly tasered in front of onlookers, including his screaming young child, at a petrol station in Stretford. Luckily it was filmed. Watch the footage (via the link below). Grotesquely, the police have gone on the offensive, pouring trumped-up charges onto the victim that include “two counts of resisting a constable in the course of their duty, as well as single counts of driving at excess speed, not having vehicle insurance, being unfit to drive through drink and failing without reasonable excuse to cooperate with a preliminary test”.

So absurd is the conspiracy, corruption & collusion between this murderous criminal fraternity masquerading as public servants that the killers are having get-togethers. “V53”, the firearms officer that shot dead Mark Duggan, raced up to offer advice & support to “W9”, the firearms officer that shot dead Grainger. Are you actually telling me that killer cops, from totally separate parts of the country, are liaising with each other, in person, directly after fatal shootings? That is exactly what is happening! in their own words – “It’s just to support from the PFOA [Police Firearms Officers Association] for my colleague who’s had to fire … Just to offer support from his experience.”

Marc Duggan. shot dead by police. zero convictions.

W9 was asked whether Q9 and V53 went for a private meeting but said he could not recall.

Leslie Thomas QC, representing Grainger’s family, said: “Did you not think to yourself, when V53 – the man who shot Mark Duggan – came up to Manchester and came into a meeting with all the firearms officers in this case, did you not think ‘good grief, that’s a bit odd’?” W9 said: “No, because we’d not been in that situation before.” He added: “He’s saying what’s happened to him, he’s not giving, or he wasn’t giving me, advice. He wasn’t telling me what to put in my statement.”

Also in May, another 23 year old man was left paralyzed from the waist down after he was shot by officers with a taser as he jumped over a wall in Haringey, London. An investigation is underway, don’t hold your breath.

former Premier League footballer Dalian Atkinson, who died shortly after being tasered by police outside his fathers home. zilch convictions.

Back to Bristol again, & still ringing in my ears is the preposterously abhorrent case of Judah Adunbi, where “a police officer who shot a 64-year-old race relations adviser in the face with a Taser whilst he tried to enter his own house after walking his pet dog, faces misconduct charges”. She (constable Claire Boddie) was later cleared of all charges.

Claire Boddie – tasering elderly community relations officials in the face when they are walking their dog/trying to enter their own house. no conviction. watch the video (in link below).

The police had also played a truly detestable game of manipulation regarding the location of the trial, which was constantly moved, to avoid protests from Judah’s supporters, news coverage & to wrong-foot & fluster the proceedings.

Sheku Bayoh. killed by the Scottish police. no convictions.

This post crime cover-up or sabotage was the same kind of tactics used after the brutal murder of Jean Charles de Menezes in Stockwell tube station, where a massive splurge of lies & fabrication was dispensed by the MET after the murder for public consumption (despicably, no charges were bought against the police lairs even after their false claims were publicly refuted). Even so, no one was charged.


Cressida Dick, the senior Metropolitan police officer who commanded the operation in which de Menezes was slaughtered, was later promoted. She is now the MET’s chief commissioner. She has increased the hated & discriminatory “stop & search” in response to the Conservatives cutting the police budget so severely.

Dick & the goons (a whole unit of them) could not tell the difference. an entirely innocent man was shot at close range in the head, multiple times, whilst he caught the train. no convictions, just promotions.
Commissioner Cressida Dick. promoted to the highest level of the Metropolitan Police after the brutal public slaying of Jean Charles de Menezes. how Britain works. disloyalty to the public is the currency.

In a similar reward for raw criminality & corruption, Michelle Skeer, a senior Cumbria police officer who was objurgated for her role in the Poppi Worthington horror, was promoted to chief constable around 2018. Poppi Worthington, a 13 month old girl, was anally raped & murdered by her father Paul Worthington, who, somehow, in another graphic example of British injustice, was never prosecuted for his crime? Nor the council & police that helped cover-up the murder/abuse. Michelle Skeer “received the Queens Policing Medal (QPM) for her distinguished service in the News Years honours list, December 2017.”

Michelle Skeer was promoted.

Paul Worthington is a free man.

Sean Rigg is a dead man. no convictions.

Late last year, a forensic research organization called Forensic Architecture brought new confuting evidence to the “lawful killing” of Mark Duggan – Prof Eyal Weizman of FA said their work undermines the finding by the police watchdog, which was then called the Independent Police Complaints Commission. He said: “We generated a precise 3D model of the site within which we played the different scenarios proposed by the police officers involved as well as the accounts of the official IPCC investigation and the inquest, checking their plausibility.” “The model allowed us, for the first time, to give a depiction of what each of the police officers on site could have seen. We found that the conclusion arrived at by the IPCC, that Mark Duggan held the gun in his hand and threw it when he was shot, is incorrect,” Weizman added.”

Azelle Rodney, shot dead by police. no convictions.
Ras Jusda, an elderly community relations worker, tasered in the face by a police officer when trying to enter his own home after walking his pet dog. no charges.

more mayhem from May, where the Chagos islanders, who had been forcibly deported from their island home in the 1970’s by the British government after it sold the island to the Americans for military purposes, was ruled to be “unlawful, & a “breach of their human rights” as well as a “historic injustice” by the International Court of Justice. Many of the black islanders never even received compensation & were given terrible resettlement alternatives. Racism, slavery, colonialism, tyranny.

forceful evictions by the UK government – in secret – without compensation.

Sharif Cousins. an unarmed Sharif survived being shot at close range in the chest in a police ambush. no convictions.
Edson Da Costa. died in police detention. zero convictions.

In addition we can add Sean Riggs, Rashan Charles, Jermaine Baker, Azelle Rodney, Sharif Cousins, Mohammed Yassar Yaqub, Dalian Atkinson, Christopher Alder, Julian Cole, Sheku Bayoh (Scotland) & Jimmy Mubenga, Edson da Costa, & Darren Cumberbatch, to say the least. All are dead “as a result of contact with the police” with the exception of Sharif Cousins (who survived being shot at close range in the chest & spent weeks in a coma) & Julian Cole, who suffered a broken neck and spinal cord injury, leaving him almost totally paralyzed and severely brain damaged.

Julian Cole, a talented student & athlete, left severely brain damaged & almost completely paralyzed after an encounter with the police. no convictions.

They are all George Floyds.

Mohammed Yassar Yaqub & his two children. he was shot dead by police. no convictions.

Some of these cases & the investigations into criminal wrongdoing just ‘disappear’. I guess they are D-noticed? The reporting just stops? Years go by? We don’t have a single conviction for deaths in police custody in this country, despite them being in the multiple hundreds.

Rashan Charles. dead. no convictions.
Christopher Alder – died in police custody to “monkey chants”. no convictions. they also botched his burial, delivering the wrong body.

Christopher Alder was a former paratrooper., not that it meant anything to the filth.

This is just a quick snapshot at contemporary, fatal, British institutionalized racism, police immunity & the corrupt protection afforded to these murderous criminals by the state. All those doing massive sentences under the racist & hyper discriminatory “joint enterprise” laws are yet more heinous mutilations of justice based on racial prejudice that thrives in British policing.

Jermaine Baker. killed by the police. no convictions have been resulting.

Although racism plays a devastating role in this flagrant modern state-terror, which in many circumstances is disproportionate for black & minority ethnics, it is in no way exclusive. Abuse, impunity, police killings & police violence abound throughout all races & their maltreatment has no limits. Once again, using recent reporting, here is yet another appalling example of astoundingly twisted corruption & injustice. In January this year, the Guardian reported the mega injustice of Paul Blackburn – “Police have refused to apologise to a man wrongly jailed for 25 years because officers lied at his trial, even after the now-retired appeal court judge who quashed the conviction told the Guardian that the force should say sorry.

Cheshire police said that while they were “concerned” at the wrongful jailing of Paul Blackburn, who was convicted as a teenager in 1978 for the attempted murder and sexual assault of a young boy, no apology was needed as procedures at the time of the investigation were “very different”.

An appeal court judge, Sir David Keene, commented that the evidence used to frame Paul (who was 15 years old at the time, with the only piece of evidence being a ‘confession’ he ‘signed’ after four hours of questioning by two senior officers, without a parent or lawyer present) by Cheshire police was “manifestly absurd”.

Paul Blackburn. fitted up & framed by Cheshire police in 1978, at the age of just 15, for a terrible crime he did not commit. he went on to serve 25 years in prison after being wrongly convicted. the police have refused to even apologize despite his total exoneration and the official confirmation of his innocence.

Blackburn’s ordeal in more than a dozen prisons over his sentence was made even worse by his refusal to accept the protection offered to sex offenders because he maintained his innocence.”

Can you even imagine the ordeal this guy must of gone through? As a young offender being bounced around prisons without protection under the false convictions of being a homosexual child rapist & attempted child murderer? & what is also so sinister, is whomever Paul was framed for, the true perpetrators presumably escaped justice entirely – all thanks to Cheshire police who pinned it on an innocent young teenager.

Ian Tomlinson. killed by the police for absolutely nothing in front of many onlookers. all the same – NO CONVICTIONS!!!

This mental disquiet is not helped by the fact that, notwithstanding the appeal court ruling in May 2005, there has been almost no official acknowledgement of the injustice he suffered. He still awaits any significant sum in compensation, while neither the Home Office, which as late as 1996 refused him leave to appeal, nor Cheshire police have expressed regret.”


“There has never been anything official, and there never, ever will be,” Blackburn says. “So far we’ve had one letter back from the [Cheshire police] which basically says: ‘Tough shit, fuck off. We’re admitting nothing and we never will.'”

N.O. C.O.N.V.I.C.T.I.O.N.S!!!

Blackburn could have been released from jail more than a decade earlier, Maddocks adds, when DNA testing came into use. However, almost all the physical evidence from the police investigation had been lost and there was insufficient DNA remaining for a proper comparison.”

A lot of people rolling that shit-suckers statue into the Avon were white. We need to come to each others aid & never let something as extraneous as ‘race’ prevent our combined welfare & mutual protection.

So topple those statues. But don’t forget to topple the government. There is a lot to do. There is a lot to clean-up, to heal, to repair & to restore.

Vera Waters with Boris Arcuri.

“Waters, the Walsall councillor, whose Facebook profile picture shows her posing with Johnson, endorsed a suggestion that aid to Africa should stop and “mother nature” should “take her course”. In response to an article about UK aid helping fund voluntary family planning in developing countries, a woman wrote on Facebook in 2017: “I suggest ALL aid to Africa stops, ALL immigration from Africa stops – and let mother nature take her course – may seem harsh but it will never end no matter what we do.” In response, Waters liked the post, adding: “I totally agree with you. It’s nature’s way of depopulation.”