Press Mafia: unelected -ulterior – unaccountable – ursupation – you are not safe – you are not represented: Sasha Johnson, Patsy Stevenson, Cressida Dick, Rupert Murdoch, Priti Patel, Daniel Morgan, Milly Dowler, Wayne Couzens, Sarah Everard, corruption, cover-up:

arrest the protesters – not the perpetrators…a very, very backwards country.

Press mafia

so confident in their corruption, so comfortable, indeed – complacent – with their criminal conquest – that they can perform giant daylight robberies in the open & take a tea-break during the heist, in full-view, served by vassals from the Metrpolitan Police with a platter of narcotics & crack-cocaine-confectionery in biscuit tins baring the Union Jack.

Prick Patel spends her career savaging & denigrating “human rights” – then invokes them when she is trying to justify her own dramatic & landmark criminal actions through public office on behalf of her unelected criminal employers (Murdoch). “National security” is cited, but Prick herself is a severe & ongoing national security contravention, enthralled to a foreign rogue state (Israel) with one of the worst reputations for international political meddling, blackmail, compromise & capture. Just as the flag is rolled out to swaddle the worst crimes against the country & the most breathtaking infractions of treason & national treachery, the language of liberation & democracy is so sceptically & erroneously stretched to preposterous proportions in defending the Conservatives ever ballooning crimes of the century.

“operating a criminal gang” “running or participating in the criminal outfit” “perverting the course of justice” abuse of office” “obstruction of justice”

On the urgings & orders of Rupert Murdoch – a well established foreign press-criminal, corruption connoisseur & crime boss, & his disinformation mafia, with a soft-spot for establishment child rapists (George Pell) & extreme right-wing libertarianism – Patel curries into action.

So you have an overt, in progress, brazen cover-up, or rather “perversion of the course of justice, abuse of office/power, conspiracy, aiding & abetting, false & misleading comments, deception, criminal association, & trashing of the ministerial code & major conflicts of interest violations). The other question that needs immediate answering is what has Prick “gained” – or been assured – she will receive should she carry out this colossal corruption on behalf of the Colosto-Count for the Turdcoch menace? What assurance, sum, provision, advantage, position has been reserved or rendered in return for her “services”? The criminality & corruption here is surfeit, indisputable & conspicuous, but has a direct bribe been constituted in this repulsive & heinous obstruction of justice?

heading a criminal gang, blackmail, espionage, fraud, mass phone hacking & illegal phone tapping, intimidation, harassment, witness tampering, false & misleading statements, disinformation, perverting the course of justice, bribery, murder, inflaming racial tensions, inciting hatred, political interference, routine violations of impartiality rules in broadcasting, corruption, undue influence, election fraud, racketeering, conspiracy, deception, solicitation of transnational crime networks … & god knows what else should his government guardians be removed.

She attended his wedding in 2016. is that not a blatant conflict of interest?

Murdoch has refused to comment on the Daniel Morgan inquiry & the cover-up.

Isn’t that suspicious?

Patel, her minions & her office have all refused to clarify on what communications or connections she has had with Murdoch/News Corp/New International regarding the cover-up/inquiry?

Isn’t that suspicious/outrageous/guilt-sodden?

It is the epitome of a criminal cover-up.

Alastair Morgan – still fighting for justice a full 34 years after his brothers killing, 5 inquests & one public inquiry. absolutely unbelievable.

There have been five inquires & one inquest into the Daniel Morgan murder.

This indescribable criminal disgrace joins the Playland trial, Stephen Lawrence trial, Dr Kelly, Poppi Worthington, Orgreave, Hillsborough, Leveson inquiry, Chilcot inquiry, the Grenfell Tower inquiry, the al-Yamamah investigation & The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in England to name a few.

Aren’t we doing well.

This is pure pus…not oozing, not running, but gushing…..spraying!!!

crime state.

Daniel Morgan was murdered.

Alan Holmes (a key witness & Met detective) was murdered.

Who else?

the most corrupt Home Secretary in British history – Priti Patel.

They were investigating serious corruption in the Met (again) & allegations of police protection for serious organized criminals & drug dealers in South London (or were the organized criminals & drug dealers the police themselves?). This was 1986. nobody has been prosecuted. The Met would suffer yet more extraordinary damage & opprobrium over the unprovoked racist murder of Stephen Lawrence … also in south London. Also a major cover-up & failure to convict despite overwhelming evidence.

Also a morass of police-criminal links, police protection of criminals, drug dealers & corruption.

Metroplitan police officer – rapist, kidnapper & murderer – Wayne Couzens.

A public inquiry led to the Met being described as “institutionally racist” in the Macpherson report.

The Metropolitan Police has a deplorable record of corruption, murder, criminality & cover-ups from Operation Countryman, the Wally Virgo saga, Kenneth Drury, Wayne Couzens, Stephen Lawrence & the Macpherson report, the Leveson Enquiry & so, so much more (& that is just what is “out” & in the public domain, albeit conveniently marginalized).

Met officer Wayne Cozens victim Sarah Everard – they could not protect her?

The current head of the Met, Cressida Dick, was appointed years after she presided over the 2005 execrable, botched murder & subsequent cover-up of innocent civilian Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot 8 times in the head at close range in his seat at Stockwell tube station by undercover Met firearm officers in a case of “misidentification”.

No one was charged.

On the contrary actually, Dick – who’s “gross failings” & attempts to justify/cover-up the murder with perverse & blatant falsifications regarding de Menezes’s behaviour prior to his slaying, & who was heavily disparaged & condemned from all angles – would go on to be awarded the highest position in the force in 2017 as Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.

god bless the Met

gross failure will get you everywhere.

Even when a man is wrongly shot 8 times in the head in his seat as he casually sits on public transport with other civilian passengers present.



The Met are basically an organized crime group for hire.

police protection ….. the Met did however find time, & go to extraordinary lengths, to protect the murdered of Steven Lawrence.

Drug dealers, racists, murderers, pornographers, paedophiles, pimps, armed robbers & of course Rupert Murdoch (the abandoned Leveson 2 was going to look specifically at the links between the Met & the Murdoch Press) – the Met have been shown, exposed & caught-out protecting, facilitating, concealing & encompassing them all. & again, this is just from what has “come out” … given the volume, frequency & strength of their penchant & culture for hardcore criminality & super potent corruption & racism, one can only imagine the true extent of abject organized crime coursing through it’s sewage system.

Cressida Dick – the murdering Mason of the Met, prostituting an entire police force for the right price.

It is also worth noting that the notorious Special Demonstration Squad was set-up & largely staffed by the Met. Thats the whole “spy cops” scandal that saw so many left wing, or even just women’s lib groups, “infiltrated”, disrupted & spied upon, often with the spies reports finding their way back to large corporate interests & multi-nationals. So “big business” – the police – & the state all secretly & often illegally colluding. The “raped by the state” phenomenon that emerged from this grotesque, corrupt & clandestine operation – where undercover officers cultivated long-lasting sexual relationships with those they were spying on, all on entirely false identities (including using forged identities from deceased children without the families knowledge or consent), only to later totally disappear. Multiple officers/spies would even father children with their victims. Once again, the Met are defending themselves in court against a mass of victims seeking justice for being “raped by the state”.

reassuring the community …. “priority arrests” … a country in terminal decline.

Just today, ex-chief superintendent Parm Sandhu said that racism in the Met is “worse now” than it was in 1999 when the “institutionally racist” verdict was delivered by the Macpherson report.

“Levelling up”.

Cliffor Norris – some receive more protection than others. the Met’s priorities laid bare.

The mainstream media & newspapers are way, way too timid & meager on this grave, expounding atrocity with the criminal stifling of the Daniel Morgan inquiry (8 years in the making).

Patel’s name is shit!

Rupert’s name is shit!

The Met’s name is shit!

right in front of us -in full view- they are literally covering up the bodies whilst citing “national security” & human rights”, & yet they are afforded little press-priority despite the scale of the crime & the sheer nakedness of it.

Why is that?

Are people desensitized?

Are they frightened?

Did the coward come before the complicité?

Kenneth Drury – yet another ultra bent Metropolitan corruptocrat.

What of Patel’s wobbling shit-list of deeply treasonous & massively corrupt, lie-lubed secret meetings with Israeli spy chiefs, leading politicians, military personnel, financiers & “businessmen” in Israel that led to her dishonorable resignation from Theresa May’s government in 2017? her multiple obliterations of the ministerial code, bullying & intimidation of staff that have resulted in two out-of-court cash settlements (on the tax payer) & a Cabinet Office inquiry that found her guilty of bullying & violating the ministerial code. The endless ineptopathia, hostile environment, stream of court defeats, u-turns, maiming of human rights, ‘unlawful’ transgressions & her fascistic phantasmagoria of off-shore detention centers, attacks on the judiciary & rule of law, & a policy & drive towards cruelty, inhumanity, legal infraction, racist incitement, disreputable degradation that have even fellow extremist Tories like Suella Braverman & Robert Buckland writing her letters urging her to tone down the hate speech.

inhumanity, treason, sadism, malicious wrongdoing, abuse of power & non-stop corruption Priti Patel.

Boris Johnson’s former adviser on ministerial standards was prevented from interviewing a key witness for his bullying inquiry into Priti Patel’s behaviour.

Legal and Whitehall sources have revealed that Sir Alex Allan sought to interview the former top Home Office civil servant Sir Philip Rutnam about his dealings with Patel, but was blocked by government officials.

this is tolerated?


a decent BBC doc on the Daniel Morgan cover-up … no wonder they are so keen to “curtail” the broadcaster

Its no wonder her & Rupert get along so well.

Murdoch’s blackmail, fraud, deception, phone hacking & corruption, intimidation, conspiracy, protection rackets, systematic phone hacking, “widespread criminality on an industrial scale” that paid public officials & the MET (again) & “blagged” or “illegally conned” telecommunication services into handing over confidential data.

Organized crime.

as if nothing ever happened – Rebekah Crooks, reinstalled & rehashed….impunity.

This mass of filth, corruption, rot & crime resulted in the Leveson Inquiry due to the brave diligence of a few people (Nick Davies & Alan Rsubridger being core protagonists). The Leveson enquiry confirmed this “giant spying operation” & reservoir of crime that Murdoch was reigning over.

Murdoch recently fought tirelessly, behind the scenes & in the public domain through his media organs, to defend the convicted child abuser & Vatican treasurer Bishop Cardinal Pell.

Why would Murdoch be so ardent, so committed & so obstinate to defend & pity a notorious abuser of boys who was found unanimously guilty in an official trial???

the Murdoch – Risdale – Pell synergy … a common thread

Pell, who had a long & enduring association & close relationship (they once lived together) with Australia’s worst ever child abusing priest – Gerald Risdale? after he was unanimously convicted?

What sympathy, what relation, what synergy, what understanding, what shared interest does Rupert nurture with the disgraced Bishops?

What is the connection & bond?

Using the kind of back-channel corruption & undue influence that he learnt so well from his fixer, lawyer & advisor – the infamous Roy Cohn (another paedophile & child trafficker) – Murdoch machinated an artificial acquittal for the convicted child rapist on his third & final appeal.

another circle of interests between criminals.

As Murdoch had once announced with glee at an invite-only business summit shortly after the Brexit vote which he described as “wonderful” like a “prison break … we’re out” …. his buddy George Pell must agree.

His choice of words -“prison break” – are immensely indicative.

Why is Murdoch allowed to operate in this country (or any other) when he has repeatedly fallen so spectacularly foul of it’s legal system? This is forgetting everything else … but after Hillsborough, the phone hacking scandal & Leveson, he is allowed to actually still function as a press baron? Seriously?

Milly Dowler.

So incessant was the criminality & deviance in Rupert’s empire that his organization hacked into the phone of a murdered thirteen-year-old girl. This caused extraordinary grief to his anxious parents who were – as a result – falsely left with the impression that she was still alive when her voicemail was activated (she was missing at the time her phone was hacked by Murdoch’s goons).

Hacking into the phone of a murdered teenage girl?

Honestly, how sick can you get?

How on earth was he allowed to continue operating & polluting after this?

He is still doing it now. Planning on expanding into the UK with another “Fox News” style channel.

Exactly what this ruin needs.

Milly Dowler. Rupert Murdoch hacked into a murdered girls phone, & the Tory government deems him “fit & proper” to open a new “Fox News” style TV channel in its boarders.

Will they be hacking into murdered teenage girls phones again & alerting their parents in some kind of sick exercise in transgressive power games? Will anyone care? Will there be any appropriate consequences ever?

What was the connection to Murdoch’s news room & Daniel Morgan? To the murder of Daniel Morgan? & Alan Holmes?

No one has been charged.

The second Leveson Inquiry, now disgracefully abandoned in a corrupt retraction by the Conservative party, would of scrutinized this cesspool.

all together now!

Now, the separate public inquiry into Morgan’s murder, after 8 years gestation, is having a broad-daylight attempted assassination pulled on it by the wicked, impaired, grotesque & inexplicably corrupt shill-Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Crime – Murdoch, corruption – Conservatives … murder, cover-ups, pay-offs, protection, racketeering, racism, drug dealing, organized crime, cronyism, phone hacking, espionage, blackmail, deception, fraud, hush money.

brazen corruption

Hush money. Murdoch/News Corp has been paying out millions as out of court “settlements” to the hundreds (if not thousands) of victims it spied on/illegally hacked as part of its “systematic” & “wide spread criminality” at its “giant spying operation” (£54m on legal fees and damages related to the illegal interception of voicemails). . Reputation laundering. Bung em’ a few quid & carry on raping.

Coulson carried the can.

Rebekah Brooks was reinstated…REINSTATED!!! – as if nothing ever happened. She is there now pulling the levers at New Group once again.


we are profoundly sorry for false reports” – News Corp

in the pocket of Satan – overbearing excrement

The Murdoch press survived by just jettisoning one publication, the News of the World.

His current bifurcation in the UK means he is just re-establishing, indeed extending his rot, like nothing really happened. How is this allowed? How can this happen? How can people tolerate this?

lying trash … the Tory party gives this shit a license?

Hillsborough is in the News again, adding more swill to the sick-bag. This dire, putrid & shameful atrocity, that lead to the deaths of 96 people, has become even more of an excruciating injustice, dragged out, inflamed, further insulted, exacerbated, prolonged, denied. A bloating mass of staggering corruption now quakes & looms like something out of a dystopian bad-trip … a garland of maggot-riddled-rot hanging round the countries neck, the ming reminding us of what a pitiful shitbox the country really is & what it truly stands for & inflicts on its own.

kick the bastard out or lock him up.

Of course, Turdcock played his infamous role in the Hillsborough atrocity – he had to get a piece, as he thrives off this kind of citizens carnage as an arch corruptophile. Four days after the indecent, his lying garbage periodical ran a front page report that claimed “The Truth” – “some fans picked pockets of victims“, “some fans urinated on the brave cops” and “some fans beat up PC giving kiss of life“. It was all utter lies, but that is exactly the currency that Turd & his sewage ventures have always specialized in. to this day, the Sun is not available in Liverpool & is generally, & correctly, referred to as “The Scum”.

thank you Liverpool – & fuck Rupert Murdoch.

I would like to thank all Liverpudlians for maintaining this vigilance & bringing some shine to this battered Plague Isle of injustice worshipping madness.

WE LIED! & continue to do so.

The horror of Hillsborough still very much continues to further sully this already shoddy shit-heap, with recent inaction towards these historical crimes under the judiciary in this country beneath wrist-slap. The whole thing is just sickening….obscene……..just unbelievable.

Revolution is required.

We long ago apologized publicly to the victims’ families, friends and to the city of Liverpool for our awful error. We gladly say sorry again today: fully, openly, honestly and without reservation.

subjugation & conspiration – scum & scummer.

Rupert’s rap sheet is an abyss …

people also are often unaware of how far his extreme right wing & ultra libertarian dogmatism extends as he slowly pollutes entire societies with his brain bacterium & life-long retardency initiatives. In 97 He joined the board of the Koch brother’s supremely nefarious Cato Institute for fucks sakes! Of course he did….they are clotted from the same colostomy….Kochs & Dochs.

Rupert Murdoch & Charles Koch – Murdoch is on the board of the Koch’s Cato Institute … common threads.

In the autumn of 1997, when Rupert Murdoch joined the board of directors at the Cato Institute, the announcement went unreported in major news outlets. Perhaps it seemed routine for one of the world’s most powerful media moguls to take a leadership post at one of the most influential think tanks in Washington.

it is worse than you think.

a threat to all humanity – Rupert Murdoch – Tony Abbot (now controversially appointed as UK trade adviser by the Treacherous Toff) & Henry Kissinger.

Below you can see Turd being introduced at the Hudson Institute by the war criminal, corruptocrat, & genocidal neo-liberal-terrorist Henry Kissinger …. Turd was given a Global Leadership Award, a-la Cressida Dick, for crimes against humanity, which gets you kudos & applause in those circles under the pseudonym “freedom”. You can imagine Roy Cohn, George Pell, Jared Kushner, Henry Kissinger, Evgeny Lebedev, Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Peter Thiel & Priti Patel all in a jacuzzi on the Defiance together.

disease factory

The Home Secretary actually has the facility to issue a kind of expulsion order under “public good deprivation powers”. Obviously, this is a nightmare scenario with a scoundrel as corrupt as hired-con, psychotic shit-splutterer Prick Patel, who would be more likely to ship “lefty lawyers”, “do gooders” & teenage Extinction Rebellion activists off to some kind of Serco SS Alcatraz run by Israeli football hooligans, but the theory remains accessible in the Murdoch/Lebedev fiasco. On every level – with a long & consistent wealth of examples – Rupert Murdoch & his media filth is a clear & indisputable violation of our national security, our “way of life” & our sovereignty…. a fucking menace to society.

community resentments …unprecedented infamy & yet he continues to operate & even grow. corruption & impunity.

Earlier this year, China Global Television Network had its UK license revoked. OFCOM ruled that the company “is controlled by a body which is ultimately controlled by the Chinese Communist party” (a body of the very same CCP – China National Nuclear (CNNC) – is also, astonishingly, building part of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant white elephant thanks to the Conservative traitors). Lord Lebedev is clearly a front & spy for Kremlin & Saudi interests, & he own two prominent newspapers in Britain.

Jo Stevens, the shadow culture secretary, said: The findings against CGTN are damning and Ofcom have already said they will take action which could go as far as banning the channel from the UK airwaves. Ofcom has an ongoing duty to make sure those that hold a licence to broadcast in this country are fit and proper.

no stretch of sophistry or double-think could possibly conclude that Rupert Murdoch is New Corp is in any way “fit and proper”.

the liar leaves Leveson in disgrace … but he avoided jail & retained his empire of shit.

It is also worth noting that his once main rival, the disgraced spy, fraudster, international criminal & fellow media proprietor – Robert Maxwell – was also refused a bid to take over a British newspaper publication on unfit character grounds.

In 1971, a British Government department declared Mr. Maxwell unfit to run a public company after discovering that he had used transactions with his private companies to inflate profits of his publisher Pergamon”.

Maxwell was a terrible man who did awful things throughout the world, but he had some recompensing features, whereas Murdoch is pure human-waste with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Mad Max & the Toxic Turd

As usual, the range of “safeguards” & “checks & balances” are absent.

Regulatory capture.

it helps when the Home Secretary is one of your brides maids.

What is fascinating here also, is despite all the racism & all the jingoism, these people & their undeclared interests are all foreigners. Lebedev, Maxwell, Murdoch, Patel (a double immigrant, from India to Africa then Africa to England), operating on ulterior oversees motives (Saudi Arabia, the deep Libertarian/Koch U$A shadow government, Israel, the UAE & Russia).

“Between them, they would be the two biggest power brokers in British politics.

Sasha Johnson

Sasha Johnson.

Sasha was one of the founding members of the Take the Initiative Party, which has been dubbed “Britain’s first black-led political party”

What do you have to do to get featured in the Guardian if you are part of Britain’s “first black-led political party”?

Get shot in the head.

They never covered anything on her or the organization prior to shooting indecent, which is odd, or is it? The war of omission & the false figurehead formula.

We are only interested in you once you have a head wound.

Daniel Morgan got a hatchet in the head.

Charles de Menezes got eight rounds in the head at point blank range.

Alan Holmes got one in the head.

Sasha Johnson got one in the head.

Cressida Dick became head of the Met.

Murdoch got a Global Leadership award.

Michelle Skeer got a Queens Policing Medal.

& Boris Johnson got elected crime minister.


Sasha Johnson/Taking the Initiative Party

Before Sasha Johnson’s blood had been allowed to dry, The Metropolitan police, still institutionally racist, even more so now according to Parm Sandhu’s criticism today, made the extraordinarily premature statement that “While the investigation is at an early stage, there is nothing to suggest that the womanwho was shot was the subject of a targeted attack or that she had received any credible threats against her prior to this incident.”

eager & insistent.

like I trust the Met.

Sasha’s party, Taking the Initiative, issued a totally contrary statement on the same day saying that the incident followed “numerous death threats”.

On the 26th, a report in the Guardian carried the following statement from the “institutionally racist” Met – “Our work is ongoing to establish the motive for this attack but I want to reiterate that nothing has been brought to our attention that suggests Sasha was a target.

“numerous death threats”

“institutionally racist”

Institutional racism exists in the Metropolitan Police and it’s alive and kicking and is worse now than straight after the MacPherson Inquiry,” – Parm Sandhu

the Met’s response is extremely suspicious. …& hey! its the Met!

Police said yesterday they were unaware of of any death threats Johnson may have received before the shooting.

unaware? After the group she was active with made an announcement stating there were “numerous death threats” before the shooting? Eh? So ‘wilful unawareness‘ then? Just like they were unaware/inactive/unwilling towards the anonymous notes that were delivered immediately after Stephen Lawrence’s murder that listed the killers.

This is the Met.

This is corruption.

This is Britain.

not happy, not trusting, not protected, not represented

Yet again, Met Commander Alison Heydari, made an additional statement “ I understand the concern this will cause to some communities – however, I wish to stress that this time there is nothing to suggest Sasha was the victim of a targeted attack. We are also not aware of any reports or threats made against her prior to this incident.

who needs subtlety when you’ve got impunity?

TTIP activists felt different, admonishing -“”How have the police come to this conclusion without being able to speak with Sasha regarding the death threats and investigate?”

emphasising their “disgust” with the Met’s – inaccurate?misleading?mendacious? – statements & describing the attack as “a hate crime or targeted attack at worst.

Patsy Stevenson & some “brave men of the Met” keeping us all safe

so four guys burst into a party, fire off random shots? – & manage to coincidently hit one woman in the head, who just so happens to be a founding & prominent member of “Britain’s first black-led political party”? & the Met are absolutely adamant & insistent that no threats have been lodged despite the exact opposite being stated publicly by people close to victim?

What a wreck. What a total & complete wreck. the police, the government, the media – a giant cauldron of shit, crime, vice & corruption.

No wonder they were so terrified of Jeremy Corbyn, because the retrospective justice that would of occurred would have been superlunary. This criminality is entrenched. They are now “innovating” the corruption they have paved & ensconced & are attracting new international accomplices that are drawn to this standard of depraved, inhuman, inimical criminology & failed state mob-rule.

Transnational crime groups.

for us to feature you or your group in our Newspaper, you need to get shot first.

A murderous, drug pushing, racist crime syndicate guising as a police force, scuttling about on the dirty errands of Rupert Murdoch & other organized criminal factions for a few shekels up the shitter.

Hire us out. No crime to dirty. No deed to low.

Another Metroplitan police officer, Wayne Couzens, is due in court on 25th of October for the abduction, sexual assault & murder of Sarah Everard.

Another notch for the Met.

loss of public confidence

In South Korea, they are going to appoint a special prosecutor to examine all political parties retrospectively.

This is unprecedented.

I think this is the move Jeremy Corbyn would also of initiated had he become prime minister, & one of the shadow establishments primary fears. In South Korea, after sustained public protests, they impeached the Conservative president Park Geon-hye. They then put her on trial for various corruption charges along with her advisor (that would be Dominic Cummings). She is now serving a 26 year sentence along with the advisor & others. They have even jailed her predecessor – Lee Myung Bak – also a neo-liberal Conservative, also on charges relating to corruption, bribery & theft.

former Conservative president Park Geoun-Hye … this is how its done.

This is how it is done, & probably why you will not of heard of it, because they don’t want you to get any ideas.

Retrospective justice. The top tier. The harshest penalties.

The entire Conservative party should be in jail serving life sentences for crimes that would run into the pages, & the party should be officially condemned & abolished permanently. Murdoch & his minions should be in jail, & his media/crime empire dismantled in entirety & eradicated. The Metropolitan Police force needs to go on trial, suffer the sweeping convictions, especially in its senior ranks, & be liquidated.

and her predecessor, Conservative president Lee Myung-bak….this is how its done.

The Met is the Masons & the Masons is the Met. So it would be a great excuse to get into the lodge & roll some brethren heads on the squares.

The Vatican urgently requires the same treatment.

There is no way our species & planet is going to survive this if we continue to let perpetrators of crimes of this magnitude get away with it & continue to exercise power.

organized crime & cardinal corruption

Retrospective justice, targeting the worst offenders (often the most powerful, most moneyed & most protected), special courts/special prosecutors/special inquiries & special consequences, i.e. capital. It needs to be a national priority along with climate catastrophe, inviolable, austere, executive & transparent – broadcast in public like the Nuremberg Trials, where a regime, in that case a Nazi one, was put in the dock. Rupert Murdoch needs to be one of the first heads to roll.

death & disease