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Daniel Morgan.

It’s Priti Patel again. On errands for Rupert Murdoch & the British (crime) state. Patel, the criminally insane, algolagnic psycho with a multitude of mind disorders. What unimaginable, moral low-point, criminal fantasia is Prick Patel scraping from the bowels of hell now?

So an increasingly unhinged Prick is tasked to cover-up, in plain site, an official publication (eight years in the making) into immense historical corruption (including murder) on behalf of the Met police, Rupert Murdoch, the British establishment & British justice in general. In a move beyond both satire & parody, Prick cited “national security” and “human rights” as the reason that her department needed advanced viewing of the dossier prior to its publication.

Human rights & national security certainly did not prevent Prick from traveling to Israel in 2017 for more than fourteen separate, secret & unauthorized meetings with senior Israeli politicians, intelligence officers, lobbyists & businessmen, & then lying about them all to her own government on her return. She was forced to “resign” rather than being prosecuted for high treason, selling secrets, espionage, corruption, abuse of office & national security & official secrets act related offences. Astonishingly, Boris Johnson then reappointed the disgraced Prick as Home Secretary no less. Prick is on the record stating that Boris “knew about the trip” (to Israel, clandestinely).

So we now clearly & pointedly have an Israeli spy/asset working at the heart of the Conservative government as Home Secretary.

Apparently nobody cares? Least of all her Conservative peers.

The home secretary has ordered that an independent report on claims murderers were shielded by police corruption and claims of corruption in Rupert Murdoch’s media empire must be vetted by her department before its publication.

doing the devil’s dirt. Prick on clean-up duty…mucking-out Murdoch.

Well, now Prick has gained a conscience regarding “national security” & “human rights” & is concerned that embarrassing & potentially legally risky crimes & severe corruption could be excavated from the official independent inquiry into the murder of undercover investigator Daniel Morgan. Rupert Murdoch & his media empire are associated with Morgan’s death.

So Prick is openly trying to derail a major murder inquiry using illegal & abnormal intervention (corruption, perverting the course of justice, abuse of office, tampering with evidence, major misconduct, conspiracy).

Her extraordinary intervention is unlawful & constitutes a very, very serious crimes.

The team behind the inquiry has refused to comply with Prick’s illegal derogation & “senior police sources” have refuted her attempts to justify the unexpected summary anomaly on national security falsehoods.

Apparently the report was “at the printers” when the Home Office intervened (old Rupert Murdoch was really raging down the wire).

As soon as we receive the report, we can begin those checks and agree a publication date.

a man was murdered.

Two actually (Alan Holmes, a crucial informant on the murder & cover-up).

No prosecutions have ever transpired.

Murdoch remains jail free.

Patel has been tasked to re-rig the cover-up….in plain site.

This is how confident these brazen criminals have become in their gangland exploits.

Prick is the “clean-up lady”, cynically using pretenses of “national security” & “human rights” – both principles she has trashed, trounced & trampled to utter extremes throughout her criminal career – as an excuse for her abnormal & unlawful intervention.

Morgan’s family issued the following public statement in response –

The home secretary’s intervention is not only unnecessary and inconsistent with the panel’s independence.

It is an outrage which betrays her ignorance – and the ignorance of those advising her – with regard to her powers in law and the panel’s terms of reference.

It also reveals a disturbing disregard for the public interest in safeguarding the independence of the panel and its report.

Rupert Murdoch – a constant contaminant.

her party, & her department especially, has been constantly “struck-down” in court, frequently being found to have acted illegally & unlawfully in multiple capacities. Prick was also infamously investigated for bullying, mistreatment, intimidation & violating the Ministerial Code.

The inquiry concluded all the offences alleged against Prick.

Boris Johnson ignored them all.

She remained in place.

Prick was also forced to settle with senior civil servant & former Home Office permanent secretary Philip Rutnam, who resigned under her after what he described as a “vicious and orchestrated campaign” for him trying to curb her abuse of fellow staff in her department.

Yet again, a judicial review has been initiated by the FDA union against Johnson’s shockingly corrupt decision to ignore the reports findings which he dismissed as “trivia”.

The £340,000 settlement to Rutnam is of course on the taxpayer, as were the payments, grants & “£700,000 mystery loan” to Johnson’s escort, Jennifer Arcuri, the American spy & sexual blackmailer (yet another “police watchdog investigation” was launched into Johnson as a result).

Prick had also previously paid another £25,000 settlement for abusing & bullying an aide.

Boris Johnson & agent Arcuri: public money for private prurience – the public are paying for the PMs penis…Buller! Buller! Buller!

Violation, contravention, breach or contempt, settlements, court cases, resignations.

These are not minor infractions. They are gigantic. They are unprecedented. And the effects & ramifications are appalling and grievous – for British & foreign citizens & for the countries reputation globally. Attacks on the judiciary, the “lefty lawyers” & “do-gooders”, the UN special rapporteurs on extreme poverty, the British intelligence & security community, or the governments own official advisors are all now routine. Ignored, dismissed, pilloried, attacked – just as were the Grenfell Tower residents desperate attempts to alert the “historic” Conservative LBKC council to the doomed properties fire hazards years before the atrocity inevitably struck.


Such rapidly-proliferating & escalating violations, contraventions, contempts & derelictions all constitute “crimes”, in the exact legal definition as well as the action. So you have regular & ongoing crimes, thick-and-fast, emerging and protracting. Both the conduct & the policy is consistently criminal, again, by the ‘legal definition’. We must then surely, to say the least, conclude that the entity itself, the Conservative Party, is in itself a criminal operation & outfit & that we are under a “criminal government”.

smiling in disgrace – Prick Patel is “forced to step down” after being caught lying to Theresa May about her fourteen furtive, off the record private meetings with Israeli senior intelligence, business, military, lobbyist & political operatives (including Benjamin Netanyahu) in Israel, without British aides or colleagues present.

The growing litany of crimes & criminality, along with their defence, extension & amplification, confirms, resoundingly, only one indisputable verdict.

So we have a criminal party running a criminal regime. A criminal government.

And just to be clear, this criminality definitely, definitely does not in any way benefit or serve the British public or British nation. It is profoundly and holistically to their utter, utter detriment and doom, weather they are dying prematurely in their millions from illegal over-exposure to pollution, freezing to death on the street, burning alive in a high-rises, having their living standards decimated, their protections destroyed, their livelihoods erased, their health service dishonestly dismantled, their social safety deracinated, their courts & justice system melted-down, their rights curtailed if not confiscated, their national security shredded, & their civilization extirpated whilst new laws are rigged in the abusers favour.

Organized crime.

Criminal groups. Criminal empires. Criminal syndicates. Criminal fraternities.

Which came first? The criminal or the politician?

Did criminal elements co-opt, infiltrate, hijack, or “corrupt” the party, inner body & the political system & framework (externality)?

Or did internal dynamic itself already have a strong criminal propensity or construct (internal)?

A career in corruption.the satanic she-squat Prick Patel, scuttling about doing Rupert Murdoch’s dirty work.

For any substantial criminal element or organization – links, support, merging & collusion with an established “legitimate” arm of the state & “public realm” (police/law enforcement, judiciary, media, finance, council) are an extreme advantage & coveted ideal, with politicians probably being the most highly prized recruitment or “asset”.

What could be better?

If all law enforcement answers to the government, & governments are allowed to exterminate, halt, withhold, redact & bury operations, procedures & results via an array of all powerful vetoes (D-Notice, Public-interest Immunity PII) & “immunity of office”, offering the net-all “national security” or “public interest” response as a final & closing conclusion, then the position offers absolute impunity.

circumventing or overriding all legal, professional, orthodox or ethical restraints, without explanation or transparency.


Beyond the law.

Above the law.

for this reason alone, I have long found the very essence of our political system fundamentally unacceptable & therefore I refuse to subscribe or defer to it. Period.

It is a profound flaw that renders it essentially implausible as this “loophole” or “trapdoor” is just too dangerous & inadmissible to any rational person.

What it effectively secures, is immunity without limitation, for anybody or any thing that can capture, coerce, compromise or covertly-collude or conspire with those “in the drivers seat”.

It also births the diabolic scenario for any powerful scheming criminal creature – “if we can get in, or get in on, we can get away with it, on any scale”.

Seduce the sentinel, preferably as quietly as possible, & nothing can stop us as we are calling the shots. Once inside, further immunizations & insulations from prosecution & identification can be regaled & self-smeared, along with enrichment, ransacking & rearranging the mechanics of the apparatus to serve the offender & their benefactors & cohorts.

Crime state. Rogue state. Failed state. Gangster state.

Britain currently encompasses all four …. & it’s just getting worse by the day.

The Conservative Party needed so badly to win the last election, because a non-collusive opposition party in power (Corbyn) would of held them to account, & the historic, mammoth, stockpile of category-A high-crimes that the party has committed (& others) & facilitated would have been fatal & resulted in a huge amount of prosecutions & jailings. Having a criminal in Number 10, leading a committed criminal consociation (Boris Johnson & The Conservative Party) is the only thing keeping the chains off.

Its that bad. Its that simple.

Some examples to join Prick Patel’s recent herculean criminal corruption –

Scam & Crooks…Levison 2, Brexit, the Paradise Papers, the Panama Papers, Greensill ….”get rid of all the green crap”

David Cameron’s stifles the second Leveson Inquiry into Rupert Murdoch & his sewage media empire…..despite strenuously & assuredly promising the second concluding probe. The adage “the cover-up is worse than the crime” screams like a banshee.

Murdoch would have been finished & in jail …. News Corp & the Murdoch disease eradicated.

Despite overwhelming public support, despite legal obligations, despite national security impetus (because Murdoch & his filth are absolutely a security threat), despite his duty as PM to the country & its populace, despite his vehement assurance/promises of a Leveson 2 & the expectancy of its many victims, he deliberately “killed” off the inquiry. Levison 2 would later be terminated by the then Culture Secretary, Matt Hancock, citing that “the media landscape had changed” and “justice had been served through the criminal trials”.

Perverting the course of justice. Conspiracy. Aiding and abetting. Collusion. Abuse of office. Obstruction of justice. Dereliction of duty. Fraud. Impersonating a politician.

£30m test tube work for ex-neighbour. no previous experience, no existing expertise. – Matt Hancock Alex Bourne.

Furthermore, Rupert Murdoch and his blight empire were being investigated or “vetted” as to whether he was quote “fit & proper” to expand (via a merger) into the UK market. In 2017, then culture secretary, Karen Bradley, issued a European Intervention Notice on “public interest” & “jurisdiction” grounds into Murdoch’s £11.7bn takeover bid (for Sky) & the Murdoch organization itself.

Thankfully, the Competitions & Marketing Authority ruled against Murdoch, stating that the merger would be “against the public interest” – “too much control over news providers in the UK across all media platforms and therefore too much influence over public opinion and the political agenda”.

& the next thing you know, Murdoch is now unfurling a new garbage-glut “Fox News style” UK channel, just to denigrate this ruin a little bit more.

willful entrapment Evgeny Lebedev & the Johnsons…on the taxpayer.

Evgeny Lebedev, the billionaire Kremlin agent, spy, libertine socialite & Boris Johnson donor, supporter, close friend & retainer. He is also a media mogul & was allowed to purchase the Independent Newspaper, which is odd considering his circumstances & the national security implications. Rupert Murdoch & Evgeny also happen to get on very well.

Evgeny also ran into problems with his publication & the extremely suspicious sell-offs of shares in the paper to suspicious, offshore Saudi shell-companies registered in the Cayman Islands.

A mysterious investment in the Evening Standard and Independent will not be investigated on public interest grounds after a court ruled that the government had missed a deadline to intervene, despite claims the financial backer has “strong links to the Saudi Arabian state”.

Of course the government could & should of overruled this, but they are in cahoots, bound by a mutual criminal thread – Johnson especially, who has frequently attended Lebedev’s “debauched” caviar & champagne private parties, without personal security or political aides, in a long slew of alarming scandals that point to the mans true nature & acute vulnerability from a national security perspective.

“a sick game” … on the patio with plutocrats.

Its not looking good is it?

Amber Rudd. Whilst home secretary, Rudd refused to hold a public inquiry into the notorious Orgreave police siege against protesting minors.

She did not even bother to look at the evidence.

It was a political decision.

The criminal assisting the criminal to cover-up their criminal acts & criminal history.

The Home Office declined to say what evidence May, Rudd or her officials had considered before reaching the decision not to launch an inquiry. A spokesperson said only that Rudd had reviewed “a range of relevant documentation”.

Amber Rudd – a double cover-up double PII disgrace. murderers on the loose.

& old Amber did not stop there.

The Russians again. Another assassination on British soil.

Alexander Perepelichny & the bizarre cover-up by the state & Surrey police.

Amber Rudd played a defining role in the cover-up, even going so far as to issue her second Public-interest Immunity order –

A Russian whistleblower who collapsed and died outside his home in Surrey after warning of death threats from the Kremlin had traces of a rare plant poison in his stomach, a pre-inquest hearing has heard.

despite the latter, Surrey police did not carry out a toxicology test until three weeks after his suspicious death – “contradicting police assurances that his death in 2012 was not suspicious. He died aged 44, having previously been healthy.

there was obviously an attempt to make it look like nothing untoward had happened, despite it all.

Another member of the criminal gang -aka- the Tory party, Sajid Javid, took over the “clean-up” operation (presumably for the benefit of the Russian state/Kremlin) – “Sensitive material that could reveal if a Russian millionaire was working with British spies before he died will not be made public at his inquest, a coroner has ruled.”

Sajid Javid lodged a secrecy application[PII] at the inquest into the death of Alexander Perepilichnyy citing national security concerns. The 44-year-old collapsed and died while jogging near his home in Weybridge, Surrey, in 2012.”

The SFO, FSA and SOCA declined to comment, citing policies barring them from confirming or denying the existence of any specific investigations.

covering-up for Russian assassins killing key cooperating witnesses on British soil.


Sajid Javid – body disposal.

& that was the PII sequel.

Earlier, old Amber had already ascribed another PPI to the deeply disturbing & curious case of Chinese M16 agent Wang Yam & murdered scholar Allen Chappelow. This was over the extraordinarily dodgy murder & torture of estranged Hampstead resident Chappelow, on Downshire Hill, just below the police station (now closed thanks to Tory cuts to policing). In short, there was another extensive cover-up by local police, allowing a gang of violent killers to escape justice (& terrorize the street) whilst Wang Yam was framed for the murder.

His trial was held in secret, with the press & public barred from attending or reporting on it.

A book on the murder & the exceptionally aberrant trial, Blood on the Page, by Thomas Harding (also a resident on the street where Chappelow was killed), was published to wide acclaim.

Read it! Along with Daniel Smith’s incredible The Peer and the Gangster-a very British cover-up.

A Very British Cover-up
“A Very British Cover-up”

Covering up for killers. Using government office to aid murderers & extinguish any chance of investigation or prosecution.


Another Conservative civil servant John Vassall, was sentenced to 18 years for treason in 1962 (he served ten). He was a spy for the Russians.

He had been photographed by the Russians engaging in homosexual activity in Moscow & went on to secretly passing the Kremlin information over several years.

So a Conservative civil servant has been convicted of treason for espionage on behalf of the Kremlin in the United Kingdom already!

Remember that.

Fresh evidence has also emerged of attempts by the Kremlin to infiltrate the Conservatives by a senior Russian diplomat suspected of espionage, who spent five years in London cultivating leading Tories including Johnson himself.”

Conservative John Vassall goes to jail for treason in 1962. John had been living in a flat in Dolphin Square before his arrest.

Boris Johnson “sat on” the UK intelligence reports into Kremlin meddling in UK politics. It was an attempted cover-up & the report was controversially published months after it’s scheduled publication (originally intended before the last general election). Johnson had repeatedly lied about the delay & unexplained procrastination, regularly being contradicted by public officials who confuted his repeated public lies about disclosure proceedings.

What does that tell you?

When the report did finally surface, it was utterly incriminating & horrific for the Conservatives, who were shown to be bankrolled, serenaded & ultra-enmeshed with dodgy, wealthy Russian interests, oligarchs & donors, including many with links to Putin or the Kremlin.

with Russian donor Alexander Temerko

Johnson suppressed his own intelligence agencies security reports & lied publicly about the reasoning behind these extraordinary decisions, attempting to stifle their release in entirety but opting for a massive delay after sustained public pressure…& once the election had been clinched.

Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon, Old Etonian Alexander Nix & massive, tightly orchestrated commercial election rigging, psychographic manipulation & micro-targeting conspiracy, specifically for Vote Leave & Donald Trump’s 2016 election bid. Arron Banks was investigated by the Serious Crime Agency for “multiple criminal offences”. Thats serious stuff. But of course, the NCA (which specializes in combating serious organized crime) ultimately answers to the government. So was it any surprise when the NCA determined that there was “no evidence of criminality”?

Do you believe that?

Nix liquidated his company & attended a Select Committee hearing, where he depicted himself as the victim. He has received a “seven year directorship ban” …. that’s it! For rigging whole elections. Nothing more. Protected by his old Etonian cabal in Downing Street and about.

Alexander Nix … a seven year directorship ban…nothing more.

Johnson has publicly scorned the Historic Child Abuse Inquiry, insulting tens of thousands of rape & sexual assault survivors by referring to the investigation as “malarky” & that it it is money “spaffed up the wall”. The Tory Party is heavily, heavily implicated in this historic abuse (including ex-prime minister Sir Ted Heath & ex-home secretary Baron Brittain), and of course for the still unexplained loss of files detailing large groups of sexual abusers that has “disappeared” under it’s previous government.

we would rather spend it on HS2 & Hinkley Point C…& a third runway.

It looks more & more as if the party is mealy soliciting serious criminal activity & corruption whilst occupying office.

Michael Gove also directly interfered in the Historic Child Abuse Inquiry on behalf of a priest accused of sexually abusing a boy at a boarding school. Gove managed to get the “Inquiry to refuse to publish evidence” on his interference. What kind of a public inquiry refuses to publish evidence of a politician meddling on behalf of a child abuser in its investigation?

Plunderers, plutocrats & paedophiles. Reinforcing the rapists – aka – “misfits and weirdos”.

Johnson also, astoundingly, appointed engineer Benita Mehra to the Grenfell Inquiry. Benita was of course linked to the cladding company Arconic that supplied the combustable panels to Grenfell.

Benita Mehra

George Osborne, the Bullingdon boy & architect of the vicious, destabilizing & transgressive austerity cuts that have mutilated the country so severely, also intervened whilst chancellor to stop the US from prosecuting HSBC for money laundering on behalf of terrorists, international drug dealers & organized crime. According to Mr Austerity, to prosecute HSBC would cause a “financial calamity”. So the terrorists, gun runners, arms smugglers, sex traffickers, narcos, warlords, counterfeiters, pimps, fraudsters, scammers, gangsters & various criminal groups having their money washed by a leading commercial bank got away with it & the bank just paid a “deferred prosecution agreement” or “record fine”.

Terrorists and drug dealers.

Terrorists and drug dealers.

Terrorists and drug dealers.

If that is not one of the hardest, most blatant, most improbable, most herculean, irreversible, non-retractable, permanent & overwhelming example of the sheer, total, utter, & thorough, stratospheric & screaming mega-corruption & jet-black criminality for all to see…. I dunno’ what is!!!

Osborne went on to work for Evgeny Lebedev…naturally.

He recently started working “full time” for private investment bank Robey Warshaw in London, amongst many other things, as his wake of carnage & crime seem to only provided a wealth of mega-lucrative & high-profile career opportunities for him since “leaving office”.

Crime pays.

money laundering, terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking, obstruction of justice….George Osborne

The US department of justice said HSBC had moved $881m for two drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia and accepted $15bn in unexplained “bulk cash”, across the bank’s counters in Mexico, Russia and other countries. In some branches the boxes of cash being deposited were so big the tellers’ windows had to be enlarged.

Chief executive Stuart Gulliver insists the bank is now under new management and will not make the same mistakes again.

drug cartels. Money laundering for organized crime and terrorists. “unexplained bulk cash” in the billions.

We believe that George will significantly enhance the advice we give to clients. He brings differentiated experience and expertise to our team from his leading roles in global finance over the past decade.” – Robey Warshaw

then of course we have old Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the “controversial” ruler of the Dubai. We won’t even penetrate the other mountain of crime & corruption connected to this maniac & his rogue state, but to show how the Tory party assists this international criminal we only need to look at the abduction of his daughters. The Sheikh has “kidnapped” two of his daughters on British soil, trafficked them & unlawfully detained them. One daughter, Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum, may even have been murdered. The UN has repeatedly sought “proof of life” from the billionaire autocrat psycho, who has a humongous property empire & investment portfolio in the United Kingdom.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum of Dubai – multiple street kidnappings, human trafficking, unlawful confinement, murder????

Nothing is done.

Inaction is approval, is collusion, is assistance.

The UK is a country where a rich foreign dictator & high-profile criminal can just kidnap his own daughter on the street & forcefully traffic her out of the country into unlawful detention without any consequences whatsoever.

Concealment & cover-ups, solicitation – augmentation & legitimization of major international criminals & foreign criminal enterprise & kleptocrats, constant obstructions of justice, abusing political office, a ceaseless shit-storm of abuse of power & protecting criminal interests through the countries official political infrastructure.

Can you tell any difference between the crooks in The Cabinet & the crooks on the cut?

common criminals.

These crimes, of rape, child sexual abuse, terrorism, murder, drug trafficking, crimes against humanity, war crimes, money laundering, fraud, grand larceny, treason, abuse of office, corruption, dereliction of duty, impersonation, perjury, sponsoring terror, espionage, aiding and abetting criminals & criminal enterprise, illegal arms sales, major human rights abuses, constant legal contraventions, false and misleading statements, cronyism, misselling, gang related activity & the other groundswell of unremitting horror & depravity again & again & again & again & again continue to accelerate under Tory degeneracy.

& apart from Charlie Elphicke the “naughty Tory” who’s sexual assaults on two women that found Boris Johnson “initially sympathetic” landed him with a pathetic two year sentence, no Conservatives have been jailed for this incomparable, epic assault on the rule of law & basic human decency.

Bandit capitalism. Organized crime.

Around the world, the “narco state” & “failed state” is increasing in numbers. Is it any wonder with such dense & copious hyper criminality in mainstream political parties in the developed world? Peaking with the Tory Party & the Brexit meltdown.

What about Harry Dunn & the Dunn family? They couldn’t give a toss.

Or the British teenager that was gang raped by Israeli youths in Cyprus? & was then clearly framed, intimidated & confined by local police over blatantly bogus charges whilst the twelve Israeli youths were released. foreign secretary Dominic Raab did nothing!, even as they returned to Israel & sung “the Brit is a whore” to a rapturous welcome.

He did nothing.

The case appears to have been D-noticed.

They do nothing.

terrorism! drug trafficking! money laundering! GEORGE OSBORNE.

Johnson spaffs billions of public money on the detested & insanely gratuitous HS2 heist, I giant piece of “public wealth theft” & tax payer extracted embezzlement, a crime in & of itself. New powers to ram & rape the intensely unpopular criminal project onto an unwilling populace, obliteration of natural woodland, nature reserves & sites of special scientific interest, mass tree felling, new private bailiff & eviction companies cashing-in by terrorizing local communities & peaceful protesters whilst mainstream media looks-away like the well-trained, complicit-cowards they are.

The government is in court every other day, over asylum seekers, over benefits claimants, over illegal pollution, human rights violations, over illegal manoeuvres relating to Brexit, over the collapsing prison system …. “humiliating defeat” after “humiliating defeat”, rapidly restructuring or ridding the laws to reinforce immunity & prevent prosecution. One crime covers another in this absurdist dance of death, as the country literally dies on the spot, dissolving in its own rot.

Crime. Just crime, crime, crime. Organized & insistent. By the literal legal definition & by more obvious & fundamental principles that we can all identify as instinctually heinous & deeply wrong in all senses.

Why do people tolerate it?

How can people tolerate it?

How can they allow this???

a confluence of corruption. The corrupt corrupting the corrupt in a cornucopia of corruption. A crescendo of crime, consolidating, converging, concentrating & cascading. A corruptocracy.

Better do something about it now because tomorrow it will just be death camps.

taking over……..