Calato-swong EP:

Odd-ball abstruseness from Argentina. what is it? some kind of eutrophicated progressive-Noise, improvised Abnorm rattling around badly damaged off-cuts from various sub-genres (Noisecore, Free Jazz, Avant-garde, Experimental, No-Wave). I hear drums, guitar & vocals, as well as Noise, but establishing who/how many – is doing what? eludes clarification (no details are divulged with the EP). I will make the assumption that it’s a 3-piece. First off, all these guys can play, & they are conceptually astute. What they do with this ability is drag, drape & roll it through a spacious myriad of sticky-surrealistic spastications, mostly ad-lib but i have a suspicion some sections have a loose contrived frame-work or theme that they play off/in/over. They are all over the place, & evidently comfortable off-road, or momentarily “on track”. Portions are sparse/quiet, whereas others are manic/loud, it’s a flusteringly jumbled hodge-podge of reverse-gagging & concussed perplexity. The vocalist is very enigmatic, using his gob like an instrument – no (or barely any) words/lyrics, just expressive buccal noise of considerable scope & variety. The guitars are nimble, jansky, insectoid scurry or swollen-esophagus rasp, then distortion congestion. Drums are tangential & schizophrenic, unsure & uneven, totally undependable & attention deficit disorderly. Noise comes & goes in different forms, probably from random existing members? Drones, odd-tones, feedback, discordance, some cassette molestation & goodness knows what else. Swong is buoyant with novel ideas & non-obvious approaches. Noisy, scrappy junk – but actually, conceptually, perhaps even compositionally? – some formidable expertise is going down beneath the heaving flotsam of trash & discarded antiques. They play & work very well together, & with scrutiny & attention (this stuff is demanding if you want to catch the details), it’s clear that they are hyper diverse & far from exhausting the idea stockpile. There’s also some extremely original applications & activity. The weirdness & noisiness of the material will probably mean that this completely misses many, plus, the lack of simplicity or more conventional Noisecore/Noisegrind definition will also likely mean that this misses swathes of the aforementioned demographic. For all those weirdos in-between (& indeed beyond), there is something very ambrosial here, off the menu & scribbled on the back of the complimentary napkin. Adventurous fucks (& proponents of Fat Worm Of Error & Himitsu King) place yer’ orders. Nice “cover?” collage too!


Label- self released