Rich Thanks to Racism-how the ultra-wealthy profit from racial injustice (Jim Freeman):

systemic racism is, for a small number of people, enormously profitable.”

a howler! No! Really! An absolute howler!

Most of the policies that were causing massive human suffering on a daily basis could all be traced back to a relatively small group of billionaires and multimillionaires.”

I began to realize how powerful a tool racial injustice has been for the ultra-wealthy in advancing their economic and political interests.

the school-to-prison pipeline.

– the Koch family, Bill Gates, the Walton family, Mark Zuckerberg, and a handful of others have spent billions of dollars in aligned efforts that are dismantling the public school [state school] system.”

Marc Zuckerberg (in court).

plutocracy in all but name. income insufficiency – the American scream – an escalating erosion. polluted, defunded, deregulated, predatory, summary, hazardous, perilous, unrepresentative, extortionate & hostile. A deliberately diminished, preliminary set of circumstances/living standards that are a withered & poisoned wreck, that are geared & skewed towards failing, harming & incriminating its populace. Carceral commerce, jailing people for profit, legalized slavery & crimes against humanity rebranded as “redemption”.
It couldn’t be sicker.
Disaster capitalism and catastrophe currency.

The decimation of public education through austere privatization, charter schools, voucher systems pupil lotteries & the silent stripping & vandalism of the public education system. Run-it down, ingrain failure, insert disability – then claim “underperformance” & apply privatization to “save” the stricken & starved academies. Ignore, sideline & downplay the school & local communities outcry, exhortations & protests, “the market knows best” & the ulterior ambitions of the private sector must be sated at all costs, no matter how many lives & minds are crushed & bulldozed in the process.
Poorer education also means dumber citizens, less awareness, easily duped & misled, less community solidarity & humanity with the fracturing & dismantling of a socially cohesive asset that operates in the communities interests. Shrunken, malnourished defenceless brains for the Murdoch empire to freely shit into without resistance. The “stupid citizen strategy”.

Bill Gates.

Jim Freeman explodes momentously detailed research, statistics, data & factual diagrams on this foul, criminal & appallingly destructive malpractice, pouring out exigent, well presented & suffuse study of the effects & methods used to justify, defend & introduce such destructive policy/folly. He also follows the money & exposes who & indeed how these intensely-undemocratic, super pernicious rip-tides of public ruin are founded, funded & administered.

Anyone that is investigating dark money, ALEC & legislation intervention, extreme deregulation, vulture capitalism, corporate totalitarianism, stealth libertarianism, donor bondage, lobbying-corruption – corruption-lobbying & the pox of right-wing think tanks exerting excessive influence over political policy in America, will find a colossus of cutting-edge information in Rich Thanks to Racism.
It is one of the most in-depth, profoundly damning & shocking exposes on this terrifying, utterly, utterly corrupt extreme libertarian corporate capture that is running riot in today’s America.
& once again, it is truly the demonic Charles Koch & Koch Industries that are the real ringmaster.

Lucifer rising. Charles Koch of Koch Industries.

These shits have & always will encourage & nurture racism as a key strategy.
Division. Divide & rule. Misdirection. Diversion. Disunity.
Make your opponent/victim fight themselves/each other. Classic. Simple. Obvious. Standard.
You can also test new restrictions, discriminations, disadvantages or other maltreatments on a smaller marginalized group …… before rolling-it-out for a larger demographic, if not for society as a whole (excluding the wealthy who are always exempt).

School privatization is unquestionably a billionaire-led effort, and for many of these individuals, the primary motivation isn’t to raise overall education quality or remedy education inequalities. Instead, charter schools and voucher programs are being used as a Trojan horse. The have been weaponized in order to advance a massive money grab that threatens the education opportunities for almost every child in America. And rather than being a solution to systemic racism, as is often claimed, school privatization has instead been a quintessential example of strategic racism in action.

jailing the nation.

in the United Kingdom, Conservative education minister, Gavin Williamson, is replicating this ruin with his controversial & deeply unpopular academisation/privatization foisting onto UK state schools, all on the carnage-slick of his despised, ultra-injurious predecessor, the excrescent Michael Gove.
The same goes for welfare, environmental protections, policing, food standards, the justice system, prisons etc etc.
the thrice disgraced Tory MP Liam Fox has been an open member of ALEC for at least ten years, as well as Atlantic Bridge & the staunchly corporate, right-wing US think tank the Heritage Foundation. The self-immolating “oven ready” – “quick” post-Brexit US trade deal that was touted by the likes of Trump, Liam Fox & Boris Johnson is an example of the kind of biblical treason that these third-column super traitors are prepared to pull on the British public/nation, much to the delight of the Murdoch, Koch hell sphere.
Currently, in the months following the initiation of the Brexit process, flocks of US private equity vulture capitalists (including Charles Koch) have been, quite literally, swooping in, actually fighting each other to “buy up” large British companies flogged on the cheap in the post Brexit morass.

selling-off the countries major companies to foreighn asset strippers.
“take back control”.

Gavin Williamson – a Koch cut-out for the Plague Isle.

“I have seen my neighborhood lose an eighty-five year-old-institution that signified its very identity. I have seen the kids from my neighborhood bused twice as far to be herded into what was already an overcrowded building. I have seen my neighborhood lose teachers and staff that were dedicated to our community and intended to work within it for their entire careers. I have seen my neighborhood endure a catastrophic loss to its character and place in the city.” – Pittsburgh resident

These organizations haven’t always had the political majorities necessary to fully implement their vision of unfettered capitalism, but they have taken a long view, and through massive financial investments in their efforts they have successfully made the profitability of large corporations arguably the single most dominant consideration in contemporary American politics.”

an absolutely blinding, hugely informative, reference rich, meticulous, urgent & sweepingly extensive assessment to one of the greatest & most virulent threats our species is facing.

Jim Freeman, ILR/Cornell University Press, 2021, 254 pages.