Traitor-A History of American Betrayal from Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump (David Rothkopf):

“ – it is my conviction that, upon reviewing the facts, the only objective conclusion that can be drawn is that wittingly or otherwise, Donald Trump; those closest to him in the White House, his campaign, and his family; and the leaders of the Republican Party in the United States have committed the highest-level, greatest, most damaging betrayal in the history of the country. They are traitors. And as of this writing they continue to damage to United States as no other actors in the world can.

Trounce that turd. America’s greatest traitor gets a trashing. The traitor in the Trump & the Trumpism in treason…..cos’ the treason is tremendous! TREMENDOUS! This is a novel book that examines America’s historically recognized traitors (Aaron Burr, Benedict, Jonathon Pollard & others), & their convictions, & compares them to the blight of Trump. The grand conclusion is that Trump surpasses them all, as the worst, most harmful, most treacherous in US history, which is absolutely correct.

the Pissing Link & his puppet master Putin.

As fascinating & important as this book is, it does not capture & disclose the full extent of this deranged, indescribably corrupt, hysterically-criminal ultra-quisling as expertly as Seth Abramson’s exemplar & unmatched Proof of Collusion – & even more so – Proof of Conspiracy which go further, & with greater precision, into Swamp Thing’s undisputed, barely quantifiable super betrayal & hyper criminality.
Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt & Turkey is the bulk of the perp list (at least so far, other crimes against the nation could easily emerge as there was clearly no limit whatsoever) who have benefited profoundly from Trumps “transactional” treason.

“It’s just nukes.”

One can only shudder at how things have changed and how, today, the same contempt for the law and for decency is being used by Cohn’s protege, Trump, to actually protect and defend his ties to Russia and foreign interests and to reward and benefit the Russians for their military intelligence’s attacks on America’s democratic institutions, an attack that had the express purpose of putting Trump into power.”

a traitor´s reign …. in the liar´s lair, the price was right, the laws didn’t matter, & American security/interests/sovereignty be damned, defiled & defaced. “Let´s make a deal.”

aiding an enemy, perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, deception, intimidation of witnesses, abuse of office, falsifying documents, innumerable security violations, unlawful activity & illegal breaches, making false or misleading statements to lawfully authorized investigative officers, withholding relevant and material evidence or information, non-compliance with prosecutors, silence or false testimony ….. hey we can just pardon everybody on exiting the crime scene. Michael Flynn pled guilty to charges but lets just close it down/throw it out. (and that’s just a little of a lot).

black market backchannels – “unprecedented, categorical, and indiscriminate defiance of subpoenas issued by the House of Representatives”

As a former federal prosecutors, we recognize that prosecuting obstruction of justice cases is critical because unchecked obstruction – which allows international interference with criminal investigations to go unpunished – puts our whole system of justice at risk. We believe that, but for the OLC memo, the overwhelming weight of professional judgement would come down in favor of prosecution for the conduct outlined in the Mueller report

I’m saying when the president does it, that means it is not illegal” – Richard Nixon

the total & utter sellout & one-sided service of American money, resources, effort & assistance to a pernicious & corrupting foreign-rogue-entity……Traitor.

as the Trump colosto-corruption-confluence is so multivalent, ginormous, numerous & prolific, keeping stock of the individual offences in the ongoing eruption (not to mention his historical stockpile of criminal corruption) is very challenging. Traitor contains some memorable morsels, particularly relevant regarding some of the restrictions & limitations that were imposed on the Mueller Inquiry, a deliberate disability that does not get enough attention.

“This was collaboration with one of America’s most determined adversaries, the one country in the world that had more nuclear missiles than the United State’s.”

Trump has seen more such turnover than any other president in American history. Cabinet secretaries Alexander Acosta [Jeffrey Epstein], Ryan Zinke, Jeff Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Kristen Nielsen, and Tom Price have resigned while investigations or controversies swirled around them.” There have been investigations launched into the fact that the Whitehouse provided security clearances to twenty-five individuals who had “a wide range of serious disqualifying issues,” including drug use and criminal conduct.

Nukes for my Saudi brothers.

Insanity! Unbridled. Amok! Unforgivable. & the fools still have not jailed that perverse reprobate maniac crime-slough??? …. unfathomable.
I would recommend Proof of Conspiracy, American Oligarchs & even the excellent The Grifter’s Club before Traitor, but it is a requisite & important research/indictment on the momentous atrocity of the Trump meltdown with some revealing niche specifics.

The Pissing Fink with rapist Zionist corruptocrat Alan Dershowitz …… you couldn’t make it up.

In other words, if one party can control thirty-four seats in the Senate and the party protects an occupant of the White House of similar beliefs, that president is, in fact, beyond the reach of the law. He or she is in fact, precisely the type of monarch the founders were seeking to overthrow. That president can lie, steal, twist the law, enforce laws selectively, and ignore the will of the public, the Congress, and even arguably the courts without the citizens of the country having any effective form of redress.”

Trump – Miss Universe, Moscow, the Ritz-Carlton, 2013 – Kompromat.

David Rothkopf, 2020, Thomas Dunne, 223 pages