King Bibi-The Life and Performances of Benjamin Netanyahu (Dan Shadur):

“After bringing America to Israel – Bibi is bringing Israel to America”.

It was about time. Typically, the circulation & promotion of this documentaries release/existence has been massively muted. Considering the leading man’s offences, the length of his political tenure, & the harm & decay he inflicts internationally, you would expect a whole flock of them to be in rotation. “kill the story”, special-media-protections & off-radar scupperings seem to have otherwise given this super criminal an especially easy ride, despite it all. Israeli director Dan Shadur has decided to address this gross imbalance & unexplained truancy with a full-length documentary.

the world’s biggest warmonger?

I am not sure what the budget was for this film? But for sure, disregarding some excellent archive footage, it appears fairly restricted (this may simply be a directorial approach).
Strikingly, there are no interviews or collected commentary beside the sole-narrator.

Netanyahu now – currently on trial in Israel for charges of corruption, fraud, bribery, illegal media manipulation & breach of trust.

Personally, I disagree with this approach, & the film is essentially a monologue interspersed with an extensive medley of footage. With such an approach, limitations persist. There is a wealth of material & exposure, much of it incredibly damning of Netanyahu, but a lot of detail is minimized & the overall mien of the documentary becomes more like a singularization or one-man account, thus leaving it open to accusations of bias or narrowness. Sparseness aside, it also can seem too hasty, quickly leaving subjects before they have been fully analysed or fully explored. Despite obvious brilliance, there is a sense of rush & insufficiency, which definitely detracts from the very serious & important issues that the feature is trying to expose & address.


Arthur Finkelstein, the late Sheldon Adelson, & Charlie & Jared Kushner are all briefly covered, before making swift exits from the feature. Other bizarre & troubling characters in the Netanyahu nexus are omitted or absent – James Packer, or recidivist convicted paedophile George Nader, or the perverse bent-lawyer Alan Dershowitz do not materialize. These characters are not just footnotes, & their association & enabling really warranted more scrutiny & coverage. Netanyahu’s long-running & extraordinarily close relationship with the Kushner family is also essentially bypassed.

with the late Sheldon Adelson – who also found himself in court facing multiple criminal charges.

This is not to diminish this important work, but by no accounts is this the full capture or measurement of this distinctively virulent international criminal & the sustained menace & corruption he has pioneered. The criminal chain of accomplices in his network also escape appropriate scrutiny.

with Alan “Dirty” Dershowitz.
King Bibi
crumbs for the tard ………..easy pickings

Shadur’s main thrust seem’s to be to reveal how staged, fabricated & false Netanyahu’s entire image, character, projection & brand is. His reliance on spin & contrived set-acting in pre-specified circumstances & conditions have been taken to an all new level & is now a coveted template for other political charlatans, despots, conmen & political front/patsies wishing to run on carefully manicured play-acting & cheap sloganeering. As the documentary reveals, Netanyahu studied in the 80’s under US speech coach Lilyan Wilder, creating his own base, self-help, snake-oil shoe-shine acting/delivery style.

pampered & primped for profound piss-artistry – prepackaged, premeditated, primped & papped

With Wilder’s celebrity confidence-coach influence, Netanyahu mastered the B-movie posturing, & straight-to-video MSG-garbage gobble. Netanyahu has that prime-time-television soap-opera confection style that is plasticoated in all of his “staged” projections. As pathetic, piss-poor & tacky as his scripted exaggerations & badly-acted fear-mongering are – along with the disrepute & disdain they overwhelmingly elicit the world over – Netanyahu manages to persist. Indeed, he was the original stalwart of the “shit sentinel”, that would just weather on, seemingly unperturbed, by scandal, after scandal, after scandal, after scandal.

with the late Arthur Finkelstein, who had very close ties to “dirty trickster” & Trump confidant & advisor Roger Stone

This is partly why he is so revered by the lowest, vilest, most openly corrupt, racist, immoral & excremental of operators the world over….they covet, admire & wish to replicate this lowlife longevity & immoral immunity.
He has always resorted to ultra dirty tactics & extreme chicanery & back-room gerrymandering. Having such a close & enduring relationship with the Mossad will also of helped. After Netanyahu’s political advisor, the excrescent shadow scoundrel Arthur Finkelstein, died ( “dirty trickster” Roger Stone being a close & key operative & colluder), he was replaced by the young American Vincent Harris, a psychographic & micro-targeting data-rapist who went on to work for Donald Trump.
“The man who invented the Republican Internet.”

Netanyahu´s wife Sarah pleading guilty at hear trial in 2019 – “Under the agreement, a fraud charge was reduced to a lesser offense and she will pay the state 45,000 shekels ($12,490) in reimbursement and a 10,000 shekel ($2,775) fine.” cheap as chips!!

This man, whether directly involved, or just setting a distant example, is an inspiration for transglobal corruption, deception & politically augmented organized crime. Justified & defended by ridiculously trashy, d-grade play-acting & rapid panic-baiting & doom-baying with an obsessive “good & evil” reductionism answer to every complexity or problem – he lurches on.
His current criminal trial for corruption, bribery, breach of trust, media manipulation & fraud (his wife has already pled guilty to related corruption charges in an extremely lenient “sweet heart” plea deal)

Vincent Harris of Harris Media, Netanyahu´s advisor/digital strategist (also worked for Trump & Germany´s far-right AfD) – “The man who invented the Republican Internet.

no one else has had the stones to construct such a documentary. Despite it’s considerable flaws, there is considerable merit & valuable scrutiny of this appalling, lunatic shyster, who also, less amusingly, happens to be a very real & very serious threat to global security.
An important stepping-stone into the blood-curdling insanity of modern Israel.


“After bringing America to Israel – Bibi is bringing Israel to America”.

Dan Shadur, 2018

Vincent Harris pulling a Alexander Nix