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wow! Damn! Give me strength. I have decided to exercise composure during the construction of this article, as I am beyond fuming at the sheer insanity of this corruption inferno.

What a coincidence, what a fortuitous turn, that just as the public inquiry results into the 1987 murder of investigative reporter Daniel Morgan, 8 years in the making, was about to be published, the BBC Bashir scandal should simultaneously erupt.


now the news cycle can thrash, writhe & fixate on the “deceitful and damaging” BBC interview from 1995 by Martin Bashir, rather than the violent murder (an axe through the head), subsequent murder (detective & witness Alan Holmes, shot dead), Metropolitan police cover-up, and now third phase cover-up/real-time cover up by the disgraced, treasonous, utterly corrupt, Israeli-shill Home Secretary Priti Patel.

How very, very convenient it all is….down to the day.

Daniel Morgan – public inquiry – corruption in progress

To recap, last Thursday, the Guardian reported on the extraordinary summary intervention of Priti Patel against the scheduled publication of the independent inquiry into the murder of Daniel Morgan.

Very briefly, Morgan was found dead with an axe in his head in a pub car park in 1987. He “Was about to expose South London drugs networks, possibly involving corrupt police officers”. In the same area, the Met have would later suffer exceptional controversy in South London over the Stephen Lawrence racist-murder, cover-up, & accounts of astonishing police & criminal cooperation (John Davidson & Clifford Norris) that still insult justice to this very day. Rupert Murdoch & his media organizations are implicated in the case (Daniel Morgan).

In a profoundly aberrant move, Patel is now demanding that she view the report prior to publication on, don’t laugh, “national security” & “human rights” grounds.

This is hardcore criminal corruption.

Decoy-Distraction-Diminution…& the Windsors can fuck-off!

Senior police sources have dismissed this risible excuse, Daniel Morgan’s family have labeled her corrupt actions as an “outrage” & slammed Patel’s “ignorance” & “disturbing disregard for public interest in safeguarding the independence of the panel and report” & the official body that devised the report is, quite rightly, refusing to hand it over

should the shyster get her claws on the report, it will inevitably be delayed, redacted, altered, sealed or “disappear” without explanation as did all those files from MP Geoffrey Dickens on historical child sexual abuse in Westminster that “went missing” under Tory home secretary Leon Brittan (“A dossier detailing explosive claims of sex abuse by paedophiles within Westminster has gone missing.”).

Murdoch/News UK have refused to comment on the Morgan dossier stand-off (the Guardian).

Priti Patel attended Rupert Murdoch’s 2016 wedding to Jerry Hall.

This is mega, mega, mega, mega corruption of the dirtiest, most foul order.

cross-media establishment cover-up & collusive corruption.

For me, it’s the Guardian & Observer. On Thursday they carried this story. It was front page, but only a small sliver, with no picture (downplaying it then) followed by a double page spread on page twelve. The following day, friday, carried no coverage of the Morgan scandal. Instead, it was all-guns-blazing on the Bashir/BBC scandal. Front page, full picture, main headline., double page spread on pages four & five.

Saturday, even more of a BBC pile up – front page again, main headline again, followed by seven full pages (four through nine) & main column/front page in Journal from Marina Hyde.

The Daniel Morgan story had a medium-sized article on page two.

This is bullshit!

Rupert Murdoch ….. does this demon ever stop poisoning us? i am so sick, to the back-teeth, of this toxic shit-spill of disease & death …SICK OF IT!!!

In today’s Observer (Sunday), once again, the BBC “feeding frenzy” continues, front page, “We must act to tackle appalling failures at BBC, warn ministers” peels the main headline, proceeded by three pages (three-six) & Alan Rusbridger leading in Comment & Analysis.

Conversely, the major-corruption-in-progress by Murdoch’s stooge Prick Patel to “pervert the course of justice” over the independent inquiry publication was not mentioned anywhere in the paper (yet more scandal & corruption relating to Prick appeared on page fourteen concerning her “incoherent and inhumane”, “widely derided” ”US-style” digital boarders reform that the UN warns are “legally unworkable and so damaging they risk Britain’s global credibility

but of course, it is all being seized upon & “weaponized” to once again lay siege to the BBC, whilst the historic, unprecedented & wholly exponential corruption of the Conservative/Johnson government & its co-offenders is minimized or ignored.

dirty work … corruptocrat … Prick Patel – a horror story.

The BBC has many, many, many problems, & frankly, plays the same game that it is now being lynched by. Also, from what I gather, because I could not give a toss about the Spoil Scamily & their ultra scrounging, Bashir & the BBC did pull some shitty moves to clinch that Diana interview in 1996. but they did not kill anybody. They did not pedal drugs with corrupt cops & cover-up for major criminal murk…& Rupert Murdoch they fuckin’ ain’t!

the kind of racist, divisive, toxic-right-wing-wank that Murdoch excretes into our societies. vandalism. terrorism. immorality.

For goodness-sakes! This ridiculous farce & hypocritical-hurricane is as proportionate as the Israeli-Palestine conflicts!

The editors of the Guardian & Observer should be ashamed….this is the Establishment at work, following orders. But let us not forget how the Establishment, & the BBC very much included, combined & cooperated to take down Jeremy Corbyn & grant Boris Johnson an easy ride & light-touch (& just about every other large media organ joined this conspiracy).

body horror! the shit-sausage-roll waddles off the Boris bus to spill more infection

But in it’s defence, & this is important, the BBC, especially in the nadir we find ourselves in this decaying isle, still plays a very important role & balancing act on some occasions/topics.

For example, it was the BBC that produced the superb & crucial Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty three part series (watch it, especially the second episode if you have not already).

Who else has done that?

That is very, very crucial work on a subject of tremendous importance that many are too afraid to broach.

Once Upon a Time in Iraq, Til’ Kingdom Come: Trump, Faith and Money, Taking Control, the Dominic Cummings Story & Adam Curtis to name a few of the best.

As flawed, as biased, as compromised to specific interests & as establishment leaning as they are (& they are), the BBC is a very important entity right now.

Why else do you think that pricks like Dominic Cummings, Rupert Murdoch, Paul Dacre, Rees Mogg & the other extremist libertarian finks are so ardent & obsessive about removing or neutralizing it?

The Guardian itself is a monstrously compromised publication that plays along with this sick little game as well. Today its the BBC’s turn to get pummelled…follow the leader & put the boot in.

do you think that the BBC story should be getting more attention than the Daniel Morgan/Met corruption/major cover-up flagrancy & the nakedly corrupt criminal meddling of the treasonous Home Secretary that is trying to pass?

& we have to listen to these piss-ant Spoil’s wetting their royal diapers whilst the country burns & they loaf in castles on the tax payers blood?

The cover-up of a cover-up. It is just sickening…this country is just adrift in crime & scum…..

organized crime.

lets go back to Prick Patel.

You know what? Sitting here, aghast, watching this whole Tory/Brexit bubbling putrescence & stupefying criminal corruption/treason/inhumanity/reprobate death-spiral as the country is melted alive, the worst their quivering cancerous cabal has to offer is probably Prick Patel.

She is just sick. Literally just sick & sickening, through & through, over & over.

& that is really, really saying something, as the depravity contest among the Conservatives is extreme.

But in the swirling sea of shit, rot & filth churning around this despicable, detestable, vile, repellent, evil creature of such marked criminal propensity, lets to back to something that is almost unimaginable in its strength & that demonstrates the capacity for super betrayal, tergiversation & national treachery that runs so fundamental to the Conservative party in its current form (was it ever anything else?).

Prick Patel was “caught-out” in 2017 – whilst in the role of International Development Secretary – for taking fourteen clandestine, undercover meetings in Israel with senior Israeli politicians, lobbyists, military personnel, intelligence officers … & then lying about it to her own government!

People! That is treason! That is espionage, foreign recruitment, abuse of office, conspiracy.

Prick with Polak….plotting
Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard “returns” to Israel. he was convicted on spying/espionage offenses in the US & serving a life sentence….the Trump Disintegration let him off , he flew straight out to Israel & was met by Benjamin Netanyahu on arrival.

That is major, major, major, major Shit!

Straight-up! Bang to rights! Simple & plain! On the dot!

Patel met with Yair Lapid, & also Benjamin Netanyahu no less (so the heads of both major opposition political parties in the country)! Covert, secretive, unauthorized, unaccompanied (aside from arch-Zionist lobbyist/operative Baron Polak) meetings, not in the UK, or even a neutral country, but in Israel!!!! IN ISRAEL!?!?

The Mossad would have been curling their toes & tucking in to a consensual kill.

The idea that they wouldn’t, or didn’t, is simply lunacy! Preposterous! Delusion!

& blatantly, Prick was more than game… because she is corrupt skank & loose for the dollar.

Why wasn’t she tried for treason & other relating crimes of corruption & abuse of power?

Only two answers are available.

A: it was too much of a scandal (ala Lord Boothby & Ronnie Kray, John Vassall) & would be too damaging to the Conservative party & May’s government.

So they let her off without charge.

B: the Conservative Party as a whole is so beholden to Israeli capture that it went for damage limitation & did nothing.

So they let her off.

Baron Polak & the other spys, agents, saboteurs, infiltrators & sayanim working on behalf of Israeli interests in the UK faced no questions, expulsions, court cases or prosecutions.


Where the fuck are M15/MI6 in all this?

Or are they too beholden & subordinate to the rogue state of Israel??? is it that sewn-up????????

totally & utterly & completely beyond belief! TREASON! TREASON! TREASON! & the Tory Party has endorsed it!

it came out also that Prick Patel had been discussing in these furtive & illicit meetings in Israel that she debated diverting part of British foreign aid budget to the Israeli Defence Force!!!!!!

because the utterly absurd annual $3.3 billion hand-out to Israel from the US tax-payer is not enough.

International development secretary failed to inform PM about discussions on plan to send funds to Israeli army

The government is right now decimating its foreign aid donations, to the unified disgust, alarm, horror & condemnation of everybody except the right-wing Murdoch Nazi press. But we can throw more tax payers cash to Israel for cluster bombs & tear gas.

Fuck yourself Israeli shill traitor finks!

UK foreign aid to be diverted to the IDF

At this stage, you must understand, even under the most improbable calculations, Prick Patel is an Israeli spy/asset/saynim. It is a given.

resigned? don’t worry, bide your time for a bit. we will get you reinstated in a stronger position to act on our interests.
okay boss! whatever you say – i am your loyal subject!

Disgraced, but perversely not in jail, she did not need to wait long.

Boris Johnson, a man perhaps even more compromised than Prick (the Lebedevs, Jennifer Arcuri, Alexander Temerko, Lubov Chernukhin) ascends the turd.

He shockingly, unexpectedly, implausibly & inexplicably ladels the disgraced squat into the position of Home Secretary.

Rewarding treason.

Rewarding corruption.

Rewarding betrayal.

Rewarding crimes against the nation.

A crim after his own heart.

Home Secretary is perhaps the most powerful position after PM.

Disgrace will get you everywhere.

So now the Mossad have an agent/asset running the British Home Office.

John Vassall.

Jonathan Pollard.

Has Prick converted?

Where the fuck is M15/MI6???

an absolute fuckin’ joke………………..

hey! About that new “widely derided” US-style digital immigration system that Prick is propositioning for the UK. You know who has been appointed, or should I say “subcontracted” to provide it right? Yeah … Peter Thiel, Palantir.

The government has awarded oversight of the UK’s post-Brexit border and customs data to Palantir, an American tech firm notorious for assisting the Trump administration’s drive to deport migrants from the US.”

Peter Thiel …. a sick, sick, sick, sick individual & a grave, grave threat to humanity.

you know how sick this shit is right? Right? You’ve done your research…you ain’t sleeping right?

Of all the “Big Tech” ghouls, this motherfucker is the worst!!! the worst!

That’s why he keeps such a low profile (despite being all over your shit, without your consent), just like the Koch brothers, because it is so bad, & better as off-radar as possible, total shadow-moves & concealment.

He was the first, & only “big tech” guy to endorse/donate to Trump (he is now funding/backing Chris Jenner).

Peter Thiel, an extremist ultra libertarian, was one of the earleist & most fervent donors to Trump. everything you need to know.

You NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PALANTIR (because they know about you & are selling your information)! This is the easiest adumbration by the excellent investigative journalist Jacques Perreti –

Thiel/Palantir also got in on a “data mining operation” with the UK’ government’s response to the Covid outbreak –

this is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad stuff. & it is getting almost no attention.

how is this legal???

unfortunately it gets worse. Peter Thiel is super close with the Israelis…naturally.

Numerous examples abound but check this –

oh wonderful! can i get some Black Cube, NSO Group & PROMIS malware with that? fuck these world wrecking psychopaths.

for Israel/Zionist Fundamentalism to thrive, the world needs to be weak, insecure, corrupt, unstable. Patel & Johnson (among others) are playing their role. Remember Patel’s words when defending her treasonous trip to Israel & the fourteen surreptitious criminal meetings she held with intelligence operatives – “Boris knew about the trip”.

Boris Johnson would sell his own baby to the abattoir if he felt it would further his interest.

There is no limit to that mans treachery or dishonesty.

He is also an Israeli shill, & for sure, they will have plenty of salacious kompromat on him from his hotel-room-ruttings during his unauthorized trip to Tel Aviv with sexual blackmailer Jennifer Arcuri (agent Arcuri may well be a Mossad agent herself) & beyond.

agent Arcuri took Boris to the cesspool – & rinsed the trick for all his worth (fuck all!). just don’t choke on your trifle love.

Where the fuck is MI5?

& with all these digital borders, data-mining, Palantir contracts – we have to go back to Robert Maxwell’s “Promis” software & what it achieved, the covert extraction of nuclear secrets from the “allied” US, in one of the Mossad’s greatest oversees success stories.

Prick is being a good sayan & opening more “trap doors”.

& let us not forget Mr Maxwell’s favourite daughter Ghislaine Maxwell, & her fellow child-rapist cohort Jeffery Epstein.

They were both Mossad operatives.

Ghislaine Maxwell & Rupert Murdoch – despite it all, cos’ corruption is thicker than water.

They ran a sophisticated, long running operation of sexual blackmail in the US & beyond. Sexually compromising powerful people & politicians to serve the interests of the rogue state of Israel.

Thousands of vulnerable, underage girls were raped, sexually molested, trafficked & prostituted , maybe worse even, over decades.

Watch the Netflix series Filthy Rich & support those brave women that have come forward with the Epstein/Maxwell/Dershowitz/Wexner/Mossad experience.

The kidon took Epstein out before he could testify.

Did you hear of any Israeli diplomats being jailed, summoned, arrested, interrogated, expelled or anything over this madness?

That is the choke-hold that the rogue state of Israel has over its “allies”.

& Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch assumed his major influence in the US via the nefarious Roy Cohn.

You know Roy right? You are aware of the gravity of malignancy we are referring to here?

Check Whitney Webb’s amazing work on this revolting character & his virulent machinations & the two excellent documentaries below.

Roy was Rupert’s advisor, fixer & personal attorney. He secured Rupert an exclusive newspaper interview with the major New York mobster & Don of the Bonanno crime family, Carmine Galante.

Rupert was clearly taking notes.

& so the circle & the circus goes on.

This is really, really, really bad stuff.

We need to deal with this shit….& NOW!

& it must not, cannot, & will not be just a resignation. So they can go on to pull a Mandy Rice-Davies. The full weight of the law against these historic traitor reprobates.

I Spy