Dual Rule System & the Faecal Menace – Rupert Murdoch, Gangs of London, Roy Cohn, 24, Bishop George Pell, Cardinal Spellman, Knife Crime, Antisemitism, Criminal Behaviour Orders, Skengdo & AM:

offering the right message – Fox Atlantic’s Gangs of London. can we get a CBO on this glammed-up fucking toss?

“Do as I say, not as I do”. The old proverb rings poignantly in today’s burnt-out wreck, where soaring sanctimony & deafening Orwellian double speak run amok in a ravaged landscape of phenomenal paradox & severe semantic sophistry.

Lookie’ here….. obviously I don’t own a television (well over two decades of total absence), but like the intrusions of an unwanted salesman – relentless advertising in the print periodicals has brought my attention to a new drama, which has been thrust, flaunted & rigorously promulgated to a semi-hysterical degree, carrying the stench of big money. I am of course talking about Gangs of London.

That’s funny. I thought we were in the grip of a stabbings epidemic?


“County lines” & gang violence at record levels with major expansions & innovations of criminal activity. huge increases in youth violence, knife crime & gang related murders. “Levels of child criminal exploitation ‘almost back to Victorian times‘”, a massive reduction in convictions & even investigations. A police force “stretched to breaking point”, a justice system in collapse & a growing vortex of serious crime in all its pluralities (all of which have ballooned under the Conservatives as a result of their insanely destructive & insidious cuts-related butchery through “austerity” measures) surging ever upwards. well, it seems that during this record violence, stabbings & crime upsurge, that apparently “so shocks” our society – a glossy, fictional glamorization of the latter – purely for our entertainment – is perfectly suited to spill onto our screens. So whilst your kids are literally being stabbed as they try & eke out a living in the stripped-down wasteland of austerity mutilated Conservative Britain – you can take your mind off it by watching an aggrandized, gleaming Hollywood-styled version of the same epidemic.

Lucy Managan – ‘Even the most brutal bits look beautiful

There is a lot of money in the production – & they are keen to publicize. Who can resist the all determining power of the dollar? The Guardian newspaper, supposedly the mainstay of the benign softy left, is no exception. Advertising for the series has been everywhere in the paper & it has been described as “hilariously violent” & “like a mix between an upscale estate agents’ advert and an Anglophile Godfather” where “Tailored suits, glass-lined skyscrapers and bloody violence abound.” Lucy Managan – who looks like a caricature mascot for the pampered Oxbridge archetype on inheritance steroids – gushes that “Although the violence is explicit and extreme, it is not – quite – mindless. Its victims’ fear is palpable. Sometimes, so is its perpetrators’. – ‘Even the most brutal bits look beautiful” – Guardian staff… – as soon as the ink has dried, the curtains go down & their all glassing each other in the face & giving each other brass-knuckle rim jobs. The Guardian’s glaring contradictions, conflict of interests & betrayal of its core purported principles – in the abject – are more than apparent for those that scrutinize vigilantly enough, with the execrable & indefensible treatment & misrepresentation of Jeremy Corbyn being one of such travesties of legitimacy & reputation.

“Skengdo and AM were sentenced to nine months in prison in December for performing their song Attempted 1.0 at a London concert in breach of a “gang injunction” that banned the group from doing so because it was linked to “gang-related violence”. The petition calls the decision the beginning of “a clampdown on free speech for rappers”.

Could the Guardian have refused to so heavily, advertise, cover & push this program? You may recall that the Metropolitan police have issued some of the most draconian specialized injunctions & gagging orders (CBO -Criminal Behaviour Order) in the entire western world on British Drill rappers that threatens them with immediate jail sentences (literally! No exaggeration) if they play a gig or enter a studio without police permission. Apparently, our aghast society was so horrified & disturbed by the gang/youth violence epidemic that such unprecedented extreme & despot-like measures/decrees were necessary & summarily granted. It wont be long before they are being rolled out to other “non violent extremists”, whistle-blowers, charities & UN Special Rapporteurs on Child Poverty who show our sick & criminal government for the malign plutocratic outlaw traitor menace that it is. Mind you, the Drill rappers are all young black guys from impoverished backgrounds/conditions, talking about realities they experience in Britain’s post austerity wreckage, rather than upmarket multi-million pound commercial productions by gigantic right-wing US multinationals pedaling glossy fabrications on the same subject for entertainment purposes.

Do as I say, not as I do.


the boy rapers favorite – Rupert Murdoch.

So who is behind the bling? Oh of course! – its non-other than Sky Atlantic, run by a subhuman that knows more about crime than almost anybody on earth, Drupert Turdcock aka The Faecal Menace. Good ol’ Drupert, a man who’s empire of sewage has been shitting into minds, retarding whole generations & raping truth for decades using the dirtiest, lowliest, corruptest, nastiest, most dishonorable & putrid methods of ultra extremist subterfuge & bubonic finagling – helping significantly to render the appalling state of crisis & jeopardy our poisoned world currently finds itself assailed by.

Robert Maxwell with his arch rival Turdcock. Turd would get the better of Maxwell as a media magnate monopolizer. Maxwell was a nutter, but he totally outclassed Turd who was, & remains, pure, irredeemable toxic shit.

Drupert, who’s Fox News in the US is seen as fundamental to maintaining Trumps ratings in a constant high-powered distortion, remake & reprocessing of his anal-streaming that acts as a artificial reality for those dumb enough to swallow the orifices output. He & his publications have also never once endorsed a UK political candidate in Britain bidding for prime minister that has not gone on to win the election since Margaret “Shit Suck” Thatcher.

So I ask you seriously….where is the real power? Who controls those strings?

it’s not racism when a racist does it.
We’d rather have a racist. a stooge. a liar. a toff. a traitor. a Tory.

Ed Miliband, the Jewish Labour candidate who ran against David Scameron, was “assassinated” in a blatantly racist “antisemitic” advert/campaign of the lowest margin scrapable – whilst last years election saw a paragon veteran anti-racist “assassinated” under the most screamingly spurious fuck-off-flimsy falsehoods of “anti antisemitism” to deliver a well documented racist toff & tosser – with an exuberant profusion of inescapable examples of just such – in the most dishonest & dirty election this country has ever endured. So the same thing they use to kill you with they will plant on you falsely & use as a fake example for your elimination.

are you fucking kidding me?
comparative experiences. what’s the problem?

Now ol’ Drupert is in good spirits. The disgraced paedophile, bishop George Pell -who was convicted unanimously of sexually assaulting two choir boys – was recently released from prison on his second appeal attempt in Australia’s supreme court (the first appeal was rejected). This will in part be down to the Faecal Menace’s bidding as he has come out strongly in Pell’s defence through his arse-swab publications, newspaper columns & media platforms, even after the child rapist’s unanimous conviction was passed, Turdcock repeatedly backed the Bishop that forced his prick into a twelve year old boys mouth inside a church . I guess something chimed.

paedophile bishop George Pell, who has been repeatedly & vehemently defended by the Murdoch press despite his conviction & jailing (now overturned on it’s second appeal due to god knows what) for the sexual abuse of two young choir boys (other allegations abound).

Turdcock was also a good friend & client of the repulsive, bent-as-fuck, closet homosexual, paedophile & child trafficker Roy Cohn. Roy Cohn “ran the little boys” amongst other unbelievably abhorrent & extraordinarily corrupt practice & mega malfeasance, as a kind of psycho Jimmy Savile shit-svengali & filthy power-broker, who also “legally” represented all five of the NY major crime families. Cohn was also the guru, nurturer & mentor to Donald Trump & Roger Stone, to which he “enjoyed” a long & unexplainably intimate favouritism & fondness. Despite publicly being fiercely & aggressively anti-homosexual, Cohn was an inveterate fudge-packer extremo. He had a very close relationship with both the Vatican & particularly the grotesque Cardinal Spellman, whom Roy would host on his yacht, Defiance, purportedly with underage boys. Perhaps Turdcock attended too? The two clearly saw eye-to-eye on many things, & are said to have initially gravitated towards each other on their shared views on Israel. Roy taught Turdcock a great’ great’ deal & orchestrated his access to the Reagan White House, a move that heralded the Fox phenomenon & the garbage landscape of hazardous bacterial waste we see coursing out of his disease factory today. Behind Ronald Reagan’s dog-shit act of “American values” faux anti-homosexuality & moral platitudes was a morass of child abuse, boy rape, sex trafficking of minors, gay clergy sexual molestation of children, pediastry, pornography, prostitution, drug binging, mafia representation & solicitation, incomparable corruption & the bending of the law to facilitate criminal enterprise & deception of the highest order imaginable. Turdcock loved it! – & wallowed like the proverbial pig in shit.

Bishop George Pell. another massively redacted file on Pell is still to be released.
Roy Cohn perverts the way – seen here in the Oval Office with supreme shit smudge Ronald Reagan & his then client & friend Turdcock discussing the giant cultural contamination that was to ensue.
paedophile priest cardinal Spellman plying his trade. this is the guts of the Murdoch machine.

Shortly after the first episode of Gangs of London was aired in the UK, the Conservative conduced crime epidemic & knife violence ebullition took a new record, with the random targeting of 24 year old David Gomoh, who was stabbed to death by “four or five” men wearing medical masks as he left his home in Newham, London. They got out of the car, stabbed him, got back in & drove off. He was a NHS worker. His father had recently died of Covid 19. so far no arrests have been made, the police being so poorly funded, staffed & ill-prepared for the shit-storm the toff terrorists have deliberately cultivated & unleashed, all aided by the Faecal Menace & his septic empire of disinformation rot.

24 year old victim David Gomoh – “Although the violence is explicit and extreme, it is not – quite – mindless.
fresh garbage in groomed brains – the all polluting all soiling Fox incapacitation initiative aka awareness reduction operations & the cultivation of stupidity.

I remember back in the earlier 00s, Fox’s big flashy fraudulent number, with insanely perfidious & nefarious undercurrents, was the “smash hit” 24. 24 was all about justifying & glamorizing torture & extreme preemptive force by the US intelligence services & military. Its leading protagonist, Jack Bauer, was the “any means necessary” counter-terrorism special agent ass-kicker & killer that would repeatedly find himself in “ticking bomb” scenarios & have to torture his way to safety & save the free world. The whole thing was to frighten the populace & stimulate sympathy & support for torture, summary execution, extraordinary rendition, black sights & secret prisons, enhanced interrogation techniques, state surveillance, the coming invasion of Afghanistan & Iraq & the related ilk of awfulness -all in the name of the flag- on a slicked-up slew of carefully engineered sewage & patriotic pap. The brutality, moral mutilation & wanton illegality was made into “nerve shredding” entertainment with a heavy dose of propaganda, desensitization & indoctrination. Classic Turdcock degeneration & contamination.

fuck your own brains out with garbage implants courtesy of Fox Media’s max strength bilge – cranial scouring media. when is Bauer/Rambo going to Saudi Arabia?
organized crime.


Turdcock almost went down. His newspaper’s widespread malpractice of covert, thoroughly illegal mass phone hacking of celebrities, along with other sordid, distasteful & criminal behaviour that was routine in his publications, got him in serious trouble with the law. Fortunately for Turd, his man David Cameron was in power, so the politically orchestrated minimization, derailment & downplaying of the public inquiry (Levison) saved the bastards bacon (despite some consequences & the jailing of some of Drupert’s minions). A second Levison inquiry was promised explicitly by Cameron, & of course – because you can never’ ever’ ever’ ever trust a Tory – it was later dropped.

The corrupting of a nation. The grooming of a nation. the rigging of a system. the cultivation of criminal immunity.


well’ well’ well. Ghislaine Maxwell & Turdcock – of course!

Private practice & public display. We can – you can’t. One rule for the rich, another for the poor. Do as I say, not as I do. The guilty liar, dishonestly accuses the non-guilty honest man/woman of lying, and has them removed/incriminated/tarnished so he can secure the desired results. The perpetrators crimes become the innocent person/parties burden or downfall. The ultimate subrogation.

Jared Kushner with ‘mentor’ Drupert Turdcock – of course.
Ronnie Kray with Conservative peer Lord Boothby – of course.
Jimmy Savile & Peter Joconelli. vote Conservative.

Not too long ago, yet another Kray Twin movie was released. A big budget glamorization starring Tom Hardy who played both twins. The Kray twins were celebrity-fixated gay paedophiles who supplied young boys to upper class nonces among other things. So this country is still celebrating that. It is celebrating violent boy rapers. That tells you a lot, a lot, about the state of Great Britain & its psychology. I look forward to the Jimmy Savile great British rape off motion picture. Perhaps Tom Hardy can play both Savile & his notorious pediarist co-abuser, the Conservative councilor – Peter Joconelli, the King of Cornets? I am sure the British public would lap it up.

augmented ignorance. over five decades of brain damage. criminal.
Scam & Crook – the putrefaction continues.