How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (Josh Fox)

This is the most recent addition from environmental activist & documentary maker Josh Fox following his impossibly important & phenomenal Gaslands & greater still – Gaslands 2, a Fracking documentary of staggering trenchant clarity & devastating factual exposure. Climate Extinction or Disastrous Climatic Shifting (“climate change” is a political euphemism of staggering inadequacy that does not capture what is unfolding & impending) remains the largest existential threat to everything, yet in a phatasmogor of the most perverse, paralogical, pyshco-fictitious, belief-beggering mega fallacy – this unacceptably “politicized” super-crisis is constantly sidelined in one, if not the most, unimaginable scenarios & surrealities this planet has ever’ ever seen. Dealing with this excruciating, exasperating, exclamational inexplicable affront to the thinking brain/sentient entity & reality itself even, as united governments fumble, fudge, fail & fester in their own feces at yet another international world-leaders retard-conference for inaction & political paltering despite the consequences, takes a remarkable psychological, if not effing’ spiritual toll on those tuned in to this maddest of pageants. How, on earth, can one deal with/shoulder such an unthinkable calamity/conundrum as every fundamental of the most rudimentary reason, logic, morality, decency, prudence, intellect, is crushed under the direst derogation ever to slither from a nightmare or the darkest passages of some ancient apocalyptic texts? Are they serious? They can’t be serious? Is this actually seriously happening? How can this actually seriously be happening?

repeat offenders/reoccurring nightmare.

Enter How to Let Go… dejection, disillusionment, shock? Fox explores, with his typical expertise, charm & wit this inanest/unimaginable of predicaments, detailing the flattening sentiments & overwhelming emotivism that kind of supersede reality itself. Extraordinary viewing/discourse/film.

Next, & for the bulk of the feature, he travels to different communities/regions of the world where, extreme pollution, hazardous extraction or Climate Extinction is “right now” baring ramifications/playing out & claiming it’s earliest victims in the queue. This takes him from New York to the Amazon, the Pacific Islands, Iceland & Beijing, documenting the damage wrought, the resistance effectuated & the thoughts , beliefs & experiences of those in the firing line. It’s hard to isolate a favored segment as it’s all incredible, particularly when united. Despite the odd mawkish moment, it’s pretty much grade-A all the way, amazing as a piece of film but also factually astonishing & informative.

futility, inability & culpability.

As with Naomi Klein’s-this changes everything, Paul Kingsnorth’s-Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist, Elizabeth Kolberts-The Sixth Extinction & a growing clarion of badly burned but surviving environmentalists/scientists/activists, this examines a very significant turn/phenomenon in the biggest fight of our species history (unfortunately dragging pretty much everything else on telluria along with it) & brings excellent footage, facts, & film making in on the node.

We should really be hearing a lot more from, or indeed on Josh Fox, but the ease & expertise of his documentaries is a threat, especially as their style is very compatible with youth & has a very informal, accessible, funny & humanistic approach. It’s exactly the kind of shit that can totally transform someone’s thinking, at the very least on the subject that he is concentrating on (Fracking, Climate Extinction), & thus to the sick, twisted, fell, flagrant gaugelessly corrupt apocalyptic genocidal freaks in the petroleum/motor/aviation industry, their cronies in Government & beyond, these documentaries & this guy are to be sidelined & suppressed at all costs. Hence, much to the shame of the publication (& probably with great surprise & alarm to their reader bass) the Guardian newspaper did not run any feature on “How to Let Go” (I actually can’t even remember a review? But maybe that slipped by me?), neither to his UK screening event for the feature. But then again, the Guardian is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, & has become pathetic on covering GMO’s in food/agriculture & also Fracking (the paper constantly wavers between under-reporting, whitewash/downplay & decent reporting on the subject & is clearly extremely compromised), not to mention their truly abysmal coverage of TTIP & CETA. For sure, all the sub-human turds in Fracking etc do not want you to know about Josh Fox & his documentaries. Which is all the more reason to go & check them out now.

Extraordinarily powerful & informative cinema at it’s best.