Into Eternity (Michael Madsen):

mother have mercy.

It took me a while to get around to this one, the frittering of pursuits & always just on the margins of the right now.
So the premise is the Onkalo facility in Finland; “the world’s first permanent repository for high-level radioactive waste”. A network of extremely deep, “secure” excavations that have been carved into a subterranean warren, where large quantities of absurdly hazardous nuclear waste is to be stored for the next …… 100,000 years, all so some twats can power a lap-top & microwave reprocessed pulled-pork after a days squander on the bondage-walk. & hey! – We don’t actually know that – the surprisingly round estimate of 100,000 years – is accurate. Could it perhaps be, in practice (its not like we have ever done it before is it), 200,000 years? How was this assessed? Who am I supposed to trust again? Who funded/produced the study? Was their any conflict of interests present? Do they have any stakes in nuclear investment technology, research or infrastructure?


The sheer, brain-melting, mind-shrivelling, soul-suffocating insanity of it all.
A “civilization” judged by it’s idiocy & suicidal short-termism ….madness. myopia. markets.

organized insanity.

The director, a Mr. Michael Madsen, achieves a profound humanitarian duty, as well as rendering a terrifying, surreal, artistically lacerating work of tenebrous fatalism, dread, obscenity & terminal stupidity.
It can be funny too (though this is absolutely no laughing matter at all).
His slow, veridical, rational approach to filming, interviews & editing draw to mind the excellent Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Our Daily Bread, Homo Sapiens) or Edward Burtynsky (Manufactured Landscapes), but Madsen contrasts by including plenty of dialogue (as well as long stretches of image only footage). & the conversations he has & elicits from “professionals” from the nuclear research/safety sector are immense. Their are some incredible admissions & statements, all in an ultra low-key environment, in which Madsen slowly draws out increasingly preposterous (as in cold-sweat, last rights, nuclear peril type insane) explanations that seem to have most of the “professionals” doubting the “long term” validity of their own strategies & storage.
Too crazy. Simply too crazy.
Unacceptably so.
& this is Finland & Sweden, so they are probably amongst the most reasonable of this insane entourage, playing apocalypse roulette so the pornography keeps streaming.

Insane. Unacceptable. Intolerable.

extinction advocacy.

This documentary is brilliant on so many fronts, but it quietly asserts a critically important flashlight on the out-of-fucking-control, genocidal-short-termism & systemized “survival scale” recklessness/madness & failure of the species that the nuclear industry/option represents.

100,000 years for this shit to “degrade”. No safe method of disposal available or determined.
& yet here “we” are.

unnatural disasters.

& they are pitching it as a “green energy” & pseudo-renewable.
The Nuclear industry, a fifth ‘four horseman’ of the apocalypse, is very proactive & powerful in lobbying/pressuring/coercing/blackmailing governments to embrace this death energy (with your money).
Chernobyl. Fukushima. Sellafield. Over the course of what? 35 years? So how’s 100,000 years? & counting? With other countries, lesser inclined towards safety/legal rigour, queuing in line?
Batshit-crazy dumpings/discharges & illegal disposals of hazardous/toxic/nuclear waste in Italy by the mafia.
What are the odds.
& for what? So fucking Tokyo or London, or NY can keep the slave plantation-lamps on for another generation of sharecropper half-life?
Can’t you do any better than this?


A staggering film, delivered with a cuspid artist élan & razor-sharp pragmatism in the face of screaming lunacy.

Michael Madsen, 2010, Dog Woof/Magic hour Films