Meat Rack Boy-unloved unwanted sold (Michael Tarraga):

“this is a short, but true story of my life – Michael Peter Tarraga. I’ve given my story the title Meat Rack Boy because that’s what I was: on sale as a piece of meat. Discarded as a baby with my twin brother, whose photo is on the front cover of this book, and my two year-old sister. We were the children of a prostitute left at the hospital in which we were born, and not even taken home. Then in the ‘care’ of authorities throughout my childhood and sold for sex like a piece of meat. Ripe for the plucking, a chicken. That’s what they called boys like me – a ‘chicken’.

Here within, disbursed over just 93 pages, is one man’s astonishing account. He survived, preserved both the details & corroborating evidence, & pushed himself to write this momentous recollection on his own horrendous experience. A previous attempt, running at 480 pages & written by hand, was dismissed by a court judge as “a tragic document” with no further investigation or action. Tarraga’s indescribable ordeal, rendered through this book & a series of exceptionally powerful video interviews (links included), join a growing panoply of survivors testimony that is circulating in the public domain such as Richard Kerr, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Anthony Daly, Alex Renton, Esther Baker & many more (even more remain anonymous & grouped behind a single legal representative, & goodness knows how many are actually out there who have no trust in abuse allegations in this corrupt climate). Tarraga’s documentation – as well as it’s tenor – is tremendously strong & brings increasing urgency & consolidation to what I think is the worst, most insane, obscene & wicked criminal legacies deeply established, if not consecrated, in Britain’s “dark heart”.

James English interview with Mike Tarraga.

I’ll be completely frank with you. This story, my story, horrifies me. Living through it again and bringing it back is sickening. It is absolutely rotten.”

in 1952, at the age of four, Michael was placed into care, in a foster home in Hertfordshire, funded by Lambeth Council. The home was run by a married couple, Bob & Ivy Woods. They were both committed & malicious child rapists. Michael suffered unforgivable & extreme sexual abuse from the age of four from the subhumans that had been appointed to provide his safety. He was prostituted out extensively, including to wealthy & “upper crust” clientele around the country.

Tarraga’s writing & descriptions are blunt, direct & concise. There is no dwelling or magnifications in details of unspeakable sexual abuse, but there is also no redaction, politeness or euphemisms for the ridiculously twisted & disturbing defilement he suffered. The emotional & psychological confusion, revulsion & obliteration of trust, which must ravage the rational mind in so many victims of such extreme abuse, is also critically summarized & explained. Understanding the kind of mental burdens & vulns that survivors of such profound maltreatment are laden with is a secondary exposure, covered here with painfully honest clarity.

These men – considered pillars of the community (‘decent folk’!) – were far from decent. I was raped by men from all walks of life, and people you’d least expect it from.”

I had been raped by people who were high up in the law, the church and the police, and nobody cared about it.”

Jon Wedger interviews Michael Tarraga.

Tarraga went on to join the other groups of young boys that would frequent “The Meat Rack” – a quasi-hidden child prostitution hub that, astonishingly, operated on the streets of London’s Piccadilly Circus from at least the 60s to the 1990s, when “online” usurped the trade in public. How – in the fuck – can the organized mass prostitution & the systemic & predatory abuse of boys & young vulnerable men have been flourishing, so conspicuously, in central London for so long? Yet again, this is the sheer, irrefragable, sordid criminal zenith & ultimate corruption of this stained country & it’s astoundingly abhorrent, pustulant core. Another reason for it’s survival was the nature of much of it’s customers – the VIP, high society “excretes” (I refuse to call that shit-shower “elites”), the lords, the viscounts, the earls, the bishops, the TV personalities, the MP’s, the military top brass, the civil servants, the executive directors & the wreckage of Eton & its associated mire of condensed rot. A “special interest” – “privilege” savoured by the warped products of the public school sociopathy.

“Uncle Teddy” ….. vote Conservative.

Speaking of which – chapter seven, is titled “Uncle Teddy”. Yeah, it is non-other than the tumour of “Operation Conifer” – ex Conservative Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath. In this brief, but seismic chapter – Tarraga recalls the time he was pimped to Ted Heath as a young teen (13 or 14). considering the extremity of abuse he had suffered, his encounter with Heath was regarded as mild, which goes to show you how routine his abuse had become. Michael provides further dissertation on this experience in his videos, all of which are clearly extremely credible accounts. Ted Heath was absolutely beset by many’ many serious & sedulous accusations from a huge pool of accusers throughout much of his life. He never ever married claiming to be “asexual”, was a Conservative, & was educated at a Grammar School before going on to Oxford. He was one of the prime suspects in Operation Conifer, the results of which, had Heath still been alive, would of resulted in him being questioned under caution as so much evidence had been stockpiled against him.

What I do remember in the ’50s and early ’60s is that a child in care without a family was a forgotten child. They go off the record. Because nobody cared, and it didn’t matter if a child disappeared. If you disappeared, there was no-one to say ‘This child has disappeared’. You didn’t exist.”

as you can probably imagine, Tarraga went wild. His life, recounted here in sections, included two stints in the Foreign Legion, time in the Navy, chronic drug addiction, vagrancy & prison. He eventually found a soul mate, Georgie, & with her partnership has found happiness. As you will see from the engrossing videos, Tarraga is an animated, engaging & captivating orator who’s vibrant articulations & sharp memory & verbal coherence (no doubt enhanced by his time in the military) strike a very strong chord. It is not at all easy to dismiss, especially as it joins – if not coincides – with so much other mounting material & evidence about this dreadful’ dreadful organized abuse.

Chief Constable Mike Veale of Wiltshire police on Operation Conifer.

While it has been accepted that I was in care and that I was abused during that time, there are few records to be found of where I was and when. Even the police weren’t helpful. They and their solicitors told me that everyone who may have been guilty of any wrongs are now dead and that I should leave it alone. Sorry, I can’t do that.”

Lambeth council were forced into paying millions in 2016 over the child sexual abuse that had been rampant in it’s children’s care homes, including the now notorious Shirley Oaks. Shirley Oaks Survivors Association uncovered the “systematic abuse by 60 paedophiles against thousands of young people”.

The report identifies links between some staff at Shirley Oaks and at Islington council homes, where there was a child abuse scandal in 1992.

Dame Margaret Hodge – she repeatedly ignored victims of horrific child sexual abuse in her constituency whilst head of Islington council.

Margaret Hodge was accused of repeatedly ignoring multiple claims of child sexual abuse from victims whilst she was the head of Islington Council.

is was reported recently in the Guardian that a “Childhood in care ‘makes you twice as likely to die early‘”

Sir Jimmy Savile with Sir Edward Heath.

Under the Conservatives deranged & sadistic “austerity” butchery, councils & care have been absolutely annihilated. Annihilated. Over two Councils, both of them Conservative run, have actually become bankrupt. A report, now almost a year old, raised the alarm that many councils were struggling to meet their legal obligations for safeguarding children & young adults as they were being so ferociously starved of funding by the sick & wrong Tory government & their obsessive, scorched-earth campaign of “cuts”. It is that insane. That extreme. That profuse. That expansive. This has all degenerated, breathtakingly fast under the Conservatives parties political directive, ever since their cursed 2010 coalition with the Liberal Democrats. Their brutal & twisted flaying of the core social safety mechanisms & infrastructure that is – or should I say ‘was’ – so vaunted in this country, continues unabated. They love it! They absolutely love it! More boys on the rack for them. More vulnerable kids in care to devour. This is what Thatcher meant when she said “We must go back to Victorian values”. Victorian values, when young kids where just sleeping rough on the street, all alone, fending for themselves. You have to understand that this is actually what the Conservative party wants, values, seeks & desires.

Ted Heath greets the notorious Peter Jaconelli aka “The Ice-cream King”, serial sexual abuser of boys, soul mate of Jimmy Savile & Conservative mayor of Scarborough.

A few links are provided below to just some of the pouring, coursing crisis we have in the singled out sector of child care (cos’ everything else is in flames as well due to that fucking curse of a party). Recall also that the Conservative party dismantled the Child Poverty Unit (in entirety), eliminated all targets set by the previous government for ending child poverty (in entirety), recalibrated (a massive reductionist sleight) the “definition” of child poverty, destroyed Kids Company (in entirety) & have plunged millions more children into severe poverty, with more destined to slide into this category over the coming years. It is intentional. It is an unannounced objective. Boris Johnson, an old Etonian who was a member of the flagitious Bullingdon Club, has publicly mocked/insulted/downplayed/dismissed survivors of historic child sexual abuse – en masse! with a flippant, toilet-humour expression – (“spaffed”).

beyond disgrace! – the Tousled Tosser publicly shits on all survivors of child sexual abuse – this categorically unforgivable action really sums the man up.

“Meanwhile, – “A public inquiry has refused to publish evidence that could shed light on an allegation that Michael Gove intervened in a child sexual abuse investigation.

He has been accused of trying, during his time as education secretary, to find out about an investigation into a priest suspected of abusing a boy at a boarding school.”

Sir Jimmy Savile with Peter Jaconelli – vote Conservative.

Michael Tarraga’s Meat Rack Boy is a major addition to this mess, with serious consequences for the enfeebled, continuing suppression & desperate cover-up of these indescribable crimes, high-level subcultures, impurity & repugnant subhuman malformation.

Heath with yet another notorious boy raper & ‘Sir’ that died safely without ever facing the consequences – Cyril Smith.

Michael Tarraga, 2019, self published/Amazon, 93 pages