The Mountbattens – their lives and loves (Andrew Lownie):

I have absolutely no interest in the despoiled scamily. The very concept offends me. I have long since disengaged. You can practically measure this countries stupidity, intellectual confinement & washed-raw brains by the insensate, unqualified & unjustified “blind” revelry in these super-scroungers who sit on the withered hide of this carcass of a country waving & grinning.

This book came to my attentions for two reasons.

Firstly, on the advent of this books release, I was told that Lord Mountbatten (referred to by most as Dickie) was an ardent paedophile. Whats more, he was implicated as a primary abuser in the notorious Belfast boys home Kincora, where many vulnerable boys were sexually abused by an organized consortium & prostituted/trafficked to a broad cabal of “high society” homosexual paedophiles.

make believe.

Second was the absurdity factor concerning the couples origins & actions. Dickie’s wife Edwina Mountbatten, a very wealthy jewish heiress, was reputed to be a highly promiscuous adventurer, who was the proprietor of a strong partiality for black & Indian lovers. In a further skew of puritanical decorum, the Mountbatten mantle had been altered from its original Germanic Battenberg title as Dickie’s father was “Prince Louis, born in 1845 in Austria, the son of Prince Alexander and Princess Julie of Hesse, the oldest ruling Protestant dynasty in the world, but, as it was a morganatic marriage, the children were excluded from the succession to the sovereignty of Hesse.” His parents marriage had been incestuous, as Prince Louis had married his own cousin Victoria. Young Dickie was also fluent in German, & made frequent visits to stay with family in Heilingenberg Castle & Wolfsgarten during his childhood. This, coupled with Edwina’s ethnicity – create a curious scenario – & it is interesting to observe this induction considering the fidelity to the “crown” of British patriotism (Phillip of course was from Greek origins, so they really are a motley monarchy). That is not a game or “quality” that I have any interest in, but it is intriguing to survey these contradictory features, particularly considering the kind of jingoistic attachment & representation the royals evoke or encapsulate in the “hearts & minds” of many (at least in theory).

ships in the night.

So you have a closet homosexual (it actually turns out to be bisexual) with a strong paedophilic practice, who belongs to a Germanic lineage, marrying a hard-gaming strumpet jewess, who also liked a bit of girl-on-girl action, with a gulosity for black-men (among many others), pretending it was all happy families.

Just another dose of “royal” dysfunction.

Early in the marriage, whilst away on one of her many gallivants abroad, an associate introduced Edwina to – “the nightspots in New York, in particularly Harlem. Edwina, since her trip to India in 1921, had found herself drawn to people of colour. This was not simply because she delighted in confounding people of prejudice or because, with her Jewish blood, she was sympathetic to the outsider and the oppressed – though that was part of it – but because she found darker skins, whether dusky Indian or jet black African, attractive.

whilst the Lord was out shunting-shit on the seven-seas, ol’ Hutch was laying the body & soul on the royal flange. a 30 year love affair.

I am less interested in Edwina. It appears from the books revelations that she suffered from some kind of obsessive compulsivity, insecurity & a formidable need for attention. She otherwise clearly had qualities, & was exceptionally intrepid, constantly journeying for months in very far flung regions from South America, Asia & the Middle East with scant impedimenta or entourage to tend or chaperon. I imagine a humongous amount of amorous encounters were etched on these outings. Back home, whilst the wife was out humping sultans & sheiks in souqs, dashing Dickie was preoccupied…………….with male anus.

the great pretenders.

You have to almost finish the entire book until you hit the chapter were Lownie just opens the fucking bomb-doors & dumps the high-ex straight onto your nog! It’s almost all in chapter 28 “Rumours”, which runs from 349-367. good god! Repeat! – GOOD GOD!!! “the old sailor, particularly in the last 19 years of his life following the death of his heiress wife Edwina, was also a raving queen.” The “hair-raising stories” of “rollicking all-male frolics” that residents observed around his SW1 flat, attended by a cortege of “well known homosexuals” (Tom Driberg, Noel Coward, Peter Murphy) whom Dickie maintained among his close friends. – “the tiny mews house seemed awash with young, muscular and suspiciously good looking Naval ratings bustling about the place to no apparent purpose.”

once the beard was in the box, the gloves really came off.

the throngs frequenting the fag-pad included some “rather shady characters” according to one witness.

Referncing the memoir “To Kill and Kill Again” “ it is revealed – the conman and murderer Archibald Hall, also known as Roy Fontaine, claimed to have been Mountbatten’s lover during the war. Hall wrote that through the bisexual Vic Oliver, who was married to Winston Churchill’s daughter, he was taken up by Ivor Novello and at wartime parties in Novello’s flat above the Strand Theatre, he met wartime playwright Terence Rattigan, Conservative peer Lord Boothby and Mountbatten.

“Mountbatten had a very old-fashioned, aristocratic view of marriage, partly shaped by his own marital experience, of it being separate from love. as long as one was discreet, anything was permitted.

As further graphic admission details Mountbatten “mounting” Roy “he believed it better to give than receive” & Roy referring to him as “the Queen”.

Mounbatten’s driver, Norman Nield, is quoted – “’ordered to take young boys who had been procured for the admiral to his official residence in Lord Mountbatten’s Humber car’ & was paid £5 a week for his silence.” The boys ranged from “eight to 12” years of age.

A prostitute that Mounbatten had acquired from the Pink Petal Club (a fashionable wartime establishment) – Barbara Harris – “always brought some clothing like that for a baby girl but outsize – large enough, for one of the boys to wear.”

the freak apparently “released his tensions with his fondness for young boys dressed as small girls.”

Conservative peer Lord Boothby & Ronnie Kray. you what? an unidentified young boy sits between the two men.

Lownie reports on an “informant” bringing information on Mountbatten’s “deviant” behavior to Fleet Street to sell & non-other than the infamous, & now deceased, Robert Maxwell (father of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffery Epstein’s at-large, crucial accomplice) purchasing the story – & then suppressing it. “it was a small but important favour

apparently he also had a preference for “public school boys” from “good families”.

Bobbing in the sewage stream comes a real clincher – “ Mountbatten was part of a gay ring which was linked with Kincora’, in which the Northern Irish writer Robin Byrans ‘claimed that leading British establishment figures were in a vice ring which abused boys in the notorious Kincora Home in East Belfast … that the late Lord Louis Mountbatten, Captain Peter Montgomery, a former Intelligence officer from Northern Ireland, Sir Anthony Blunt, the infamous MI5 homosexual traitor, and Peter England, a senior member of the British Secret Service (MI6), who served undercover at Stormont in the 1970s, were members of an old boy network which held gay orgies in country houses and castles both sides of the Irish border.It added that ‘Mountbatten was a great one for boys in the first year of public school, like Portora Royal, which was thirteen and fourteen.”

I think that’s enough. There is plenty’ plenty more & reams of cross-corroboration from other sources. The sickly bastard was a total, complete & utter nonce.

The Navy would provided the ideal cover (like the Catholic Church/Vatican, there is a huge culture of closet-homosexuality in these wink-wink gay strongholds) for Dickie, who was perfectly predisposed to sexual bribery, as – “doing a turn for Dickie could do wonders for young officer’s career.”

speaking of the Catholic Church, aka the largest paedophile institution on earth, – “Earl Mountbatten is very friendly disposed towards the Catholic clergy, particularly the Jesuits

you can imagine them all trawling Kincora together. Do your research on the Jesuits, they are extremely bad news.

growing a beard -keep up the veneer.

Crucially, Lownie inquires – Was Mountbatten perhaps abused as a young boy?

His investigations into this query seem to establish a confirmation in a 13-year-old Mountbatten spending several weeks alone in Bridport, Dorset (recovering from a bronchial infection) with a private tutor called Fredrick Lawrence Young. It doesn’t sound good. Later letters between the two whilst Dickie was a child (Long would also never marry) are disturbing, with both expressing excessive intimacy (non-graphic, but clearly intense & untoward, particularly between an adult & a child). Other indications & suspicious circumstances surrounding this seemingly unwholesome relationship abound, leaving Lownie to posit “ it is a relationship worthy of closer study”. Indeed it is.

Dickie was an extremely confused/messed-up individual. He apparently had many other affairs with various women whilst his wife was off rutting around the world. They seem credible (at least some that are documented here) but they could be decoys to defuse detection of his anal antics.

He also seems to have come close to a relationship with one of his God-daughters, Sacha Philips – Duchess of Abercorn, who became somewhat of an infatuation. Cousin marrying is in the family history (if not worse).

surrounded by sodomites – Prince Charles.

Dickie had a very close & enduring relationship & influence on Prince Charles. From a young age. Charles has his own crew of shadows, that threaten to engulf him entirely. Charles was extremely close to necrophile, serial rapist, rampant paedophile, ultra Zionist & grade-A incestuous nutcase Jimmy Savile, a relationship which continued for decades, right up until Savile’s death. He also had been a devoted & doting close friend & vociferous defender of the homosexual paedophile bishop Peter Ball. Charles, along with a coterie of high profile establishment figures, had poured letters of recommendation imploring leniency/dismissal to the judge during an earlier attempt at convicting Ball for some of his atrocious crimes against young men & boys (he would later be convicted for a series of these crimes). Charles had even housed Ball on the Duchy after the first conviction attempt was derailed. Fairly recently, he was called to give testimony & explain his support to the serial boy rapist during the compromised Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse that is still ongoing.

Sir Jimmy Savile & Prince Charles.

one of Charles’s letters to Peter Ball blubbed that – “I wish I could do more. I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated.”

so that is x3 massively, massively prolific, hard-to-the-core, VIP, ultra paedophiles that are all encircling this one man. What are the chances?

Peter Ball & Prince Charles.

As for Andrew, I don’t even need to say it do I?

Maxed out! Andrew – Virginia – Ghislaine.

Lord Boothby was involved with the “all-male frolics” that Mountbatten “the Queen” would throw? That’s the Conservative peer who was a frequent friend & associate of Ronnie Kray, a homosexual paedophiles & hood who was “rumoured” to supply boys to “royalty” & elements of establishment society. In another twist of association, Ronnie would become an associate of Jimmy Savile during Sir Jim’s bizarre, outrageous & preposterous appointment as the on the grounds executive of Broadmoor prison in 1988. it does not even sound possible, but this is all stuff that has happened, been officially documented & is accepted publicly (by those that remember).

” Later still, on Saville’s 80th birth-day, Charles dispatched another box of cigars together with a pair of gold cufflinks and a note that bizarrely read: ‘Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.'”

Charles was summoned to submit testimony at the troubled & tainted Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) concerning his strenuous defense & lengthy association with Peter Ball. He stated he had no knowledge of Ball’s crimes/true nature & claimed to have been ‘tricked’ by the Bishop.

“In the statement, described as a draft, Charles said he had “decades of correspondence” with Ball and occasionally sent him “small gifts of money, as I do for many people in need” The former bishop has described the prince as a “loyal friend”.

The IICSA, already on its fourth chair due to exceptionally scandalous revelations, resignations & still unexplained removals/evacuations (Dame Lowell Goddard?) made the disconcerting decision, – by that of Theresa May who was launching the inquiry as home secretary – to not extend the investigation into Kincora Boys Home. Yes! that’s right, May chose, indeed – ‘refused’ – to include Kincora! thus totally excluding one of the most damning, crucial & relevant areas of interest to this investigation. Cover up.

destination desperation.

Richard Kerr. Kerr was abused in Kincora, then trafficked to the mainland UK to many destinations, including Dolphin Square for further sexual abuse at the hands of prominent establishment figures. His account is extremely powerful & supported by other officials who were present at the time.

Richard Kerr on Kincora.
at least it’s a willing adult woman.

Well, that’s the Mountbattens for you. A great deal more is contained within it’s pages, which includes the disastrous manhandling of partition in the Indian region that lead to so much bloodshed, horrific violence & bitterness, all whilst Mountbatten was fudging-it as the last Viceroy to India. Scrutiny of his assassination by the IRA contains a taciturn & exiguous section of immense intrigue from Graham Yuill, a young SAS-trained bodyguard who had been part of Mountbatten’s close protection unit shortly before his death. It is revelatory, with details only recently emerging as he was discharged & made to sign a gagging order which only expired in 2017!

when will they learn?

What will it take?

He rewrote history by taking out anything, however petty, that did not show the Mountbattens in a good light, and inserted new information.” – Madeleine Masson

Andrew Lownie, 2019, Blink Publishing, 383 pages

Carl Beech. i believe him.