An Open Secret-what Hollywood doesn’t want you to know (Amy Berg) Documentary:

express repugnancy. Lets begin with an expression of immense gratitude & respect to Amy Berg for gathering this documentation together & getting it out along with any & all that facilitated its production.

the devastation inflicted.
cars would be lining the street – Hollywood parties where underage boys were drugged & raped.
…another millionaire’s mansion drive – sexual abuse again! no prosecutions again! fuck USA!

An Open Secret is another quarter of the expanding horror of organised, high-level child-rapist networks in operation. On this occasion, it is Hollywood, a powerful & long accused structure that trawls scurrility & accusations (the casting couch) of massive sexual exploitation. Money & fame aside, the power to make careers, or destroy them (“you will never work in this town again”), offers a tremendous advantages & resource to “would be” abusers. Weinstein was a big one! Offering total confirmation of an almost stereotyped offender, manifesting an epitomized version of systemic abuse through a hated but embedded apex power-broker. The power of ‘industry access’ lures, especially one that involves creativity of sorts, are extremely attractive positions for abusers to establish themselves in executive capacity, whether it is Donald Trump hosting/owning the beauty pageant, Jimmy Savile at the children’s home, or any other vehicle to empower, conceal & effectuate the vices of these reprehensible parasites & death-worthy reprobabates.

Marc Collins-Rector (Morgan Von Phoenix)
Chad Shackley.
Digital Entertainment Chanel….sickness.

The precise area targeted by Berg for this picture is the most disturbing/execrable of them all – child abuse. In this instance, she has narrowed onto a cell of prolific, heavily ensconced homosexual pediarists Michael Harrah, Martin ‘Marty’ Weiss, Bob Villard & Brian Peck, all working in the publicity, management & coaching ‘profession’. A separate group (who may or may not have affiliation, this is the scale of it) – who manage to crank the repellency even higher – where a tech-savvy, Silicon Valley styled venture – quaking with millions of dollars in start-up donations. The entire operation was basically just a front for grooming, procuring & preying on young boys. The company was called Digital Entertainment Chanel, or DEL, & directed by an Epstein like character called Marc Collins-Rector (remember that name) along with Brock Pierce & Chad Shackley. Beside gorging their own perversion, the DEL crew threw huge homosexual parties at their large mansion. One abuse survivor states that – on such occasions that these parties were held – cars would be lining the pavements to attend. This was huge. Boys would be drugged & deliberately inebriated before being raped. It is not stated weather money was exchanged (between abusers), but participation was massive.

investigative journalist John Connolly on the case.
Brian Peck. convicted. still at work in Hollywood.
Corey Feldham – another child victim who has gone public.

Berg managed to trace a series of abuse victims, & convince them to cooperate with the documentary, a key ingredient. Some have fared better than others…the effects are utterly poisonous (these of course are the survivors, as many kill themselves or severely atrophy in a spiral of complete misery & pain).

Evan, one of Martin Weiss’s victims.
Marty Weiss. convicted. back in Hollywood doing the same.

Where is ‘the war on paedophilia’? I am sick of this shit. The war on drugs? The war on terror? How strange that the worst category of them all is afforded “protected status”. What does that tell us?

Michael Harrah.
one of Michael’s many victims.

Incredibly, Berg manages to get some of these guys to talk on camera (the offenders). There is extraordinary footage of Michael Harrah, explaining, rationalizing his pediastry after being politely confronted. We must be grateful to this bastard for having some honesty about his dark fuck-up & sharing it. Is this veracity propelled by confidence that no repercussions will occur? As these fuckers are so secure, so immune, so protected under the seal of establishment aegis that they can even admit it publicly? On a high-profile documentary? In half of America’s states, there is no age setting on marriage. So an adult can, & they do, marry a minor. God bless Amerikkka.

bad, bad, bad, bad. bad, bad news. this guy is in Europe? what & whom are protecting this man?

The most brain-frying, stomach-emptying, teeth-gritting, impetus for execution thing is – the indefensibly feeble, pathetic & barely believable sentencing or post sentence restriction for these kid rapists. Marty Weiss was caught, sentenced on multiple charges & ended up with just six months! Just like the plea deal with Trump’s old friend Epstein, that was secured by Trump’s then minister of labor – Alex Acosta – some kind of spectacular, ‘extra-curricular’ powers appear to have been at work, once again in Amerikkka’s rancid, festering & maggot-riddled justice system.

It is inconceivable, but Marty Weiss is back again in Hollywood, doing the same thing & even lobbying to reduce regulations around child protection in his industry. So is Bob Villard. So is Brian Peck. This is Amerikkkan justice & how it values its own children.

Bodies need to start dropping.

Jeffery Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell were/are both Mossad agents. Marc Collins-Rector & his whole operation, the money involved, the tech angle, are very suspicious, ringing multiple alarm bells & fitting a particular profile (research Whitney Webb’s work on MintPress). I don’t have definitive details, but I am viewing it with extreme suspicion. Like Ghislaine, Rector fled the country, strangely being accepted into London? Where he formalized a civil partnership with an 18 year old boy. Why was he not detained? Deported? Oh! of course (nudge-nudge)! He is apparently now “somewhere” in Europe. Holland I expect, which has a uniquely awful history concerning homosexual child rapists.

yet another, new, Trump-Ghislaine picture. where you get your wife bro?

Docos like this are very important, because it demonstrates, irrefutably, just how corrupt/criminal the system is, what it enables & what it is capable of aiding. Many would assume it impossible, & that the law would act decisively & severely. Watching something as shocking as this can provide the projectile to break the glass. That is why it’s dissemination is so critical.

Our hands the law – we need to deal with this most odious of menaces- & thoroughly.

It is worth noting that the obsession with celebrity that drove kids to these fucking subhumans is also something that needs criticism. No metric of this vapidity can even begin to warrant any of what they suffered, obviously, but the coveting of fame’s garbage rendered this vulnerability which was so despicably exploited. Some of these guys were idiots (the victims), along with there permissive families. I have nothing but total sympathy for them & there is zero, repeat, zero, suggestion at any kind of “they deserved it” dismissal, but I need to express my disapproval for worship of the dazzling lights & hum of plastic. Hollywood, show business, pop culture, the entertainment business – this is bad’ bad news & it is cheap & debilitating, a trashing of the brain. Less tolerance for the delusional desperation to penetrate these awful institutions & industries – you never know what additional horrors may reside inside them.

Amy Berg, 2014, Espondu Productions

an astonishing interview with Mike Tarraga