Dial M for Murdoch-News Corporation and the Corruption of Britain (Tom Watson & Martin Hickman):

Really what Rupert Murdoch managed to do was break the civil compact of this country through achieving a degree of control over the essential institutions of a free society: the press, the police and the politicians.” – Carl Bernstein

the sheer, utter miasma of it all. I would not say its easy to forget the super corruption of Rupert Murdoch’s hacking scandal & resulting Leveson Inquiry, as its black rot leaves a distinctly powerful stain on the senses. but the scope, weight & concentration of super corruption & super corrupting that it entailed requires reminding. It is almost as if its extent & volume is too much to be stored by the human brain, particularly as it has, catastrophically, not resulted in his complete & total elimination.
Murdoch & his effluence empire remain, very literally, one of the worlds foremost & greatest security threats, & he personally presides over one of the most prolific transnational crime syndicates in operation. A constant adulterating, destabilizing, endangering & imperilling menace & malignancy, running a vicious & perverse degenerative quest for disability, extinction, dystopia, depravity & extremist plutocracy, that functions entirely against public safety, sovereignty & welfare.

sewage press – acute pollution & consistent contamination.

How Rupert Murdoch survived the hacking scandal & subsequent Leveson Inquiries (the second public inquiry, Leveson Two, was disbanded) needs to be acknowledged as a black miracle, act of supreme corruption, & an open example of one of the most fantastical crimes of the last century.
We can thank one entity for delivering/perverting this “cheat the hangman” “jail break” – the Conservative Party, who are of course, completely & totally owned/operated/subservient to the Copromancer himself.
That on its own behalf – is a crime of astonishing significance, & the party itself needs to hang for its consummately craven, corrupt & criminal conspiracy/solicitation to this death tsar menace.


Murdoch essentially runs a gigantic shadow intelligence operation – performing on behalf of various organized criminal groups & individuals for explicitly nefarious purposes & outcomes. He is a libertarian fundamentalist & plutocrat. He is a member of the notorious Hudson Institute as well as being on the Board of Directors at the truly diabolic Cato Institute, run by his peer & cohort, the uniquely infamous Charles Koch of Koch Industries, another mega corruptor & libertarian extremist.

He is a zionist by his own admission – “You know as I do that as Israel goes, so goes […] our morality and our very existence as freedom loving citizens of the world”. One of Murdoch’s mentors & chief enablers was the singularly corrupt & despised bent-lawyer, mafia-attorney/advisor & sordid power-broker Roy Cohn (Murdoch was one of Cohn’s clients). By Murdoch’s admission, their partnership & business relationship began over their shared views on Israel.
An unholy baptism of organized crime, corruption & Israel.

Rupert Murdoch with his advisor, fixer, lawyer, guru & fellow corruptocrat & gangster Roy Cohn.

Murdoch is also a major shareholder in Genie Energy, an Israeli-run oil & gas company, along side fellow investors Lord Jacob Rothschild & Dick Cheney (Rupert & Jacob are also members of Genie’s Strategic Advisory Board).
Israel has granted Genie drilling rights to extract shale gas (fracking) in the Golan Heights, land “seized” during Israel’s the six day war.
Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son in law & his senior advisor whilst in the White House, is Rupert Murdoch’s keen disciple and confidant (Kushner is also a protege of Henry Kissinger).

Rupert Murdoch has had business operations in Russia since the mid 90s, when he paired with the Russian tycoon & billionaire Boris Berezovsky. Berezovsky was found hanged in his Berkshire home. The cause of death was filed as “unexplained”. – “I am not saying Mr Berezovsky took his own life, I am not saying Mr Berezovsky was unlawfully killed. What I am saying is that the burden of proof sets such a high standard it is impossible for me to say.” – Peter Bedford

Murdoch has fostered a close relationship with another Russian billionaire media baron, spy & espionage/compromise/fixer/blackmail party-man & celebrity socialite; Evgeny Lebedev.
Aligned interests. Repeat offending.

destroying the country together – Turdcock, Evgeny Lebedev, Nigel Mirage…party til´ you puke.

Murdoch ran fawning, series-length features on Jimmy Savile in his publications during Savile’s heyday of sexual offending.
More recently, he & his publications came out in persistent & sustained defence of the disgraced, unanimously-convicted child-rapist & Vatican economist; Cardinal George Pell.

The kind of warped, truckling exclusives the Sun provided “Godfather” Jimmy Savile, who also happened to be another ardent Zionist & “Special Friend of Israel”.

Dial M for Murdoch is a highly detailed account of the hysterical hacking saga. The corrupt senior Metropolitan police taking bribes from Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World to supply information, the conjoined, inseparable clinch of David Cameron’s government & key Murdoch minions working in too-tight unison, the hacking, blagging, spying, illegal information gathering, intimidation, burglaries, deception, trickery, blackmailing, fraud, impersonation, counterfeiting, bribery, extortion, racketeering, protection, corrupting & all-round perversion of justice that was performed “on an industrial scale” throughout his media outlets is dragged to the surface. It delivers shock, after shock, after shock, after shock, after shock.

organized malevolence -men of great, great, great evil.

The books forensic dissection details an almost unimaginable criminal intrusion, corruption, subterfuge, murk, squalor, falsification, blackmail, bribery, fraud, deception, piracy, spying & unlawful surveillance, criminal hacking on multiple platforms (phones, computers, security systems, rival television networks, illegally purloined personal records & private data theft), burglary, blagging, conning, impersonation, intimidation, harassment, stalking, & using Murdoch’s media sewage dispensaries to threaten, defame, humiliate & coerce, criminal association, aiding & abetting, leading/operating a criminal organization & ultimately – damage & destroy – perceived opponents, obstacles or targets of his personal or ideological gripes & depravity (so called “hit pieces”).
Presidents & Prime Ministers are suborned, justice is raped & violated, highly detrimental forces & figures are afforded immunity & large-scale, extremely harmful criminality & turbo corruption are left free to fester.
The strength of Murdoch’s hyper-corruption cannot be underestimated – this is a global emergency & a key contaminant.


The Metropolitan Police are a client service. It is just unbelievable. Senior resignations of tainted police commissioners (Sir Paul Stephenson being the biggest scalp), bribes, gifts, cozy lunches, drinking sessions, & routine payments to police officers for classified information, a revolving door between Murdoch’s press & crime empire for retired MET officers, deliberate derailment or stifling of police investigations & the gushing of confidential police information…. it is abjectly & overwhelmingly appalling … insane! Just insane!

Paul Stephenson´s resignation.

Then we have the Conservative Party (the focus being on David Cameron’s curse government due to the chronology of publication & research).
They are the errand boys, the concierge, the nodding vassals & the front men for Murdoch’s criminal organization.
Honestly? They serve every whim of their crime lord, scampering around takeovers, deregulation, political approvals, deal & merger endorsements, the crime companies fluency of operations & ambitions, & parroting any script the scatological daemon thrusts into their craven & quivering hands.
Jeremy Hunt, as then Culture Secretary, comes off revoltingly, staggeringly, unbearably grovelling, obsequious & cowed.
They do his bidding. They sing his lines. They assist his every crime.
The Conservative Party is a suckling servant-subsidiary of New Corp…..just ask Priti Patel.

Rupert Murdoch is Jared Kushner´s central mentor.

In January 2009, with Gordon Brown a lame duck in Downing Street, both Cameron and Osborne flew to Switzerland. In an upmarket chalet in Davos, the Murdoch’s residence, the two top Tories laid out their stall. Although Osborne has denied this was the “crunch encounter” which sealed Rupert Murdoch’s backing at the 2010 election, he modestly left out that it was he who was identified as having five-star leadership appeal to both James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks”.


It is hard to quantify.
How this has been allowed to happen, allowed to go on, is one of the gravest & greatest failures of the modern world.
By any means necessary, by any agents available – anywhere, anyone, anyhow – this man & his monstrosity of criminal bane must be utterly & completely exterminated.
It is an emergency.

Milly Dowler, the murdered school girl who´s phone was hacked by Murdoch.

The massive, massive, still open wound that is Leveson/The Hacking Inquiry is far, far, far from over, & the Conservative Party needs to be skewered whole for reneging on their promise to activate Leveson 2. We live with the pain, gore & vulnerability of this exemplar crime against our civilization – still begging, emergency lights & alarms screaming – to be put right. Murdoch & his retinue of hell-spawn, extinction advocates & super reprobates, remain a severe & primary global threat to us all, & a pillar of transnational organized crime. Every major crisis we face carries his integral stain, & our response to this dangerous & growing jeremiad of death, peril & plague is catastrophically trammelled & handicapped whilst his corrupt, interventionist iniquity is so wrongly tolerated & enabled.

Dial M for Murdoch, along with Nick Davies – Hack Attack, Who Killed Alistair Morgan? by Alastair Morgan & Peter Jukes & Murdoch’s Politics by David McNight all cover large sections of this super villain’s immense criminal offending & societal ravaging. The seminal three-part BBC documentary Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty is also absolutely essential viewing (Murdoch recently lost a court case against the BBC regarding the documentary).

Count Colostomy with shit-puppet Jeers Morgan – launching a new decomposition initiative in the Brex blight U.K……as if we were not drowning in enough pus already.

Rupert Murdoch is entwined & responsible for so much evil & crime, all over the world, that it is seriously difficult to fully appraise.
You better start fucking counting.

Tom Watson & Martin Hickman, Penguin Books, 2012, 279 pages